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WIP: Bootstrap 3 #6342

merged 0 commits into from Aug 19, 2013

WIP: Bootstrap 3 #6342

merged 0 commits into from Aug 19, 2013


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@mdo mdo commented Dec 20, 2012

While our last major version bump (2.0) was a complete rewrite of the docs, CSS, and JavaScript, the move to 3.0 is equally ambitious, but for a different reason: Bootstrap 3 will be mobile-first. This is an ongoing document to identify the changes we'll be making along the way.

Docs and repo

We'll be working to simplify the content of the docs once again. Key changes are around the organization of the pages and the tools powering them.


  • Add new dist folder.
    • Includes two subfolders, css and js, each containing a regular and minified version of Bootstrap's CSS and JavaScript.
  • Separate dependencies from compiled Bootstrap files with new assets folder.
    • All files within assets are documentation assets or third party dependencies.
  • Switch from Makefile to Grunt.
    • Grunt is JavaScript-based
    • Helps folks who want to run and compile Bootstrap locally on Windows
    • Replaces all existing make commands with grunt commands (all the same functionality, just a different tool)

General docs changes

  • Convert docs to Jekyll.
    • Instead of Mustache, docs templates are built with Jekyll.
    • This greatly simplifies deploying docs changes, isolates our docs from CSS and JavaScript changes, and drastically decreases the amount of code being tracked in the repo.
    • It also provides better URLs, page title variables, partials, and code highlighting.
    • New repo structure
  • Host previous versions of documentation.
    • Instead of having folks download release tags, we'll go back and add the docs for the most recent version (2.3.2) to the site. They'll be available at once v3 goes live.
  • Move examples to separate repo.
    • Fitting with our theme of focus and simplicity in the repo, we're moving all the example templates out into their own repository at twbs/bootstrap-examples.
    • This keeps the examples as static files without a Jekyll server in the way, so more folks have easy access to them.
    • It also removes a ton of static files (the example screenshots) from the repo and that's a huge win.
  • Add "Customizing Bootstrap" section to detail best practices for customizing CSS.
  • Remove all i18n tags from Mustache templates. No more {{_i}} and {{/i}} in the docs templates, just raw HTML in our Mustache files.
  • Remove Extend page because it's content was not directly applicable to Bootstrap and out of date with info in the readme and Getting Started page.


  • Point link to the new Bootstrap Expo.
  • Remove examples and basically all marketing content from homepage.

Getting started

  • Add Bower installation instructions to guide.
  • Add new Customization best practices section.

Global JavaScript

Global CSS

At a high level, we're dropping IE7 and FF3.6 support, combining standard and responsive CSS into a single file, and consolidating additional code as appropriate.

Browser support

  • Drop support for IE7. Removed all * hacks, such as *zoom: 1;, and other IE7-specific lines of CSS.
  • Drop support for Firefox 3.6. Removed -moz-box-shadow instances and related hacks.

LESS changes

  • Refactor most components to be more mixin-friendly.
    • Instead of all component classes being a hodgepodge of un-nested CSS, we'll re-order the code to make it super easy to take any Bootstrap class and use it as a mixin.
    • Not all components have been rewritten this way, but those that make sense to rename have.
  • Rename variables to use dashes instead of camelCase. For example, it's now @body-bg instead of @bodyBackground.
  • More consistent variable naming scheme.
    • The format of variables was all over the place and has now been standardized.
    • The general approach is element, state, pseudo state. For example, @navbar-link-color-hover.
  • Replace existing color variables with more semantic ones.
    • No more @blue, @orange, and the like, which we weren't using them much anyway.
    • They've been replaced with @brand-primary, @brand-success, and others. These are then assigned on a per-component basis (e.g., @state-warning-text, @btn-background-primary, etc).
    • Also removed @black and @white because #000 and #fff are 20% shorter and not something that should be controlled via variable.
  • Remove .border-radius() and .border-*-*-radius mixins.
    • As only Android 2.1, iOS 3.2, and older desktop browsers require a prefixed version, we've removed the base mixin. Since we no longer require prefixes for independent corners, we've dropped those mixins as well. Mixins for a single side, like .border-left-radius, are still available.
  • Use decimal values in .opacity() mixin instead of whole numbers to match default CSS patterns.
    • For example, write .opacity(.5) instead of .opacity(50).
  • Add retina image mixin. Declare a standard and 2x image path and set the size for easy retina images anywhere with .img-retina().
  • Add new global @component-active-bg variable.
    • Instead of assigning @link-color to multiple variables for backgrounds, we have dedicated a new variable to that.
    • Change @component-active-bg and customize the active states of nav pills, dropdowns, and more.
  • Update gradient mixins for better color stop support.
    • Vertical and horizontal gradients now accept four values, in the following order: @start-color, @start-percent, @end-color, and @end-percent.
    • Upgrading means specifying all four values in the above order, or specifying variables directly when calling your mixins.
    • To call a gradient but only set two properties, directly assign values to the variables like so: #gradient > .vertical(@start-color: red; @end-color: blue);. Doing so will include the default values for any unmentioned variables.
  • Drop unused prefixes from several mixins.


  • Go mobile first. Responsive CSS is no longer separate and all responsive features are now compiled into the core bootstrap.css file near. Separate files are no longer required, and have thus been removed.
  • Upgrade to latest Normalize, and removed reset.less.
    • This includes removing reset.less in favor of a dedicated normalize.less file.
    • Print styles and responsive image CSS (the only meaningful modifications from the previous reset file) have been moved to print.less and scaffolding.less, respectfully.
  • Moved print styles to separate print.less file.
    • Previously print styles were bundled with the scaffolding.less page.
    • Now within a separate file for easy removal via the Customizer.
  • Remove layouts.less.
    • Since it only held a couple layout styles and the fluid container has been removed (see next section), this file is superfluous.
    • We've moved the default .container styles to grid.less.
  • Add !important to .hide and .show.
    • For these classes to work on every element, the specificity either needed to be higher or we needed the !important flag. We opted for the latter for fewer lines of code.
  • Drop *-important for .*-danger.
    • Some elements had red variations that came from different class naming schemes, so we standardized that by switching all red variations to *-danger.
    • Includes buttons, labels, badges, text, alerts. and progress bars.
  • Refactor responsive utility classes to match new media queries.

Grid system

The grid is drastically simpler, yet more powerful, in BS3. We're transitions back to a single grid system, but with all the awesomeness that was present in the old grids. On top of that, we've also added some new features.

