Form inputs not displaying correctly, Safari 6.0 #4217

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shornuk commented Jul 29, 2012

Couldn't find tis mentioned, but since upgrading to Mountain Lion, and Safari 6.0, the right side of my form inputs are not displaying correctly, and the same goes for the TB site...

And ideas what the issue is?


No problem using Safari 6.0 (8535.25) on Mountain Lion.

Checked on Twitter Boostrap webpage...

shornuk commented Jul 29, 2012

Strange! That's what I'm using. I get no problem on Chrome. Just Safari.

Screenshot of my view.

shornuk commented Jul 29, 2012

Very odd! Any suggestions as to why it might be behaving like that?

I guess there is something with your mac that make this behavior.

I guess we need another user input as this doesn't make any point.


mdo commented Jul 29, 2012

No issues on my end either. Please share any other details if you find them. Since it's an issue on any site, it's likely not something caused by Bootstrap.

@mdo mdo closed this Jul 29, 2012

domness commented Aug 1, 2012

I've got issues with my machine Mountain Lion, Safari 6.0, brand new MacBook Pro 15".

shornuk commented Aug 1, 2012

Yep, looks like its a Safari 6.0 issue. Not restricted to Twitter Bootstrap. Its on all sites, specifically any element with rounded borders. Suggest reporting to Apple, help try and get a fix soon!

ColdIce1 commented Aug 6, 2012

Issues with new retina mac's?

I logged rdar://12545784 about this. Please do the same if you want Apple to properly prioritize this issue.

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