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Patch to make TypeAhead work with contentEditable tag

mdo and others added some commits Jun 3, 2012

@mdo mdo update version # on homepage, crush assets 9a3a297
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip
@mdo mdo fix cut off icons ad9bfee
@fat fat check length so that pause, actually pauses 31e8a35
@fat fat Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip 041b8bd
@fat fat adds remote source to modal. Remote source can be specified in href o…
…r by providing a remote option #936
@mdo mdo fix placeholder for FF by attaching input and textarea when we call t…
…he mixin
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip 37ba0eb
@mdo mdo wrap download page in form 8eb1488
@mdo mdo fix #3693: rounded corners on search form 5563b84
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.0.4-wip' of int…
…o wachunga-2.0.4-wip
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'wachunga-2.0.4-wip' into 2.1.0-wip 8df906e
@mdo mdo fix double @@ on less pages c56eb09
@mdo mdo add placeholder to input-prepend to confirm FF placeholder looks good b79c100
@mdo mdo document large and small well classes 5892426
@mdo mdo add misc helper classes to components css docs 348668e
@mdo mdo #3684: reset width to auto for input type='image' eef87c9
@mdo mdo add bs-docs-examples styles from other branch 632c6d2
@mdo mdo revamp docs to have new width, start realigning the base css page to …
@mdo mdo convert code section to new layout 094e12f
@mdo mdo update table section to single column 060100c
@mdo mdo finish off rest of base-css page 257890f
@mdo mdo updating scaffolding page to single column f0ff20e
@mdo mdo updated index page and footer 446f919
@mdo mdo button groups and dropdowns to single column b8d8704
@mdo mdo navs tabs pills to single column 47e2c43
@mdo mdo more changes to js and components, playing with new docs subnav de53f62
@mdo mdo adding 20px grid, setting that on docs 094e65e
@mdo mdo two col scaffolding rev dd12761
@mdo mdo more tweaks to layouts and some docs styles 22918f8
@mdo mdo update layout for side nav 53cec19
@mdo mdo updated javascripts for first pass at single column 8ee0679
@mdo mdo updated less page to single col 09ec0b8
@mdo mdo remove sidenav 5a614fb
@mdo mdo updated type section of base css 2c5ac56
@mdo mdo examples-wrap tables 10d6840
@mdo mdo add back left rail nav, tweak colors 2ecbd36
@mdo mdo more content changes to docs a1aa2b1
@mdo mdo update readme to match master f109be4
@mdo mdo fix grid tooltips, tweaks 860a969
@mdo mdo nav and content tweaks ff6dd0c
@ajgon @marcusds ajgon Added offsets for .row-fluid f8d6800
@marcusds marcusds ajgon's fluid offsets working with first-child c3f5d7c
@mdo mdo fix grids df869f1
@mdo mdo drop the side nav, restore topbar c1c7528
@mdo mdo restore top navs entirely bba0b34
@mdo mdo remove individual js file download buttons 97c7a83
@mdo mdo overhaul js docs top sections, update subhead 269ce71
@barryvdh barryvdh Scope finding the .active to .item c028e33
@mdo mdo restore scrollspy to body 550e375
@mdo mdo remove mention of prettify from docs, fix docs subnav width when fixed aff3694
@mdo mdo overhaul tables docs for more streamlined content ca63ea2

Is it a new CSS3 feature? :)

mdo and others added some commits Jun 10, 2012

@mdo mdo overhaul forms docs to simplify presentation of everything, reduce te…
…xt, and increase visibility of examples
@mdo mdo fix form display issue in docs fc2481b
@mdo mdo realign icons to five cols, fix buttons 5ef2b65
@mdo mdo redo icons section 4a90770
@mdo mdo rewrite alerts and progress bars sections f2e3923
@mdo mdo rearrange hero unit section 3985379
@mdo mdo redo pagination and breadcrumbs 0c817bf
@mdo mdo rewrite the navbar section 017b7cb
@mdo mdo updated button groups section 081a07c
@mdo mdo rewrite the split button dropdowns section c90c66e
@mdo mdo rewrite the rest of the nav section a0cd886
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of int…
…o marcusds-2.1.0-wip
@marcusds marcusds Proper spacing between offsets
row-fluids don't have the same negative margin-left as rows. This was
throwing everything off.
So added a different rule for first-child and subsequent "spans".
@marcusds marcusds Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/2.1.0-wip' into 2.1.0-wip 97cbefa
@mdo mdo fix blockquote alignment 7ed02b4
@mdo mdo keep tables at 13px in docs for now, clean up some modals js docs stuff 5dd47f1
@mdo mdo add a dropdowns section to Components (still needs work) and reformat…
… much of the js docs
@purwandi purwandi Add space on navbar button c7ffe6e
@mdo mdo cleanup options display in all sections, rearrange typeahead section bf875d9
@mdo mdo more rearrangement and removal of about sections in js docs 2e6d4e9
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #3810 from purwandi/develop
Add space between attrs in docs on navbar button
@mdo mdo fix examples page 2cbff25