  • Overhaul grid systems to make it fluid and mobile-first.
    • Removed the separate fluid grid system, container, and layout as we're down to one grid.
    • New single grid system (still uses .row) utilizes percentages over pixels, padding instead of margin, and box-sizing: border-box for easy math.
    • The grid is mobile first, meaning it starts out stacked and scales up as necessary to become horizontal via media queries. Previously the grid was built for 940px layouts and scaled up and down.
    • Nesting is still 100% supported, but columns will be proportionately sized to their parent, just as the old fluid grid behaved.
    • Offsets are still 100% supported.
  • Increase specificity of grid classes.
    • Instead of .span* and .offset*, we're now using .col-* and .col-offset-*, respectively.
  • Add tiny and small grid systems for phones and tablets.
    • Similar to the default grid system, we've added two more sets of grid classes to create more complex layouts for phones and tablets. That means you can optionally utilize 12 columns at two additional important breakpoints.
    • Use .col-* classes for tiny devices (smartphones).
    • Use .col-sm-* classes for small devices (tablets).
    • The small grid classes also include support for offsets and source ordering, but the tiny grid classes do not.
  • Simplify required grid variables.
    • The @grid-row-width and @grid-column-width variables have been removed. We didn't use the row width (@gridRowWidth as of v2.3.1) variable anywhere in the source and column widths are now derived via simple calculations in our LESS.
    • We've added a new @grid-float-breakpoint variable to customize the point at which the floats and widths kick in for our new mobile-first grid.
  • New and improved grid mixins.
    • Changed .makeRow() to .make-row().
    • Changed .makeColumn() to .make-column(). In addition, it includes a media query to apply the float and width when above the @grid-float-breakpoint value.
    • Added .make-column-offset() to generate column gaps, similar to the predefined grid classes.
  • Add .col-push-* and .col-pull-* modifier classes for easy column source ordering.
  • Remove dedicated table grid classes.
    • They are no longer necessary given the new grid.
    • However, we are still removing the float on .col-* classes when used within .table elements.
  • Remove dedicated input grid classes.
    • Remove input grid mixin and input span classes.
    • Given new grid system, inputs are always width: 100%; to start.
    • Best practices now are to place 100% wide inputs within grid columns as opposed to using classes directly on input elements.
  • Use max-width instead of width on all .container instances to help prevent some issues with containers in components like navbars.


Typography in Bootstrap 3 isn't seeing much change, just a decent amount of cleanup and some small improvements.


  • Add support for headings classes (e.g., h1, .h1 { … }).
  • Remove text-rendering: optimizeLegibility from headings to prevent (inconsistent) broken rendering on some Android and Windows devices.


  • Change ul.unstyled to .list-unstyled.
    • No longer dependent on HTML element in the selector.
    • Can now be used as mixin.
  • Change ul.inline to .list-inline.
    • Uses .list-unstyled as a mixin to reset default list styles.
    • Can now be used as a mixin.

Text classes

  • Changed .muted to .text-muted to match the other contextual text colors.
  • Fixed bug with text alignment utility classes and tables.


  • Remove all #font mixins.
    • We only used these in one place and they honestly just complicated things.
    • Instead of using mixins, just make use of the @font-family- variables.
  • Drop the @altFontFamily variable.

We explored the use of rem units over pixels, but found little benefit to offset the implications of their use. IE8 would still need a pixel fallback, and that's a lot of duplicate lines of code. Moreover, using rems everywhere instead of pixels would exacerbate that problem. Mixing rems and pixels doesn't seem to make sense either right now. However, we can and will continue to evaluate this in future releases.


  • Add support for responsive utility classes on table elements.
  • Remove from table state classes.
  • Added global text-align: left; for <th> elements (to undo the default center alignment) and removed font-weight: bold; from them (bold is a browser default).
  • Improve nesting by scoping all styles to immediate children.
    • Using the > selector, we scope all styles.
    • Doesn't change much, but does mean you'll need to apply the table classes to all nested tables.


  • Consolidate image thumbnail styles. No more .img-polaroid as it duplicated the same styles as .thumbnail. Now you can use .img-thumbnail for regular inline(-block) images, or .thumbnail for composite components.


Fewer, but better buttons. They're redesigned and we're removing some from the mix because they have no clear and universal semantic purpose.

  • Default button now requires .btn-default class.
    • The default gray button requires two classes—class="btn btn-default".
    • This better matches all our other buttons as well.
    • We tried to remove the .btn class as well, but given the CSS for creating button groups and dropdowns, it's much simpler to keep it around.
    • While it does add an extra class, it's specificity great simplifies customization methods in plain CSS, and even more so when extending those classes with LESS mixins.
  • Drop .btn-inverse.
    • There really is no semantic reasoning for having it, so it's gone.
  • Revamp some of the aesthetics of the buttons (no more outer box-shadow) by default.
  • Simplify button mixins and pseudo states.
    • Removed the .buttonBackground() mixin since it was no longer in use.
    • Added the .btn-pseudo-states() mixin for setting button background-color and border-color for the default and :hover, :focus, :active, and various disabled states.
  • Add justified button group option for link buttons.
    • This feature is only available for buttons with link tags, e.g. <a href="#" class="btn">Button</a>, and is not compatible with the <button> element due to some browser lame-itude that keeps buttons from accepting auto widths on table-cell buttons.


  • Add .active contextual class.
    • Applies the table hover background-color to any row or cell that gets the .active class.
  • Allow contextual classes to be applied to <thead> and <tfoot> cells.


Form controls are now 100% width by default, input groups have been overhauled, and form states simplified.

  • Update box model for inputs.
    • Switched to box-sizing: border-box; and width: 100%; by default for all textual inputs.
    • This means you'll need to specify a size for inputs, whereas before 3.0 inputs had a set pixel width (around 220px) to start.
  • Remove input-prepend and input-append for singular .input-group. The classes have changed for the elements within, and require a bit more markup to use buttons.
    • Use .input-group as the parent class around the input and addon.
    • For text based prepends/appends, use .input-group-addon instead of .addon.
    • For button prepends/appends, use .input-group-btn and place your .btn within that element.
  • Drop .form-search.
  • Add support for fieldset[disabled]. All form controls within a <fieldset> with the disabled attribute will be styled appropriately.
  • Drop cursor: pointer; from labels and instead only set them on checkbox and radio label options.
  • Drop .controls-row for grid inputs.
    • Given input elements in 3.0 are set to width: 100% by default, and since we don't want to implement a separate input grid, we've opted to drop the .controls-row functionality.
    • Instead, folks should wrap inputs in standard grid markup: with a wrapping .row and individual .span* columns around each input.
  • Drop .input-block-level mixin and class.
    • Since inputs are already width: 100%;, this is redundant.
    • Note: inputs are still display: inline-block, so if you absolutely need them to be block level, you'll need to independently set that yourself.
  • Drop the .uneditable-input control. Instead, use a read-only input if you must.
  • Drop .inline-help option.
  • Horizontal forms are now mobile-first, meaning at <768px, elements are stacked. Above that, elements are floated and appear side-by-side.
  • Checkboxes and radios now require an extra <div>.
    • Instead of label.checkbox, you'll need div.checkbox with a <label> within.
    • This was done to tighten up the clickable area around labels and avoid potential misclicks.
  • New classes for inline radios and checkboxes.
    • Instead of .radio.inline, you now need a single class, .radio-inline, for direct use on a <label> element.
    • To be clear, inline radios and checkboxes do not need a wrapping <div>, but the default stacked ones do.
  • Added new placeholder syntax to the .placeholder() mixin for Firefox 19+.
  • Drop .help-inline.
    • Given the 100% wide inputs and focus on mobile, inline help text makes much less sense.
    • Block help text via .help-block remains.


