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Tabulation navigation with Typeahead #1952

wants to merge 244 commits into from
  • first item is not selected anymore (as it would be done in a selectbox)
  • tab and shift + tab enables to traverse a form in both directions, without having items selected against our will.
buraktuyan and others added some commits
@buraktuyan buraktuyan Adding dropup support to split buttons and navbar
* Documents the hidden .dropdown-menu.bottom-up option (to be used for dropups)
* Extends the .bottom-up class to carets and all relevant caret styles
* Adds .dropdown-menu.pull-right class for right-aligned dropdowns and dropups
* Adds examples and some information to the "split dropdown" and "navbar" sections of the Docs
@buraktuyan buraktuyan Extending the dropup support to tabs and pills
This was needed to match the color of the carets that are used for tabs and pills
@buraktuyan buraktuyan Fixing the Docs for Tabs dropups
New example caused an overflowing issue at the Tabs dropdowns documentation, this is a quick fix to get rid of this issue.
@andriijas andriijas Clean up inverse button using variables, adding button group examples…
…. Also adding inverse inline label
@oncletom oncletom Reverted tabulation to common usage:
- first item is not selected anymore (as it would be done in a selectbox)
- tab and shift + tab enables to traverse a form in both directions, without having items selected against our will.
@oncletom oncletom Removed commented line for tabulation navigation. 8aecfb2
@BigBlueHat BigBlueHat Adding .clearfix() to .form-actions to allow for .pull-right button c…
@andriijas andriijas Keep origin in track 1e6d386
@mdo mdo fix page header example and docs per #2048 7fa1578
@mdo mdo fix grid typo in subnav 5d02b8c
@mdo mdo swap last .btn-dark reference e7d4518
@mdo mdo fix duplicate input prepend/append css selectors per #2026 b559f2b
@mdo mdo removing duplicate reset filter since we changed the main button to u…
…se buttonBackground mixin, per #2024
@mdo mdo add small section to navbar docs on text in the component, per #2035 ec05ebc
@mdo mdo add mention of js compilation to single file in customize page per #2003 b776cae
@DominikTo DominikTo fixed typo (whitespace) f5bd4b3
@DominikTo DominikTo fixed syntax error 7609fd4
@tagliala tagliala Fixed a wrong behaviour when using collapse and dropdown in responsiv…
…e layout
@artstorm artstorm Fixed compile problem with LESS 1.2.1.
The sprite path variables introduced in v2.0.1 prevents bootstrap.less to
compile wiht LESS v1.2.1. Updated the variables to use the @{name}
construct when inserted in sprites.less, as outlined in the LESS
documentation. This change makes the CSS compile with LESS v1.2.1.
@mdo mdo clarify misc components subhead 1a1816b
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #2066 from artstorm/2.0.2-wip
Fixed compile problem with LESS 1.2.1.
@mdo mdo clarify forms in navbar per #2072 29e6ef7
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #2063 from DominikTo/master
fixed syntax error in sprites.less and typo in comments
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into 2.0.2-wip fed3b59
@mdo mdo fix right aligned dropdowns bbb2fb3
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'tagliala-collapse-dropdown-fix' into 2.0.2-wip ba97f56
@mdo mdo merge in and remake for responsive navbar dropdown fix 1948e98
@fat fat Merge branch 'master' into 2.0.2-wip
@jacobrask jacobrask All abbreviations are not upper case initialisms df757fb
@jacobrask jacobrask Only show help cursor/border for abbr with title f08b407
@jacobrask jacobrask Add class for upper case abbreviations, aka initialisms c1775da
@jacobrask jacobrask Use inherit on alert-heading color
Heading then inherits from the parent alert.
Avoids a lot of extra unneccessary CSS.
@jacobrask jacobrask Add Opera-prefixed radial gradient
Tested and works in Opera 11.61
@jacobrask jacobrask Separate span12 and container classes
If you have less than 12 columns, container is too wide. Instead
generate container width using the @gridColumns variable.

