Update dropdown jQuery plugin - submenus, touch and keyboard navigation #4812

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blakeembrey commented Aug 29, 2012

As the title says, this enables submenu navigation support to the keyboard (via regular tabbing when dropdown is open), via the keyboard shortcuts - added left and right arrows and via touch events which will fire much quicker and appear smoother by avoiding a click event. Also removed touchstart from triggering the keydown event - not sure why this was ever set?

Also clearmenus now also clear the submenus so when you open the menu back up there isn't a flicker where the submenu will be open from being focused on. The [esc] key will now clear the menus as well (and focus on the parent trigger) as this seems like appropriate behaviour.

If possible, could you advise me on a way I can make a unit test for this so I can have these changes accepted?

This pull request passes (merged 315e898 into df8e3c6).

This looks great. Thanks a lot for your work.

thezoggy commented Sep 9, 2012

can you just rebase this off 2.1.1-wip (dont pull from a wip into your branch.. it makes a dirty commit log) and then force push to clean up

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