  • Convert to Glyphicons font and move to separate repository.
    • Convert to Glyphicons v1.7 @font-face and drop the old PNGs.
  • Change required base class and prefix.
    • Instead of using an attribute selector, like [class^="glyphicon-"], we now require a base class, .glyphicon.
    • This improves general performance for larger pages while also increasing the durability of our code (as it doesn't enforce a specific order of classes).
    • This is in addition to the prefix class (which has also been udpated).
    • All classes start with .glyphicon- instead of .icon- for a more unique class and consistency with the newly required base class.

Responsive utilities

  • Refactor responsive-utilities.less to use new mobile-first approach.
  • Update the docs to reflect the changes in media queries used.

Button groups

  • Add support for dropdowns in button groups (or, nested button groups).
  • Update checkbox and radio variations to use form controls.
    • Checkbox and radio button groups now use <input>s in their markup.

Labels and badges

We have differentiated the labels and badges with v3. The gist is that badges no longer have modifier classes and are purely meant as unread counters.

  • Dropped all modifier variations on badges, making it as neutral as possible, much like those of on OS X.
  • Dropped the .label-inverse variation (in conjunction with the inverse button being removed).
  • Refactor labels to scale with their parent's font-size.

Jumbotron (formly hero unit)

  • Class changed from .hero-unit to .jumbotron. Associated variables have also been updated to match.
  • Lighter font-weight for headings. Uses semibold instead of bold for headings.
  • Scale font-size in responsive views.
  • Now full-width without rounded corners to in mobile viewports.
  • Improved type styles—now it starts with normal heading sizes and scales to larger sizes given a larger viewport.


  • Remove the trailing / from the last item.



  • Remove .nav-list option. Replaced by the new .list-group component.
  • Remove tabs on left, right, and bottom.
    • Tabs on the left and right, while occasionally useful, have been removed from our CSS.
    • You can still use the JavaScript plugin and custom CSS to make left/right tabs, but we will no longer include those in the core.
  • Removed parent <div> in the pagination component and dropped center and right alignment options. See Unnecessary pagination div? #6562 for context.


  • Drop support for .navbar-search. We dropped the .navbar-search form layout, so it doesn't make sense to have this anymore. Also, this is just a slightly fancier .navbar-form, which we plan on keeping.
  • Overhaul styles of default navbar and its sub-components:
    • Dropdown menu carets (those attached to the actual menu, not the indicators) have been removed so that dropdown menus sit flat against the edge of the navbar.
    • Navbar vertical dividers have been brought in a smidge, meaning they do not extend the full height of the navbar.
    • No more box-shadow or gradients on the navbars.
    • Height of navbar has increased from 44px to 62px for mobile devices, and 50px for desktops.
  • Removed .navbar-inner and moved relevant styles to .navbar. The inner div is no longer required, greatly simplifying our shit.
  • Changed .navbar > .nav to .navbar-nav.
  • Change .btn-navbar to .navbar-toggle.
    • More consistent naming schema
    • Redesigned it a bit, lightening the styles and widening it, while also positioning it absolutely to the top right.
  • Updated navbar brand component:
    • Changed .brand to .navbar-brand for a more consistent naming schema.
    • Center aligned .navbar-brand in mobile views, with a max-width: 200px; to limit hit area given a likely navbar toggle will be very near by.
  • Dropped navbar dividers.
  • Added support for disabled nav links.
    • Includes new variables like @navbar-link-color-disabled and @navbar-link-bg-disabled, along with the inverse options.


  • Remove submenus suport in dropdown menus.
  • Removed .nav-header and replaced with .dropdown-header on account of no more .nav-list and that dropdowns still benefit from section headings.

Progress bars

  • Add variables for background colors. Instead of hard-coded (and different) green, red, yellow, and blue colors, we use the new (more semantic) global colors.
  • Refactor progress bar classes for simpler CSS.
    • New structure is now .progress on the outer <div> and .progress-bar on the inner <div>.
    • Instead of placing modifier classes on the parent, they are placed directly on the bars (e.g., .progress-bar-info) in addition to the required .progress-bar class.


  • No longer require use of .hide. We updated the utility classes to use !important and to avoid clashing, removed the .hide class from modals. Now display: none; is set directly in the modals.less file. When upgrading, be sure to remove the .hide class from existing modals.
  • Redesign the modals to be mobile-first.
    • As BS3 is mobile-first, this new modal also starts at the mobile level and scales up via media queries.
    • Reintroduces .modal-open on the body (so we can nuke the scroll there)
    • Adds a couple extra levels of markup (namely .modal-dialog and .modal-content) so we can scroll the entire modal rather than overflow a section within the modal.
    • Related, .modal is now the wrapper, and .modal-content is the modal itself. This is so we can still use position: fixed;, but make the modal relatively positioned so that scrolling moves the entire modal, not something with it.
    • Added a .modal-title for more consistent and useful targeting of the heading content (previously this was just an <h3> and selector performance wise that sucked).
  • Test on iOS5. Not sure if we need to go older, but I want to check here to see how well fixed is supported.
  • Test on Android devices (including native browser and Chrome). I only have a year-old Nexus lying around, so might need help tracking down bugs on older devices.
  • Add option to programmatically set width of the modal.
  • Prevent <body> scrollbar and shifting content with overflow: hidden;.


  • Drop the .thumbnails meta component. Instead of special HTML and CSS for grid sizing, just use the grid system itself. Individual .thumbnail styles are still available, but for sizing, require a parent with a set width (e.g., grid columns).


