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Popover hides when hovering over popover itself #5765

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When a popover is triggered by a hover, the popover will hide when hovering over the popover itself.
I'm fairly positive that in earlier versions of Bootstrap, this did not occur.

Live Example
Hover over then button, then try to hover over the popover content.

The use case would be if you wanted to place some type of action item in the popover such as a button or a link. Or perhaps the popover has an image in it. There would be no way to right click and save.


It might of been like that in previous versions, not now, but I would like to see that if / when we hover over the popover to trigger it, it would stay up until we hover out of the popover.. currently theres no fix for that


@Yohn... You're right. I just confirmed with one of our developers that they did something custom to keep the popover active when hovering over the content.

So, this behavior was always there and may be valid.


Okay, the popover can be enable to be sticky with following instructions in these links:

See the 2nd answer:

More info: #512

@tysonnero tysonnero closed this

Note that there's a somewhat simple fix for the situation:

In bootstrap-tooltip.js, lines 121-124:

Change this:
.css({ top: 0, left: 0, display: 'block' })

To this:
.css({ top: 0, left: 0, display: 'block' })



None of those methods works well (v2.3.1)!

Why don't we simply register enter and leave on that popover div as well?

I can make it to work by apply those changes:

heres a plugin that fixes this issue as well -


omg why is'nt @x1024 fix merged? its perfect


$('#projects').find('.project-row').each(() ->
$this = $(this)
container: $this
trigger: "hover"

Worked Like a Charm for me.

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