Also remove duplicate container width property.
@jacobrask jacobrask Remove underscore hack for IE6
IE6 does not seem to be supported by Bootstrap, and reducing the number
of unused and invalid properties is always nice.
@jacobrask jacobrask Update documentation for abbreviations f281408
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #2089 from jacobrask/ie6hack
Remove IE6 hacks
@mdo mdo simplify text color in navbar by placing the color on global .navbar …
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into 2.0.2-wip
@mdo mdo commit leftover from make 8482cc4
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'opera-radial' of
…into jacobrask-opera-radial

@mdo mdo Merge branch 'gridcontainer' of
…into jacobrask-gridcontainer

@mdo mdo Merge branch 'alert-headers' of
…into jacobrask-alert-headers

@mdo mdo Merge branch 'abbr' of into ja…

@mdo mdo Merge branch 'andriijas-2.0.1-wip' into 2.0.2-wip
@mdo mdo add new global styles docs section for mentioning doctype requirement…
…s, base body changes, and type/links; also tightened up code styles
@mdo mdo quick edit to new global styles section 1c7d346

Sounds pretty awesome. Let's have @fat check it out for a 2.x release—tagged it as JS so it's on his radar.

mdo and others added some commits
@mdo mdo move overflow and max-height on modal to modal-body instead 9b09d1d
@mdo mdo readme cleanup f81e5fb
@mdo mdo no more uppercase in readme 9f60841
@mdo mdo enable use of span in place of a for .disabled in pagination, per #1406 6df925b
@mdo mdo add horizontal divider support to nav list, including documentation f…
…or it, per #2106
@billyvg billyvg Update old button selectors 'small' and 'large' to be 'btn-small' and…
… 'btn-large'
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'billyvg-main' into 2.0.2-wip 2b8fc01
@mdo mdo remake after merging buttons update 91fe8bc
@mdo mdo fix overflow issue on tabbed content per #2079 9c74f21
@mdo mdo remove max-width on img from reset and put in docs only, per #1552 331c857
@mdo mdo update inline forms to resolve checkbox label with space in it and ov…
…erlapping content, per #1969
@mdo mdo introduce new mixin to do navbar vertical centering d2630ff
@mdo mdo adding basic badges support 06d4756
@fat fat fix cycling in carousel f046c12
@fat fat remake d149a13
@andriijas andriijas Bring back nowrap to labels and badges dfd0326
@andriijas andriijas 100% width on .tab-content f50b2c9
@laczoka laczoka .input-append should work for select element, fixes #2137 e423fc2
@mdo mdo adding responsive utility classes and matching docs section with supe…
…r neato table and test
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into 2.0.2-wip
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #2138 from laczoka/2.0.2-wip
Fix for #2137, adding select to input append/prepend
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #2129 from andriijas/2.0.2-wip-navtabs
Width fix on .tab-content
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0.2-wip-nowrapfix' of…
…otstrap into andriijas-2.0.2-wip-nowrapfix

@inmarelibero inmarelibero added .span[13-24] and .offset[12-23] to support up to 24-columns layout 45cec4a
@inmarelibero inmarelibero substituted hard-coded number of columns (12) with @gridColumns 1cfb3fd
@mdo mdo update forms help-block 664a5c4
@mdo mdo fix second part of #1962 bb16b9b
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #2143 from inmarelibero/2.0.2-wip
Add columns 13-24 for grid systems to enable customization up to 24 cols
@mdo mdo move table columns mixin to mixins.less 8665fa8
@mdo mdo move container up in default grid mixin e3ae517
@mdo mdo add support and docs for .navbar-fixed-bottom b4cc6c7
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0/fork/components/dropup' of…
…tuyan/bootstrap into buraktuyan-2.0/fork/components/dropup

@mdo mdo clean up and simplify support for bottom navbar by automagically turn…
…ing dropdowns into dropups
@mdo mdo clarify responsive docs on media queries 917df67
@mdo mdo clear up table styles and docs to fix rowspan and colspan issues for …
…bordered tables, per #1918
@mdo mdo set width to auto for default navbar container, then override it late…
…r for fixed navbars (done all via the #gridSystem mixins)
@fat fat rewrite the grid system. Clean shit up tons - only generate 12 column…
…s by default - custom builder will do differently if you request it.
@fat fat Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into…
… 2.0.2-wip


Did you tried demo after adding this lines?


This is merged in from changes @markdotto made. I assume that he tried it? Are you seing something crazy?