  • <hr> elements within any .alert component will now be styled to match the border color of the alert.
  • Immediate children links within default alerts, and within paragraph text, are now styled for improved readability. Links are automatically bolded and appear as a slightly darker color than the alert text.

New: List groups

Added a new component, the list group, for creating simple and complex series of components. Perfect for more complex implementations like email inboxes, or simple ones like a list of options.

  • Requires .list-group as a parent base class (on a <ul>, <ol>, or <div>)
  • Requires .list-group-item for individual list items
  • List items can also be easily linked—just change from <ul class="list-group"> and <li class="list-group-item"> to <div class="list-group"> and <a class="list-group-item">.
  • Option: include a badge, chevron, or both to any list item for automatic placement.
  • Option: use .list-group-item-heading and .list-group-item-text for custom content implementations.

Linked list groups replace the nav list component.

List groups can also be used within panels with the .list-group-flush class to take them the full width of the parent panel.

New: Panels

Added a new component, the panel, for easily containing content within a box with an optional heading. Also included are contextual state classes for success, warning, danger, and info.


  • Bump font-size from 11px to 12px.


  • Redesign! Lighter styles for the previous and next controls, as well as the carousel captions.
  • Update required markup for carousel controls. The .carousel-control class now requires another element within it for the previous/next characters. Those characters are now Glyhpicons icons for improved styling and positioning across browsers and devices.
  • Indicators are now bottom-middle aligned.
  • Captions are reinforced as optional and, by default, are hidden on mobile views, then shown for >768px viewports.


  • Redesign the entire thing.
  • Highlight dependencies between components and assets.
  • Figure out how to load and download the same customizations.

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@mdo great thanks for sharing future plans!
And what about JS plugins in BS3 ?

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eruiz commented Dec 20, 2012

Good roadmap.

One doubt, when you said "Dropped all things fluid" did you mean the default behaviour will be fluid and there is no need to mark it?


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Member Author

mdo commented Dec 20, 2012

@eruiz There will be a single grid system that will use percents for widths. No more need for a separate fluid grid system.

@vitalets We'll be updating those as we go. Right now, no changes have been made to them.

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making grid percent? will there still be a way to have it static?

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Member Author

mdo commented Dec 20, 2012

making grid percent? will there still be a way to have it static?

@WilliamStam Negatory.

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so no more my app is 1000 px wide so that i can control the column sizes thing? wow...

been down the fluid route with the stuff im doing.. it just doesn't work that well

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Member Author

mdo commented Dec 20, 2012

so no more my app is 1000 px wide so that i can control the column sizes thing? wow...

@WilliamStam Not sure what you're asking. The rows in Bootstrap are still set in pixels, but the individual grid columns are set in percentages. The effect is the same, save for nesting, as we have today in 2.2.2.

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@mdo so we can still set container = 1000px (etc) and 16 columns? each column would then work out to about 50 odd px + gutter?

so how would nested grids work then?

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Member Author

mdo commented Dec 20, 2012

@WilliamStam Checkout the branch locally and give it a go—you should be able to get a feel for things more there than I can explain in this PR :). To answer your latest question though, yes it should just work out to that (as percentages) for column widths, and nesting works like the current fluid grid system.

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rassie commented Dec 20, 2012

@mdo I've got a small request: please try to deprecate or externalize IE7 support instead of throwing all of it out. From what I've seen in the patches, most of this stuff can be extracted into a separate ie7-compat project and Bootstrap would still work for people like myself who are still forced to make their site work in IE7. I'm fairly certain that such a project would be created anyway, but it'd look better if it came straight from the Bootstrap project. I'll be happy to provide patches and extensions for the parts I needed for myself, other people certainly have their own hacks that could be put into common use.

Thank you for understanding.

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kevva commented Dec 20, 2012

Yo, wouldn't it be good to separate the structural styles from the theme styles? Would make Bootstrap a hell of a lot easier to customize.

So you would have one stylesheet (e.g. main.css) with all the structural stuff, like inuit.css, and one stylesheet (e.g. theme.css) with the shiny styles. If the users want to use the structural components and use their own theme upon them they are free to do so.

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Please reconsider dropping submenus. They were initially included because there were so many people that wanted them (I can't find the particular issue right now) - I doubt that demand has disappeared.

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Member Author

mdo commented Dec 20, 2012

@quasipickle We haven't seen anyone using submenus in meaningful ways and the code necessary to make them work well is just too much overhead. Submenus just don't have much of a place on the web right now, especially the mobile web. They will be removed with 3.0.

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Member Author

mdo commented Dec 20, 2012

@kevva If we can squeeze that in, we'll try to make it happen, but that's a huge refactor on it's own. Not sure how best to tackle it still honestly.

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kevva commented Dec 20, 2012

@mdo I'm willing to help. But yeah, as you say, there are some things to consider. Would be a great feature though since it's pretty messy to build something entirely customized upon Bootstrap right know.

@mdo mdo mentioned this pull request Dec 21, 2012
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In response to "Responsive CSS is no longer separate." and "Dropped all things fluid.": Am I allowed to used nested grids and prevent the nested grid from "breaking" in responsive design (aka. override the grid)? (See this issue: #4946)

An example in pseudo code:

// not nested, responsive: desktop
span4 | span4 | span4

// not nested, responsive: mobile

// now I want to include a nested grid:

// first column nested, responsive: desktop
span4 (with span6 | span6) | span4 | span4

// first column nested, responsive: mobile
// I want this behaviour!
span4 (with span6 | span6)

To be clear: I want some grids to be responsive, but not all.

I think this could be possible in this way:

<div class="row-responsive">
    <div class="span4">
        <div class="row">
            <div class="span6"></div>
            <div class="span6"></div>
    <div class="span4"></div>
    <div class="span4"></div>

I think its good to enable responsive grids by default, but I think we need an option to use non-responsive grids especially if want to nest grids .

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Member Author

mdo commented Dec 21, 2012

@donaldpipowitch The first part, you've nailed—that's all there. The last part, preserving nested grids in responsive views, isn't right now. Unsure how that'd look honestly, but I'm open to ideas.

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For Bootstrap 2 I've created a "copy" of .row-fluid which I've called .row-fluid-important - this one wasn't reset by responsive.less.
I used .row-fluid and responsive.less to create a 2-column layout for tablets and a 1-column layout for smartphones. The additional column for tablets just displayed additional data while the other column (which was also used in smartphones) was the "main" column which used it's "own" grid with .row-fluid-important, so I could use columns for smartphones, too. (The additional data was moved to the bottom on smartphones.)

