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jcai commented Dec 1, 2011

Any plan for ie6 support?

daneden commented Dec 1, 2011

I think it's safe to say there are not (and shouldn't be) any plans for introducing support for Internet Explorer 6. The archaic browser has dropped to 1.3% as of October this year ( - the majority of which is likely to be web designers and developers performing tests.

The web, along with tools such as Bootstrap, need to let go of old browsers in order to move forward.

Next stop: IE7.


I don't remember who said this on Twitter, but "At this point if you're supporting IE6, you're part of the problem."

pokonski commented Dec 1, 2011

What's the point? It already looks nothing like on modern browsers in IE7.

To even test bootstrap I had to download virtual machine provided by Microsoft to test on IE7.

gurde commented Dec 1, 2011

What about also NOT supporting IE7?

zachwill commented Dec 1, 2011

More people browse the web with their mobile device than there are IE6 and IE7 users:

fat commented Dec 2, 2011

Soo... unfortunately those browser trends are heavily skewed and you shouldn't really be making any decisions based on those.

That said, we won't be supporting ie6 because it would slow us down and there's lots of really great stuff we still want (need) to get done.

thanks for asking though! :)

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Almost 80% ie 6 users are chinese, and 90% of personal computers's browser in china is based on ie 6 core.(such as Maxton, 360 safe browser, TheWorld browser and so on.)
And almost all websites of governments and banks in china only support ie 6. If you use firefox or chrome, you will get in trouble in compability and almost all of these sites use ActiveX plugin to "Ensure site security".
So, Everybody live in china need at least one ie 6 core based browser to use these services provided by governments and banks.
I am a web developer, I hate ie 6, but I have to support it, because i need a job.

gurde commented Dec 13, 2011

suffering you are not holding it the right way
you should quit your job, you would do us all a favor




Somebody tell China that Microsoft has disowned ie6:


@gurde, thanks for your suggestion. You will never get a job as a web developer IN CHINA if your code dose NOT support ie 6. so, I'm dying to be a freelancer. what i need is just working without the stupid ie 6.


@wlangstroth, years ago, the chinese company "Tencent"--------the owner of QQ---------- tried to recommend its's users to update their borwser to ie 8, but most users Resented to do that.
We tried to tell china that Microsoft has disowned IE6, but it is useless.


If the rest of the world doesn't support IE6, the people not already upgraded in China will eventually be forced to do so.

If the rest of the world continues to support IE6, it will just take more time, and people will just spend more time supporting IE6 than it would anyway.

It's a reason "legacy" is bad word within software development.

However, the project is open source - and the fork-button is easy to find.

gurde commented Dec 14, 2011

@suffering guess what, my html+css doesn't support IE6 and IE7 and I still have a ton of work to do
the stuff you say it's just an illusion created by you, it's just in your head
also you should start educating your clients


sadly ie6 is not going away in china for a long time. large corporations use it and a lot of internal software is using activex. @suffering isn't wrong, to hope for ie6 support, but I think that it will be difficult to make bootstrap compatible. I'm using a js library called moderizr.js to add classes to the html tag that tells what the browsers capabilities are and then making special css classes that will allow ie6 to gracefully downgrade as much as possible. I think that it is an alright solution. It won't look exactly the same, but it still should work.


I guess we don't need it to work amazingly well in ie6, but just get to the point where you can at-least read the text, which you can't do at the moment as the text in the .spanX divs is sliced off on the left edge.

gpluess commented Feb 22, 2012

I created a IE6 patch for the grid system:


@gpluess hmm.. its work? where see work example?

gpluess commented Feb 23, 2012

@me-2-you open the following url in ie6:


@gpluess, thanks! good work!

jcai commented Feb 24, 2012

@gpluess, Thanks!


Would it be inpractical to integrate this ie6 fix into bootrap?

gpluess commented Feb 26, 2012

@evilgenius Does not make sense to me. IE6 is old, don't support it unless you have no choice (even then you shouldn't). Supporting IE7 is already a great concession made by the Bootstrap folks. That said, I recommend you to simply use this fix as an addon when needed.



As our clients are the UK Police who use IE6 & cannot upgrade, we made the following:


Thanks! I'll find that useful as the UK Police are one of my clients too!

On 13 March 2012 10:45, me-2-you <


@empowering-communities Nice! Thanks!

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub:
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As quick as I am to completely dismiss IE6 (and now 7) in favor of retaining sanity, @empowering-communities have made a fucking quality community contribution. Hats off.


compass has optional support for old ie. you can switch it on or off as you like.


For some applications IE6 must be supported - a lot of corporations still use machines with IE6 (sometimes due to some internal app which requires it etc.).

Great to see that the community has jumped in an helped! Thanks, Empowering Communities!


compass has a variable for old browser support so as to make it available but not bloat the codebase for most of us who don't have to support 6 & 7 ... soon to be 8!

satgi commented Jul 9, 2012

fuck ie6,7

zhuangya commented Jul 9, 2012

shame on you.


jinze commented Jul 9, 2012

fuck ie6

chendba commented Jul 22, 2012


@daveobriencouk daveobriencouk pushed a commit to egocreative/bootstrap that referenced this issue Nov 18, 2012
Divya Manian Updated the readme to remove duplicate reference to modernizr.load Fi…
…xes #737
ddouble commented Dec 15, 2012

You can try bsie, bsie is a bootstrap IE6 compatible library,

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