Chrome stops responding when shrinking a page horizontally #4299

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mpilar commented Aug 6, 2012

If you resize a responsive page slowly it's easy to trigger but I accidentally triggered it when doing a fast resize, seems to happen when you hover around 480 pixels, starts flickering and all chrome windows stop responding, not sure if this is a chrome issue or a bootstrap issue but I'm submitting it here.

Note: does not seem to happen if you're growing the page only if you're shrinking it horizontally.

This is Windows Chrome version 21.0.1180.60 m

URL that triggers it:

simskij commented Aug 6, 2012

This seems to be a Chrome issue (more exactly your chrome installation) since I'm not able to create your scenario on either my desktop or my laptop, both with the same Chrome version as you.

mpilar commented Aug 6, 2012

Yeah, I just now tested with Chrome on OS X and it doesn't seem to trigger with version 21.0.1180.57.

This is very odd, I even tried on incognito to make sure it was not an extension, I will assume this is a chrome issue then.


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shipleyr commented Aug 7, 2012

I am getting this problem as well. I'm running 21.0.1180.57 as well. It's at the width mentioned in the OP as well. Seems like some media queries are fighting each other. Can this issue be re-opened as it's completely killing the browser and eventually my entire system goes down.


Who resizes windows?

shipleyr commented Aug 7, 2012

@Dentxinho Apparently ME... hence making this point!!! When I'm trying to see what a layout will look like at a narrower resolution it kills the browser, when I put a window half the page to do a side by side (which I do a LOT even when not developing) it kills the browser, I also can not release a commercial website that will have the potential to kill the user's browser... I certainly can not vouch for a user. I think it's a little bit of a dismissive comment! There are two people here who have experienced the problem already and I'm sure many many more who haven't spoken up! For development purposes I've switched to Firefox but Chrome has a massive share of the browser market so it can't be ignored like this. @Dentxinho I'll take your point if you can happily answer "YES" to this question.. "Would you go back to Amazon to buy goods if the last times you went there it killed your system?"


@Dentxinho A lot of users resize windows, especially if they have smaller screens (e.g. a laptop) and need to see multiple pages at the same time (rather than switching between tabs in their browser). You have to keep in mind that Bootstrap is used for commercial sites, enterprise sites, etc. and an issue like this one is big.


I'm convinced. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Can this please be re-opened or should I create a new issue?

@mpilar mpilar reopened this Aug 13, 2012
mpilar commented Aug 13, 2012

I guess I will reopen it, having done more testing I am leaning towards this being a chrome bug. There has to be something special about my setup that causes it.


I've found also that the 480 is not being triggered. However the flickering does not occurs to me and chrome still responsive.
I've seen this in my Android 2.3 native browser too.

mdo commented Aug 15, 2012

Closing this as a dupe of another issue. Folks found it to be related to the -webkit-translate3d property, but that's not something unique to Bootstrap—it's a valid CSS property after all. It's not something we'll try to fix at this time.

@mdo mdo closed this Aug 15, 2012

Bit peeved that this has been closed again... It's a problem that is being exhibited when using bootstrap. Can you direct me to the bug that you think this is a dupe of please? I'd like to track that one. It's killing my app and it's the only framework that I have experienced this problem with so I'm a little sceptical that it's not something in bootstrap that is causing it.


I solved this problem by simply commenting out the above mentioned
-webkit-transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0) trick in bootstrap-responsive.css, line 872.

As far as I know, this directive is used to enhance the rendering speed on webkit browsers (should be very useful on mobile devices), because it activates the hardware acceleration. At moment, I cannot check the result on a native phone.

Maybe there is somebody who could give us an hint on the downside of this removal?

doxxon commented Apr 13, 2013

Getting the same problem in Ubuntu 12.04, Chrome Version 26.0.1410.63
csar-media's workaround does resolve the issue, any update on an official response?

vladady commented Jun 25, 2013

I'd like an update on this one too. Using Ubuntu 12.04 with Chrome 27.0.1453.93.
Boostrap crashes my browser after resizing it a couple of times.

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