mckramer commented on docs/javascript.html in 2e6d4e9 Jun 13, 2012


mdo and others added some commits Jun 14, 2012

mdo and others added some commits Jul 8, 2012

@mdo mdo adding getting started page based on Bootstrap University from awhile…
… back, testing out side nav on docs instead of subnav bar
@mdo mdo fix up carousel alignment and line-height db99255
@mdo mdo fix text in docs about default font-size and line-height 8b696ad
@mdo mdo docs changes for icons 16cf6b3
@mdo mdo indenting 410deca
@mdo mdo updating docs examples to remove 13/18 resets, fix up buttons alignme…
…nts and carets
@mdo mdo wasn't feeling the new buttons, downsizing again until we get a bette…
…r balance
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of
…into nextgenthemes-2.1.0-wip

@mdo mdo fixes #4027: same margins on .pager and .pagination 07f80e6
@mdo mdo fixes #3973: same border on disabled inputs as default inputs: 7800fee
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #3937 from codler/patch-4
Update linear-gradient standard
@mdo mdo update comments after merging gradient change dbea3e2
@mdo mdo fixes #3384: add support for multiple inputs per line when using grid…
… sizing
@mdo mdo fixes #3381: update docs to show correct media query range on respons…
…ive utilities
@mdo mdo fixes #3210: add .btn to .navbar-form to remove bottom margin, improv…
…e vertical align of contents of .navbar-form
@mdo mdo fixes #3291: remove float on responsive .thumbnails for 767px and dow…
…n to ensure thumbnail images don't pop out of container in FF
@mdo mdo fix up docs popover examples and copy f4877c2
@mdo mdo remove popoverarrows mixin, relegate code to tooltips and popvers sin…
…ce we only used them once each; this fixes the problem of broken tooltips in 2.1
@mdo mdo update Extend docs page to include side nav and spec out next section…
… for extending with static assets
@mdo mdo fix indenting on extend and js docs pages, remove hidden subnavs c74dddd
@mdo mdo fix indenting and remove hidden subnav on Base CSS docs 3ea3095
@mdo mdo fix indenting and remove hidden subnav on Scaffolding 0ca2103
@mdo mdo fix indenting and remove hidden subnav on Components 75d952f
Roberto - phproberto Fixes #4002 responsive utilities classes 83846ba
@mdo mdo fixes #3605: add support for input-prepend/-append to .form-search 5d8e78e
@mdo mdo add vars for tooltip customization via background and color a750551
@mdo mdo fixes #3706: add textColor and textShadow as options to .buttonBackgr…
…ound mixin
Roberto - phproberto Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into…
… respclasses
@mdo mdo fix grid alignment on scaffolding 5b5352c
@mdo mdo tweak code snippet on pager and clean up type and font-sizes on docs …
@mdo mdo clean up docs for subnav c884d6e
@mdo mdo docs css cleanup for spacing and stuff 280dfda
@mdo mdo add chevrons to other docs navs 3c775f2
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'respclasses' of…
…trap into digitaldisseny-respclasses
@mdo mdo updated footer 549d61f
@mdo mdo overhaul docs on sub pages, clean up css and copy a12f0e5
@mdo mdo remove getting started link from home, add to navbar, overhaul gettin…
…g started docs
@mdo mdo remove getting started link from home, add to navbar, overhaul gettin…
…g started docs
@mdo mdo add download links to getting started f22b060
@mdo mdo some analytics tracking on getting started fae691c
@mdo mdo fix indenting on getting started page 2d4f5eb
@mdo mdo cleanup subnav example 5cb116b
@mdo mdo content edits to Extend page 93b1519
@mdo mdo more content edits to Extend 6e622ee
@mdo mdo update static assets section of extend page, copy changes elsewhere 463de25
@martinbean martinbean Moved JS to bottom as per best practices 74b167b
@mdo mdo copy edits and tweaks to utility classes to ensure they always are sp…
…ecific enough
@mdo mdo docs cleanup and blockquote cleanup for .pull-right option e20d2df
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #4083 from martinbean/2.1.0-wip
Moved JS to bottom as per best practices
@benjaminoakes benjaminoakes Two of the three apps are for Linux/Windows; adjust accordingly 9581cbf
@benjaminoakes benjaminoakes Compiled; ignoring bootstrap.css change to avoid conflicts 426e7d9
@lookfirst lookfirst namespace the events for popover/tooltip so that they can be cleanly …
…removed. issue #3880
@mdo mdo remove list-type declarations from ul and ol elements since those sho…
…uld just use browser defaults
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip 16fa610
@mdo mdo new pattern for masthead 4008d66
@mdo mdo pngcrush masthead pattern to save 10k 25bc298
@mdo mdo center masthead bg pattern 62f6368
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of
…into benjaminoakes-2.1.0-wip