It is very much like fixed/fluid-layouts which are described in the docs (, but more "flexible". And because you can archive nearly every layout with a good combination of nested rows the .container, .container-fluid classes always seemed a little bit redundant to me. (The wording "row" seems to be a better choice for this case as "container", too. To be honest I was very irritated the first time I used responsive.less and I noticed that my row-fluid wasn't a single row anymore, but multiple columns stacked on top of each other. I didn't expect responsive.less to reset my fluid grid, because it fit fine on my small screen.)

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@mdo Would you consider at least leaving it as a separate download? I personally use it all the time for apps I build (that aren't necessarily public, or intended for mobile), and losing that functionality would hella suck.

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shvelo commented Dec 22, 2012

Why did you drop fluid stuff?

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RIP .btn-info

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boulox commented Dec 25, 2012

What about had some responsive table layouts into BS3? A pull request have chance to get into the core?

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@shvelo, they didn't "dropped" fluid stuff. It will be always present now.

btw, great job guys!

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mdo commented Dec 26, 2012

@boulox Perhaps, but we're not too keen on those. I'll take a look. Responsive tables can always be a 3.1 or 3.2 release if we wanted to spend more time on them.

@gustavohenke @shvelo Yup, the grid is fluid by default now, but we did drop the .row-fluid and .container-fluid stuff.

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I'll miss the sub menu support as well.

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@ chrisritter me too, sucks that they nuked it.

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Sad to see official sub menu support go. We went third party to support them previously, before they were added and were overjoyed when they were officially supported by the project. Now that they are being removed, looks like we will have to find another solution.

While I agree that sub menus suck, and to an extend menus in general, but when our clients insist on using them, we need to be able to provide that functionality.

Please reconsider supporting sub menus. I bet they are being used more than you realize.

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Guy, please. Bootstrap has 12 columns, so think a bit. You cannot use
.col-*-push-12 if you have 12 column grid.

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We need screenshot! o.O

2013/8/24 Thomas Winterstetter

Modal flicker

Super bad Modal Flickerin Chrome- Safariand Firefoxseem OK. Thanks!

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Zlatan Vasović - ZDroid

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No flickering at all

Chrome 29 - OS X 10.8.4

Also: open issues, don't pester closed pull requests :)

On Sat, Aug 24, 2013 at 4:33 PM, Thomas Winterstetter <> wrote:

2 modals in 3 links on the homepage - Kontakt and miteinander redenand
Kurzprofil`innavbar dropdownProfil``

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I am not sure if I am missing something but when I upgraded from bootstrap 2 to bootstrap 3, the value of data-original-title did not work like before. I have a few
tags to give the tooltip a nice look. In version 3 the
was present as text and did not give a line break whereas it gives a line break when I replace the new version 3 bootstrap.js file with the old bootstrap 2 file. Any comments or help is really very appreciated. I would like to use the new bootstrap 3.

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You can use issues. Don't need to comment on old pull requests.

2013/9/3 sweetguy0883

I am not sure if I am missing something but when I upgraded from bootstrap
2 to bootstrap 3, the value of data-original-title did not work like
before. I have a few
tags to give the tooltip a nice look. In version 3 the
was present as text and did not give a line break whereas it gives a line
break when I replace the new version 3 bootstrap.js file with the old
bootstrap 2 file. Any comments or help is really very appreciated. I would
like to use the new bootstrap 3.

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Zlatan Vasović - ZDroid

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cvrebert commented Sep 3, 2013

This pull request is now CLOSED.

New comments posted here will be IGNORED.

Please open new issues instead.

(New comments posted here may get deleted.)

dotcore pushed a commit to Open-Xchange-Frontend/bootstrap-datepicker that referenced this pull request Nov 8, 2013
emilymerwin added a commit to emilymerwin/atlrug4 that referenced this pull request Feb 19, 2014
`border-radius` mixin is no longer supported by Bootstrap as of <a
href=“twbs/bootstrap#6342 target=“_blank”>TWBS
Pull 6342: </a>
>Remove .border-radius() and .border-*-*-radius mixins.
>As only Android 2.1, iOS 3.2, and older desktop browsers require a
prefixed version, we've
>removed the base mixin. Since we no longer require prefixes for
independent corners, we've
>dropped those mixins as well. Mixins for a single side, like
.border-left-radius, are still available.
So I just deleted the references in components/navigations.css.scss and
added that file back to the import list in application.css.scss
emilymerwin added a commit to emilymerwin/atlrug4 that referenced this pull request Feb 19, 2014
`border-radius` mixin is no longer supported by Bootstrap as of [TWBS
Pull 6342](“twbs/bootstrap#6342):

>Remove .border-radius() and .border-*-*-radius mixins.
As only Android 2.1, iOS 3.2, and older desktop browsers require a
prefixed version, we've removed the base mixin. Since we no longer
require prefixes for independent corners, we've dropped those mixins as
well. Mixins for a single side, like .border-left-radius, are still

So I just deleted the references in components/navigations.css.scss and
added that file back to the import list in application.css.scss
emilymerwin added a commit to emilymerwin/atlrug4 that referenced this pull request Feb 19, 2014
`border-radius` mixin is no longer supported by Bootstrap as of
[TWBS Pull 6342](twbs/bootstrap#6342):

>Remove .border-radius() and .border-radius mixins. As only Android
2.1, iOS 3.2, and older desktop browsers require a prefixed version,
we've removed the base mixin. Since we no longer require prefixes for
independent corners, we've dropped those mixins as well. Mixins for a
single side, like .border-left-radius, are still available.