Now it's okay with latest commits!

mdo and others added some commits
@mdo mdo tighten padding on labels and badges given default line-height 92a54a7
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into 2.0.2-wip
@mdo mdo restore fixed navbar container reset to grid mixin, add override for …
…inputs within grid mixins to fix #2080
@mdo mdo fix #1954: icons in tabs add jank border a0ec422
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'clearfix-ing-form-actions' of…
…aselabs/bootstrap into couchbaselabs-clearfix-ing-form-actions
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'couchbaselabs-clearfix-ing-form-actions' into 2.0.2-wip 0ed6d3b
@mdo mdo add clearfix to .form-actions for .pull-right and .pull-left supporte…
…d buttons, per #1978 and #2173
@phopkins phopkins Allow events to propagate / default if not used.
 - All key events when the menu is not shown now propagate.
 - Blur is also allowed to propagate.
@phopkins phopkins Fires change event when element is selected from menu 70fecd1
@phopkins phopkins Allows escape to bubble when menu isn't shown 3a6f585
@mdo mdo update modal footers to use text-align instead of float on buttons fo…
…r alignment
@fat fat add note about backdrop static 74a3c76
@andriijas andriijas Fixing nav-pills code example - closes #2225 3426867
@deytao deytao Progress bars: Added warning (orange) bar 1562a8a
@meleyal meleyal Fix broken links to fav and touch icons in examples, fixes #2244 591908e
@meleyal meleyal Fix typos and clarify wording in carousel docs be9ae70
@mdo mdo add version to docs homepage, fix docs example for forms 4309153
@mdo mdo fix docs example in js page per #2225 6abb205
@fat fat and pause on hover option to carousel fb74018
@fat fat fix for @pamelafox and #1861 43760eb
Dominic Barnes Adding a 'horizontal' option to description lists, similar to .form-h…
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into 2.0.2-wip
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into 2.0.2-wip
@mdo mdo remove warning from icons section about :after labels, add section to…
… explain spacing
@mdo mdo add heads up label to new docs mention 163f58f

@fat hey why did you clean span 13-24?

we talked about that in #2143

and have some respect please, don't call this shit

@markdotto what do you think?


I removed 13-24 because this wasn't the right solution. It forced the majority of people (who only want 12 columns) to have all this extra code. Also, it didn't explicitly work as the container var wasn't set for 24. so was calculating things incorrectly.

Instead, I've written custom column support into the builder and it will be released with 2.0.2. Because less is declarative there is no way to do this inside the less itself, and the solution needed to be moved into the builder.

when I did the PR, .container worked well, it took correctly the width depending on the number of columns

so, 12 will be the fixed value, and changing the value of @gridColumns in variables.less will have no effect? is this correct?


Currently the thinking is that to generate additional columns you'll have to use the custom builder. I could also add something to the makefile if that helps you out, probably a good idea anyways.

As you can see above, adding the extra 12 columns is a lot of extra output we'd like to avoid.

Well I think that using the custom builder in a software house is quite hard, experiencing that in my office. Much time would be wasted if I had to set values, download a custom build, unzip, copy, see it doesn't fit well, set values, download a custom build, unzip, copy, try again, ok it works, then I'd like to try with other values, etc...

I suggest hardly to propose a platform customizable as much as possible through variables. Of course maintaining simplicity and usefulness.

I think it is reasonable to assume that less people will edit for example mixins.less than variables.less; I, as user, surely expect that changing values in variables.less everything works as expected, but it does not as is because 12 is fixed.

Adding support up to 24 is easy in my opinion, the PR I submitted works for me on real projects, and I was waiting for that to develop the responsive version. Users will be free to download a custom build AND to edit that on a already begun project. Personally I'd hate to be forced to download a custom build and put it on a project I didn't touch in months and having to hope things work with modifications I could have done on other files.

About the complexity of code and the extra output: this has no meaning imho; adding some lines doesn't affect comprehension and the gain would be great: the possibility to change things only by changing variables.


Yeah it's a tough one. I totally agree the workflow you outlined above is pretty awful - I'll try to think through a more graceful way of doing this.

I also agree that customization through variables is definitely the way to go when possible, but I don't think that generating a bunch of unused code serves the majority of bootstrap users and I want to avoid that if possible.

It's not just about comprehension. I'm going to talk to @cloudhead and get his oppinion - it's definitely a hard problem.

yeah it's a hard problem but at the same time something that could be very useful. I'm glad to see you don't bypass this point.

Can the discussion with @cloudhead be on a new issue? to show to everyone this point, I think it's very interesting

Seeing styles like these makes me cry, especially when I've already added a preprocessor. It's really too bad LESS doesn't solve this.

As far as workflow, I don't see myself deciding to change number of columns so often that invoking an external builder would be more of a headache than the one cleaning this mess fixes. But that's just N=1.

(@fat and other Bootstrap contributors, thanks for this awesome project, I'm a huge fan and we've gotten a lot of value out of it.)