@mdo mdo remove separate examples page, add to getting started page 6a66308
@purwandi purwandi Moved JS to bottom on extends page 51c9fa1
@mdo mdo fix dropdown vars and make hover state be link color again, add gradi…
…ent to dropdown link hovers, fix caret positions and active states on nav tabs, tweak nav link padding
@purwandi purwandi Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into…
… develop
@mdo mdo de-scope nav-header from .nav 326b665
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #4110 from purwandi/develop
Moved JS to bottom on extends page
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into g…

@mdo mdo fixes #3845: add .btn-link for transparent buttons styled as links aac3736
@mdo mdo copy change c8fa260
@mdo mdo misc docs content changes 6c23fff

This breaks the javascript modal. See this jsfiddle:

I copy-pasted the current bootstrap.css and bootstrap.js wip-2.1.0 branch version into the js fiddle.


ctalkington commented on less/tables.less in 89d7ec5 Jul 21, 2012

opps.. wrong file first time...

is there a reason that mixin isn't used here.


ctalkington commented on less/tables.less in 89d7ec5 Jul 21, 2012

and here.


mdo and others added some commits Jul 21, 2012

@mdo mdo tweak docs masthead links hover ee750bb
@mdo mdo move from downloads.html to customize.html to better match purpose of…
… page, fix up customize page layout to match other docs, link style refinement to jumbotrons
@fat fat add haunt w/ issue guideline spec 6c2fa94
@fat fat change haunt to write 77dea2c
@fat fat *face palm* 8281a90
@lookfirst lookfirst simplify things to one line. pull #4104 393f4a7
@mdo mdo fixes #4136: use @dropdownBorder var, but keep IE7-8 fallback 5b8ff70
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip e9f374f
@lookfirst lookfirst remove the ns option d76c899
@fat fat Merge pull request #4104 from lookfirst/2.1.0-wip-fix-destroy
namespace the events for popover/tooltip
@fat fat adds minLength #3960 fae6c36
@fat fat Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into…
… 2.1.0-wip
@fat fat Merge pull request #3842 from alienlebarge/2.1.0-wip
<img /> tag with `height` attr are not responsive
@fat fat some progress on affix plugin dcf7569
@fat fat Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into…
… 2.1.0-wip
@ixti ixti Fix transition end name for opera 11+12
Fix transition end name for Opera 11 and Opera 12.
Should fix issues: #3896, #3897, #4157, #4158
@fat fat Merge pull request #4159 from ixti/opera11-transitions-fix
Fix transition end name for opera 11+12
@fat fat following #4148 5247b15
@fat fat delete this test for now - as affix is still heavily underdevelopment 614d52b
@matobago matobago Modification to get typeahead work with html5 contenteditable tag be0a5bf

This pull request fails (merged be0a5bf into 857b8fb).


fat commented Jul 24, 2012

Hey @matobago,

Thanks for opening this pull-request! Unfotunately, it looks like it fails to pass the tests neccessary for submitting to bootstrap. The following tests are currently failing:

  • should always be made against -wip branches

For a full list of issue filing guidelines, please refer to the bootstrap issue filing guidelines.


fat closed this Jul 24, 2012

gtd commented on 3c07eaa Sep 15, 2012

This commit does away with vertical rhythm on headers for customized baseLineHeight. Was that a conscious decision?

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