So I just deleted the references in components/navigations.css.scss and
added that file back to the import list in application.css.scss
@twbs twbs locked and limited conversation to collaborators Jun 9, 2014
goodforenergy added a commit to leafn0de/bootstrap-tabdrop that referenced this pull request Jul 28, 2014
michael-cannon referenced this pull request in michael-cannon/excel-export-plus Oct 22, 2014
b4c4072 Merge pull request #8637 from twitter/2.3.2-wip
04b0036 finish bumping copyright
92fd785 revert to 2.3.2 tag instead
aadc766 Point docs downloads to tag in twbs org
4be4e8e Point changelog in docs to releases on GitHub
14c1e92 More date changes
87e2f0b Add changelog entry
573b3f4 Version bump
7d59745 Update URLs to account for v3 rc1 soft launch
b8238b6 Merge branch 'master' of into 2.3.3-wip
0822cc5 twitter/bootstrap => twbs/bootstrap in links etc.
f0de5ad Bump Recess to 1.1.9
790cb18 component.json -> bower.json; adjust jquery to >=1.8.0 <2.1.0
d991ef2 Merge pull request #8242 from cvrebert/patch-1
514ea6e Bump Recess to v1.1.8 to fix further less.js version problems
beca8a6 Apply #8166 to master so folks can build v2.3.2
de683e9 Update
60b202d Fix link to Bower in readme
d9b502d missed a few 2.3.1's
c9789f7 update versioning to 2.3.2
b9bd82b patch dropdowns for #7118
REVERT: c068162 maxcdn urls
REVERT: ff6b279 bump to v3.2.0
REVERT: 1de2f68 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 719ebd8 grunt
REVERT: 0e5ec1a Merge pull request #13574 from twbs/reinstate-13470
REVERT: 4dcdc08 grunt
REVERT: b6e52d5 Merge pull request #13905 from Jimtrim/patch-1
REVERT: 5fb1c06 Mozilla bug says the fix targeted v31
REVERT: 4045740 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: e40df7c fixes #13912: make radios/checkboxes work with inline forms again
REVERT: 4abb095 Run `grunt`.
REVERT: b93b7b1 Revert "Revert "Turn off clean-css' advanced optimizations.""
REVERT: a991cd5 grunt dist; closes #13914
REVERT: e31c2ed Revert "Turn off clean-css' advanced optimizations."
REVERT: 49fe75d update shrinkwrap to get clean-css v2.2.3
REVERT: 1aaad64 Merge pull request #13781 from twbs/saucier
REVERT: 532dffd reenable Win7 IE8-9 in Sauce
REVERT: 6352c85 reenable OS X Chrome in Sauce
REVERT: 389210f Merge pull request #13918 from twbs/sauce-with-retries
REVERT: dad6d44 Merge pull request #13916 from glebm/variable-order
REVERT: 6ec5b8c retry each test up to 3 times in the event of timeout
REVERT: df1aee5 upgrade grunt-saucelabs to ~8.1.0
REVERT: 8ad5830 Move variable declaration before its use for Sass
REVERT: c975f42 Merge pull request #13913 from hnrch02/webkit-keyframes
REVERT: 15c63fa Run `grunt`.
REVERT: 25ca513 Turn off clean-css' advanced optimizations.
REVERT: dc7da29 Update dependencies.
REVERT: e9ac7c1 Partly revert cb7eb674accd24b6b73f26ef23cf4a301b6ebfaf
REVERT: a0e98ad Merge branch 'fix-13386'
REVERT: 0aa01f6 Merge branch 'master' into fix-13386
REVERT: b31c35b Merge pull request #13904 from twbs/revert-umd
REVERT: 25b06d9 grid class inconsistency 2
REVERT: 29d97d0 Update cover.css
REVERT: b8a04f8 Merge pull request #13882 from thomaswelton/issue-13713-use-variable-small
REVERT: c2c19a4 Revert UMD (#13772 & friends) for now, due to #13812.
REVERT: bc895a4 Merge pull request #13900 from twbs/customize_on_your_own
REVERT: 32bde78 grid class inconsistency /cc @juthilo
REVERT: e033c5b Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: df7cfe8 Fixes #13903: Restore side padding on .btn-block
REVERT: 09cf618 Use @font-size-small variable to calculate <small> font-size fixes #13713 #13809
REVERT: e05a4f6 Merge pull request #13901 from knownasilya/typo
REVERT: d4ce4db fix typo in css - buttons
REVERT: 7339759 Remove broken link to Customizing Bootstrap
REVERT: 9da127a Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: ca54cff new homepage expo features
REVERT: 8983286 Update dependencies.
REVERT: e98fc37 Fixes #13872 more: add overrides for lg and sm input modifiers
REVERT: 3424843 tweak alert per #13875
REVERT: 1e53dcd Fixes #13872: Always apply padding to .form-control-static for that vertical alignment
REVERT: 166b66d formatting
REVERT: 8bd4163 fixes #13881: restore existing striped progress bar behavior with theme styles
REVERT: 856bc86 bump npm-shrinkwrap to ~3.1.4
REVERT: 1482947 grunt
REVERT: a4fa8d0 grunt dist
REVERT: 00cc166 ids over names
REVERT: 9488bd5 Merge pull request #13867 from hnrch02/remove-depreacted-jscs-rules
REVERT: f983e49 S H R I N K W R A P
REVERT: a33f6f8 Merge pull request #13866 from BBosman/ie8fontface
REVERT: 587451a Update a few source files to comply to new JSCS rules
REVERT: 09c2e41 Remove deprecated JSCS rules and add requireSpaceAfterLineComment
REVERT: 7bc8db9 Bump grunt-jscs-checker to 0.5.1
REVERT: 77ff226 Merge pull request #13877 from twbs/npm-shrinkwrap
REVERT: 3c4ba2a Switch to uber/npm-shrinkwrap for npm-shrinkwrap.json generation
REVERT: 8c1160d Document IE8 font-face weirdness
REVERT: d37b0ff Merge pull request #13870 from BBosman/gray-light
REVERT: 91d2cf8 Fix @gray-light in docs
REVERT: abe7afd Run `grunt`.
REVERT: 4686d14 Merge pull request #13829 from BBosman/preserve
REVERT: 5b4b4b5 Merge pull request #13865 from BBosman/deprecated
REVERT: ae793ad Use full deprecation version
REVERT: 0418c76 Update JSZip to v2.3.0.
REVERT: bd54108 Nuke equal height columns example; got a few bugs that make it not ready for prime time in v3.2
REVERT: 162a27f grunt
REVERT: f685f2a Merge pull request #13861 from twbs/new_striped_progress_bar_class
REVERT: a012ba4 lol words
REVERT: 99f176e rewrite striped and active to deprecate the parent selectors, change the docs
REVERT: d4eb555 Merge branch 'master' into new_striped_progress_bar_class
REVERT: 53d68a0 Merge pull request #13859 from twbs/skew_you
REVERT: d222c21 grunt