As for your point "I don't think that generating a bunch of unused code serves the majority of bootstrap users", I'm curious about that. Do you mean "unused in the Bootstrap examples and docs?" And I say this tongue in cheek, but why not just make this simple go with 1 column so you can get rid of all those unused span3's, 5s, 7s and 9s? Is 12 col really justified when you're only using span4, span8 and span12?

All kidding aside, just like Bootstrap doesn't apply all 12 columns of the grid to every page in the docs - you use a span4 here, a span8 there - we want to do the same but with the flexibility of tighter 24-column grid. I know that keeping the Kb low is important, but the grid is so foundational to Bootstrap. For sure, Bootstrap's docs have a great look that works well with wide spacing and large fonts. That doesn't work for many of our projects, because we don't do consumer-focused, public websites.

We are focused on enterprise and b2b related stuff; supply chain, inventory management, shipping etc., and suffice it to say that we would definitely benefit from more granularity than 12 columns. We have a lot of data-rich, repeating elements that benefit from a tighter grid - e.g. widget-like stealth analytics, so we ended up having to create our own "grid within the grid". But it feels kind of dirty, and it's a PITA to maintain if we want to keep merging in Bootstrap's awesome enhancements. We'd like to be using Bootstrap's native grid, it's easy to not use all 24 columns if you don't need them. But it's not fun to maintain a grid that isn't natively supported or possible to create by default in Bootstrap.

If that's out of the question, then maybe we can completely separate the current grid into a one page mixin, grid.less seems to makes sense since it's already there. Then maybe consider cooking up another mixin called grid-24.less for folks who need it. Sorry about writing another chapter to War and Peace here, this particular issue just happens to be the one we care about the most...


hm... i think i've come up with something...

I like the grid-24.less idea.


Here's a branch with something i'm working on :

The really cool thing is it uses guards to only conditionally generate classes up to 24 columns. This way we get the variable definition (up to 24 columns with no special build process) and no extra markup is generated (which is what i wanted)!

Only bad thing is it's a lot of extra less - and it's fairly complicated. I'm going to work with @cloudhead to make this cleaner - but this seems to be the right path...

@fat that's pretty awesome, I like you're thinking. Others may have reason to be more concerned about the extra LESS, but we compile on the fly during development, so no real hit to us. It's a big win that it doesn't require a special build process though! I need to see what you mean about not requiring extra markup...

Whatever direction you go with it I really appreciate you giving it so much thought.


by extra i mean what is reflected in this diff. Above all this extra code (5ad5dde#L1L216) is generated which is sad as most people aren't customizing their less builds at all, let alone the column size.

Making sure that only the defined number of columns is generated is really import to me :)

oh yeah, that... agreed that a smaller footprint is better. I'm okay with the tradeoff though: a little extra weight for a more flexible grid. my 2 cents. I'm glad you want to keep it clean too, that makes life easier for everyone else :)

Personally I don't care much if some rules are generated even I'm not using them, because the most important thing is that all works as expected. anyway in bootstrap there are many rules that I don't use, eg. some basic components and some base css.

@fat I proposed my solution without knowing at all about guards of less. I like very much your branch and I'll keep watching it. I think it is the right way to follow: having some more complexity in the less files but generating as little code as possible in the css


Just an update - this morning on my walk to work I thought of using recursive guards to simulate a loop:

This actually works! With the caveat that we can't currently modify .span1 into ".span@{gridColumns}". Hoping to work with @cloudhead on an amazing solution which uses this :)

fat and others added some commits
@fat fat working through new grid implementation... ae3382d
@fat fat add guard for child spans 8615987
@mdo mdo really add protocol to examples 7bdd955
@mdo mdo simplify selector for .modal-form per #2218 af8261a
@mdo mdo fix typo in js docs carousel section per #2299 d575988
@mdo mdo make .input-prepend/append .add-on text color the same as labels, #33…
…3, to close out #2276
@mdo mdo manually resolve #2266, typo in example HTML for breadcrumbs ca9588c
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'meleyal-patch-1' into 2.0.2-wip 4e17b19
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #2227 from andriijas/2.0.2-wip-pillexamplefix
Fixing nav-pills code example
Dominic Barnes undoing what I suspect are the 'dirty' parts of this commit d127377
Dominic Barnes removing a few of the size classes, changing up the documentation 0b78033
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'meleyal-fix-carousel-docs' into 2.0.2-wip
@mdo mdo set list-style to none for breadcrumbs to resolve cross browser issue…
…s per #2224
@mdo mdo set line-height for labels to prevent change in height when floated p…
…er #2222
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into 2.0.2-wip 6c9547f
@mdo mdo fix navbar container for default 940px grid per #2194 fbebb04
@deytao deytao Components: Added mention to warning progress-bar in docs 15759d9
@deytao deytao Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into…
… features/warning_progress_bar
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #2305 from MeilleursAgents/features/warning_progre…

Progress bars: Added warning (orange) bar
@mdo mdo .progress-warning mention in docs bd55824
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into 2.0.2-wip 7bf3419

Is there any harm in specifying https over http when you have to provide the protocol like this? Seems it works well enough on any http site and does not cause a mixed content warning on secure sites. I've been using https in my templates since I can't be sure where they'll end up being deployed at.

