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spockz commented Sep 11, 2012

Currently the affix plugin / css combination only supports having the affix column on the left. There is no CSS class that can help in positioning the column on the right. Could this CSS be easily added or would it involve a lot of tricks?

spockz commented Sep 12, 2012

That doesn't work with "position: fixed" from .affix.
On 12 sep. 2012, at 04:05, thezoggy wrote:

pull-right ?

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What's wrong with right: 40px; left: auto;?

spockz commented Sep 12, 2012

Allright, this is a non-issue. Putting the data-spy="affix" on the element inside the span instead of on the span itself gives the desired behaviour.

@spockz spockz closed this Sep 12, 2012
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