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Better hierarchical menus #7195

prajwalkman opened this Issue · 5 comments

4 participants


Bootstrap's hierarchical menus are a lot like Mac OSX, i.e., broken. I'd like to suggest two changes that would greatly improve usability:

  1. Don't hide the menu when you click on a divider or bottom/top padding.
  2. Implement mouse movement tracked submenu display, like the one invented by Apple in the 80's and currently used prominently in Amazon's homepage. More info here.

About 2, I don't think it's going to be embedded by default. Maybe including it as an optional things would be nice.


We'll be leaving it as-is for now.

@mdo mdo closed this

Are you open to (2) in principle? (e.g. if a good implementation was dropped in your lap)


@cvrebert For sure. The exact Amazon interface isn't that great, but I'm open to more specific ideas.


@mdo then all we need is a good modification of the script already here (link).

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