I agree with @lukeman https much better. using https in http site is okay. but using http in https is not secure.


Just a few lines ahead you can find
.nav-tabs > li > a,
.nav-pills > li > a {
line-height: 14px; // keeps the overall height an even number

I think ist is useful to remove the line-height there and put it in a new selector:

.nav-pills > li > a {
line-height: 14px; // keeps the overall height an even number

What do you think?


Should be @grayLight, not #grayLight


Should be @grayLight, not #grayLight

mdo and others added some commits
@mdo mdo increase specifity of .pills for dropdowns eaf464a
@mdo mdo change dropdown hover/active color back to link color 20b10b5
@mdo mdo fix comment on bottom-up, should be dropup 9c2b2c5
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'charettes-small-button-dropdowns-caret' into 2.0.2-wip
@mdo mdo adding table variables d98a2e9
@mdo mdo clearing up progress bar docs and resetting the striped one to match …
…default bar (blue instead of green)
@mdo mdo fix input grid sizing, fix background color on form actions and appen…
…d add-ons
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'davewasmer-master' into 2.0.2-wip 492cced
@mdo mdo move padding from container to body for max-width: 767; responsive la…
@gruviimark gruviimark Added use of new headings variables. 03bdf82
@mdo mdo adding well sizes 6b9f707
@mdo mdo set font-family for inputs and such via basefontfamily 69e4522
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #2436 from gruvii/2.0.2-wip
Add new headings vars to type.less
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into 2.0.2-wip a613a8e
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #2443 from tarsis/master
uglify-js install information in compiling section at less.html. Improve issue #1756 in 2.0.2 wip
@burningTyger burningTyger fix for typo d0120c9
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #2449 from burningTyger/master
Examples typo
@fat fat give pages custom titles based on names 426feee
@fat fat Merge pull request #2177 from phopkins/typeahead_friendly
[2.0.2-wip] Typeahead friendly
@fat fat add version to min js bcef12d
@fat fat Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into 2.0.2-wip d3721c5
@fat fat rebuild af1dbf6
@fat fat remove non existent dist dir from phony makefil 1562381
@luk3thomas luk3thomas added ability to set custom colors for popover arrow mixin 1cc1852
Milos Gavrilovic Add `vertical-align: middle;` to `img` elements
More info:

@fat Why to change this line and the 2 next? It produces a BC break.
I hope its just a typo ;)


actually i didn't change that - i just rebuilt. the current variable for color is @headingsColor - which is set to ''. Maybe @mdo knows more?