REVERT: e93bf15 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 4c21146 Merge pull request #13860 from twbs/fixes_13346
REVERT: 74982cf grunt
REVERT: 0264235 Fixes #13400, #13415: actually document the existing practice for links in panel headings
REVERT: 2a380f6 fixes #13347: make striped progress bars its own class
REVERT: c7cd631 fixes #13346: add a variable for .dl-horizontal's offset
REVERT: 783b226 change skew(x,y) to skewX skewY because mdn told me so
REVERT: f4dd02f Merge pull request #13857 from twbs/list_group_small
REVERT: 80ffe45 Merge pull request #13851 from ahoereth/patch-1
REVERT: 508d9f0 fix part of #13111: hide the docs nav on small and below devices
REVERT: 43d21b9 fixes #13093: reset the background color and remove background image on disabled theme buttons
REVERT: 20b6ae6 fixes #13020: proper color for small/.small in list group headings
REVERT: 11cf54f grunt
REVERT: 74a264f fixes #13021: add .form-group-sm/-lg
REVERT: 46e8a58 fixes #10073: add width: 100%; for ie10 and below to size svg.img-responsive correctly
REVERT: fdf174e grunt dist
REVERT: cde13fb Merge pull request #13854 from ssorallen/gray-light-higher-contrast
REVERT: d75506f among supported WebKit/Blink browsers, this now only applies to Safari
REVERT: 8c403dc Darken @gray-light to meet accessibility guidelines
REVERT: de55fb8 Add white-space: nowrap; to .dropdown-header
REVERT: 6d45f73 Run `grunt`.
REVERT: 1c42dfc Merge pull request #13842 from twbs/fix-13811
REVERT: 4f95989 FFS
REVERT: bb83d33 sigh
REVERT: cb70382 Travis: per today's PyPI issues, travis_retry the pip install step
REVERT: f347d7d address #13811
REVERT: 5cfd6b5 Merge branch 'deps'
REVERT: 85c15ee Gruntfile: add note about duplicate copy of jqueryCheck code
REVERT: e42de75 Update dependencies.
REVERT: 8bee654 grunt dist
REVERT: 4300d43 Merge branch 'erwanjegouzo-master'
REVERT: 1b63d0b fix for #13747
REVERT: 316e0c7 Merge pull request #13845 from BBosman/dismissible
REVERT: 128e52f Fix dismissible spelling
REVERT: 5b9e2bf popovers.html: fix typo: "Dimissmisable"
REVERT: 3f68c40 Make autoprefixer browsers fixed
REVERT: 045acee Merge pull request #13827 from vsn4ik/refactoring_by_vsn4ik
REVERT: fdc33ce Always use preserveComment: 'some'
REVERT: c503f7b Refactoring bages.
REVERT: f071549 fix #13386
REVERT: ed06fd0 Merge pull request #13820 from twbs/bump-load-tasks
REVERT: 624800a bump load-grunt-tasks to ~0.5.0
REVERT: 37acbb9 min-content is standard, so no need to vendor prefix it
REVERT: 2b302f6 some changes from #13801 - add strict mode back and ==
REVERT: 696632d Merge pull request #13786 from twbs/fat-13430
REVERT: 51e1b01 Merge pull request #13800 from hnrch02/fix-umd-regression
REVERT: e9d6756 Fix regression of #10038 introduced by #13772
REVERT: 63767f8 Merge pull request #13799 from hnrch02/update-generated-markup
REVERT: 5e69673 Update generated markup by the tooltip plugin in docs; fixes #13796
REVERT: b1a9168 grunt dist
REVERT: 6ac5708 Merge pull request #13787 from twbs/fat-3731
REVERT: 4949d26 tweak #13453 Firefox bug summary
REVERT: 85935f7 Fixes #13453: add firefox table-border and tbody bug to wall of bugs
REVERT: e042c63 Merge pull request #13791 from BBosman/justify
REVERT: 7a0f441 Add dropped text-justify
REVERT: 816ba56 Merge pull request #13789 from hnrch02/follow-up-to-13671
REVERT: 03b556b Follow-up to #13671; improves consistency of text with previous examples
REVERT: f09d6b7 grunt
REVERT: ed2da1c Merge pull request #13351 from Cecchi/nested-kbd
REVERT: cb85f2a fix grammar in new callout
REVERT: f77d0aa fixes #13356: clarify use of clearfix on parents
REVERT: 5c1357b grunt
REVERT: 1d97cbe Merge pull request #13671 from 04818419/text-transformation
REVERT: 7bcd788 grunt
REVERT: 4fd4681 Merge pull request #13687 from smmoosavi/patch-1
REVERT: 57bd8f9 grunt
REVERT: bc38d3b words
REVERT: dacaf61 docs callout for #13219
REVERT: e136ba0 Merge pull request #13783 from twbs/fat-13220
REVERT: 97e0cd0 homepage copy to fix #13733
REVERT: 5c6c0a1 fixes #13775: tweak grid nesting docs about # of cols, change up example slightly
REVERT: dcbe484 New text align class, .text-nowrap, for preventing text from breaking to new lines. Applies it to the grid docs table.
REVERT: e8100c3 fix thumbnails docs
REVERT: 631e04b Fixes #13548: Use position: absolute; to fix checkbox and radio line-height problems that were introduced after #13003
REVERT: 7f122be add special transitionend type to test event origin fixes #13430
REVERT: a1dad14 fix #13185 - keyboard support for carousel
REVERT: c0e82ac grunt
REVERT: 2fb3131 Merge pull request #13785 from twbs/fat-13609
REVERT: fd0a81a hidden and auto
REVERT: 54939ef fixes 13609 - Modal is shifting left just before the hiding animation
REVERT: 9cdbf0e Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 9a51410 grunt
REVERT: ff7e8d5 button-groups.html: fix grammar: "in on" => "on"
REVERT: 571fd32 fix #13220 Scrollspy generates wrong offsets for a page-- recalculate offsets if `scrollheight` changes
REVERT: 8d8524e Merge pull request #13772 from twbs/fat-amd
REVERT: 1c6fa90 MD/CommonJS/Globals #12909
REVERT: bbdaf0f Merge pull request #13780 from twbs/fx-30
REVERT: af45472 <input> buttons line-height Firefox bugfix has been shipped!
REVERT: d2e0349 Merge pull request #13777 from BBosman/fix-gutter
REVERT: c6c8093 Fix gutter variable
REVERT: 4aca4cf grunt for table change
REVERT: 3556f9e Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: e069709 Fixes #13616: Add custom gutter support to containers
REVERT: 0708626 Merge pull request #13670 from nadangergeo/master
REVERT: 0a3fe8c Merge pull request #12690 from twbs/docs_zeroclipboard
REVERT: 82bd8b6 twerk copy
REVERT: 1666d55 Merge pull request #13771 from twbs/jekyll-2.x
REVERT: 1b8935e Run `grunt dist`.
REVERT: 89c0e4d Update ZeroClipboard to v1.3.5.
