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Problem with dotless + Solution #5079

Desteny opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Desteny Mark Otto Trey White Yohn

The Multiple Shadow Solution creates a problem with dotless, (.Net less compiler)
this bug has been introduced from 2.1.0 to 2.1.1

the expression on line 254 is not valid, cause of the escaping with `.

i have changed the expression this way to make it work:

@props: ~'"@{arguments}".replace(/[[]]|\,\sX/g, "")';

the ` is not neccessary cause we have only two level or strings to escape.

i hope this fix will be accepted, to make bootstrap usable with dotless again

best regards

Mark Otto

We're going to abandon this change entirely in 2.1.2.

Mark Otto mdo closed this
Trey White

Any idea on when 2.1.2 is coming? No promises, just what are we looking at - weeks, months, a year?


@onebeatconsumer accoring to their blog - it'll be out in the coming weeks

Trey White
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