Guess the problem was introduced here d3e922f by @markdotto

mdo and others added some commits
@mdo mdo clear up nav variables 305374a
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into 2.0.2-wip
@mdo mdo fix the font-family var by using inherit instead of empty string, fix…
… font-weight in docs for jumbotron
@mdo mdo rebold headings 5d961ea
@mdo mdo simplify buttons docs section by changing a buttons to button elements 9ebc6b4
@maxbublik maxbublik ignore Apple Double files 922b5fb
@fat fat Merge branch 'new_grid' into 2.0.2-wip
@fat fat Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into 2.0.2-wip
@fat fat rebuild with latest grid changes - need 1.3 to build! 0485165
@fat fat stop doing oldschool escape substitution a07851d
@mdo mdo make nav padding and negative margins the same c7eb1ab
@mdo mdo add button sizes to docs for button dropdowns, clean up styles for them dd5cffc
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0.2-wip' of into 2.0.2-wip
@mdo mdo fix typo per #2494 aef230d
@mdo mdo make pre font-size a percentage of @baseFontSize 67aa00d
@mdo mdo remove unused example diagrams 700457c
@mdo mdo change title attr to re-include twitter 9c1d8e0
@mdo mdo add new example site thumbnail 145a363
@mdo mdo remove unused images, update examples to include soundready cecfe72
@mdo mdo simplify notes around using button dropdowns 95a3cd8
@mdo mdo massive update to customize page to include all the new variables (an…
…d ensure they're being used in the .less files)
@mdo mdo fix #2510, docs typo f4ac080
@mdo mdo clean up search form in navbar, add new variable for placeholder text…
… color
@mdo mdo add vars for navbar search 5de8b27
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #2503 from maxbublik/patch-1
ignore Apple Double files
@mdo mdo fix js typo per #2471 6e72760
@mdo mdo fix gradient mixins by escaping them, add notes on progress bars 635ee36
@mdo mdo ensure right align dropdown example doesn't go all the way off page 349bdc1
@mdo mdo tweak button sizes on homepage e8ef7d5
@mdo mdo update grid system mixins in less docs for new grid ad1e969
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'Gavrisimo-patch-1' into 2.0.2-wip ffbed09
@mdo mdo vertical align middle on images, run make to rebuild bf6cdff
@mdo mdo in responsive layouts <767px, ensure inputs are not larger than 100% …
…with box-sizing and a max-width
@mdo mdo fix overflowing thumbnails in responsive <767px layouts ce292a8
@mdo mdo updated apple touch icons and moved input responsive fix from <480 to…
… <767
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'zerkms-master' into 2.0.2-wip
@mdo mdo use variable for navbar text line-height 7154e37
@mdo mdo fix table border bug with double borders on theads and use of colgroup 4109c62
@mdo mdo fix lingering tables bug 2e52946
@mdo mdo fix broken dropdowns in ie7 per #2333 0f23883
@mdo mdo remove the unused text-indent on dropdown carets 67714d8
@mdo mdo remove text indent on carets (not needed) and add inline replacement …
@mdo mdo add block level input mixin for border-box box-sizing ee5d2ec
@mdo mdo fix vertical align issue with labels in IE9 5a28bd1
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'luk3thomas-popover_arrow_colors' into 2.0.2-wip 1a11c52
@mdo mdo merge #2476 to allow for custom popover arrow colors e5a284d
@mdo mdo enable button groups in modal-footer by removing 5px added margin bet…
…ween .btn
@mdo mdo fix overflow on to enable dropdowns within an open collapse 0090fa1
@mdo mdo rewrite the fluid grid mixin to be simpler, per #2370 0630cd6
@mdo mdo remove need for floats and IE hacks for input-prepend and input-appen…
@mdo mdo simplify code for input-prepend/append in inline and search forms 58cb7c6
@mdo mdo fix more spacing issues with input append/prepend 5eed370
@mdo mdo resolve #1972, allowing add-ons at beginning and end of input-prepend…
@mdo mdo clean up links on docs homepage and add link to direct download with …
@mdo mdo more homepage links cleanup f4b51b3
@mdo mdo more homepage links cleanup, ditching the middots debc4b7
@mdo mdo enable buttons in input-append and input-prepend c35b04c
@mdo mdo add a super jank fix for horizontal-forms and .input-prepend/append i…
…n IE7
@mdo mdo fix apple touch icons in examples 5dff63d
@mdo mdo improve button docs 40fddff
@mdo mdo adding border variable for dropdowns, making dropdown carets use drop…
…down vars

Fast work, thanks :)

Looks good, only problem I see is the documentation below these changes for Multiple Sizes and Actions still have the "." reference, so it doesn't match up with the rest of the docs now!

oncletom added some commits
@oncletom oncletom Reverted tabulation to common usage:
- first item is not selected anymore (as it would be done in a selectbox)
- tab and shift + tab enables to traverse a form in both directions, without having items selected against our will.
@oncletom oncletom Removed commented line for tabulation navigation. ef27424
@oncletom oncletom Merge branch 'master' of 86192fe

"I just don't know what went wrong!"


What's the reason behind this? It becomes tricky if you have a background pattern attached to the body or other element as the footer... they get pushed inside with the body padding.



Hey @oncletom,

Thanks for opening this pull-request! Unfotunately, it looks like it fails to pass the tests neccessary for submitting to bootstrap. The following tests are currently failing:

  • should always be made against -wip branches
  • should always include a unit test if changing js files

For a full list of issue filing guidelines, please refer to the bootstrap issue filing guidelines.


@fat fat closed this

Sure, I'll resubmit the change as it was for an ooold version of bootstrap (the 2.0). Thanks for the instructions :-)

@jonschlinkert jonschlinkert referenced this pull request in less/less.js

Looping stopped to be possible #1216

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