REVERT: 5057e7c Remove unused variables and make tests pass.
REVERT: 7d1365c Refactor and restyle.
REVERT: 250e021 Integrate ZeroClipboard to easily copy code snippets
REVERT: 9e1652a grunt
REVERT: 9ac3fe6 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: c7783f5 Fixes #13587: Switch to Kramdown for Markdown compiler in Jekyll
REVERT: ff9ab6c Update docs for Jekyll 2.x.
REVERT: 6a24824 Merge pull request #13770 from twbs/fat-carousel
REVERT: 5eaedbe change how carousel indicators activate #12592
REVERT: 61dbc61 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 2535f7c fixes #13769
REVERT: 12aeeac Merge pull request #13768 from twbs/font_files_docs
REVERT: d2061e8 relative
REVERT: 24a9b34 typo
REVERT: b35840e simpler and updated docs copy for icon font file paths
REVERT: 2213a5b bump grunt-contrib-connect to ~0.8.0
REVERT: b4ab047 update shrinkwrap
REVERT: a6fac74 README: move badges to separate line
REVERT: c20c0d9 Merge pull request #13766 from twbs/npm-badge
REVERT: 8b3d27e Add npm version badge to README
REVERT: 48e2f92 Fix favicon.ico after d763b0fe5b5d83025b94212638b1bd5500c43c71.
REVERT: 41b92b9 Run `grunt`.
REVERT: 8cdc34f Update filesaver.js to v2014-05-27.
REVERT: 91bed93 Update Blob.js to v2014-05-31.
REVERT: 1309085 change up the padding on bs-docs-header container to alleviate #13682
REVERT: 8d9ef8f Addresses part of #13643: Correct webkit-linear-gradient syntax in horizontal gradients
REVERT: 85cde77 remove max-width: 100%; from table and place it on .table
REVERT: aee18bc Merge pull request #13707 from bcullman/bcullman-remove-table-max-width
REVERT: 4e67dc8 Merge pull request #13738 from thomaswelton/issue-13737-fix-ie11-rem-sizing
REVERT: 76277f8 Merge pull request #13189 from twbs/apple-touch-icon
REVERT: fe74a8b Merge pull request #13755 from twbs/fat-visual-test
REVERT: e1f9c25 Losslessly compress apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png.
REVERT: d763b0f new icons
REVERT: 29d00e0 Move apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png and favicon.ico in docs root.
REVERT: 79cbf55 Use a 152x152 apple touch icon.
REVERT: 9884a3d Re-create favicon.ico from the new SVG image.
REVERT: 5dbfdd4 fixes #13375
REVERT: d1872b4 Merge branch 'master' into pr/13736
REVERT: 5cd72ce grunt
REVERT: 14c3760 Merge pull request #13735 from skhilko/master
REVERT: 88068e9 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: d1cf27b fix nested containers (addresses some of #13682)
REVERT: 2919a3d Merge pull request #13542 from twbs/icon_paths
REVERT: 34891de grunt
REVERT: 1e3b938 grunt
REVERT: 3ee5542 Merge pull request #13649 from ItsJonQ/repaint-fixes-2
REVERT: 7231efa Merge pull request #13745 from twbs/fix-13281
REVERT: 5fd8ca9 fixes #13210: clean up tooltip example
REVERT: 98574cd Merge pull request #13744 from twbs/fix-13650
REVERT: 91103e6 Adds isolated visual tests for javascript plugins (decoupled from docs). This makes it faster and easier to test/develop js functionality not represented in unit tests, and gives us a playground for interactions, etc.
REVERT: 57c8982 Merge branch 'mikegreiling-scrollspy-update'
REVERT: 1cfa902 refactor scrollspy refresh method
REVERT: bc8e6ff removing this.$element as it is a superfluous copy of this.$scrollElement
REVERT: 632313d no need to check for href attribute on the scrollable element
REVERT: 0be4109 there is no need for this.offsets and this.targets to be jQuery objects
REVERT: 2ca6581 Merge pull request #13752 from twbs/fix-13268
REVERT: 21de05c don't show tooltips/popovers whose element isn't in the DOM; fixes #13268
REVERT: b23ed1b put the tooltips into the DOM in the tooltip unit tests
REVERT: 20c099d add failing test for #13268
REVERT: 3b99a41 Merge pull request #13388 from twbs/xhmikosr-js-style
REVERT: dd7ee51 add docs for #13745
REVERT: 739bf37 set not-allowed cursor on disabled radio+checkbox labels; fixes #13281
REVERT: 3cbbc70 Merge pull request #13627 from twbs/maybe-fix-12364
REVERT: 03a8949 Run `grunt`.
REVERT: e2cabe4 Minor style tweaks.
REVERT: 82fc03f carousel.js: remove unneeded variable assignment.
REVERT: 7b0acf1 Comply to the new style.
REVERT: 5ef9383 Tweak JSHint and JSCS checks.
REVERT: a8641b4 Merge pull request #10632 from stuartpb/patch-1
REVERT: 47a0de9 replace SemVer summary with a link to its website; fixes #13650
REVERT: ef436c7 Merge pull request #13740 from jasny/patch-composer-replace
REVERT: 53b8254 Added  directive for composer
REVERT: ea99e3c Use px for font-size fixes #13737
REVERT: 5872a7e Resolves Issue #13689
REVERT: f87a023 Fix bug where a panel recieve extra top border
REVERT: f9495ea Merge pull request #13732 from twbs/bump-sauce
REVERT: e91eaa2 update shrinkwrap
REVERT: f0c97bf bump grunt-saucelabs to ~8.0.2
REVERT: 6d7c0b2 Merge pull request #13731 from twbs/bump-deps
REVERT: 19987cc update shrinkwrap
REVERT: 3462174 bump grunt-contrib-jade to ~0.12.0
REVERT: 094e428 bump grunt-contrib-qunit to ~0.5.1
REVERT: c0ba462 Merge pull request #13716 from rustinlee/fix-creators-anchor
REVERT: 22cdf4a Changed broken #authors anchor to #creators
REVERT: 445deb7 removing unnecessary max-width on tables
REVERT: 5a16144 Merge pull request #13700 from twbs/role-menu-all-the-things
REVERT: 95ff940 add missing role="menu" attrs to .dropdown-menu elements in docs+examples
REVERT: ad34c3b fix #13697
REVERT: 67a332c fix variables in panels.less
REVERT: 6e4825a Color Contrast for panel heading
REVERT: 585f478 text transformation added
REVERT: 36616db Table-responsive: changed overflow-x to auto to hide scrollbar when it's not overflown, fixes #13669.
REVERT: 8e568a8 grunt dist
REVERT: 475dbe5 Merge pull request #13589 from mrobinet/scrollspy-maxScroll-with-offset
REVERT: bc1ce42 Merge pull request #13593 from ResentedHook/master
REVERT: ef62254 Merge pull request #13557 from bassettsj/aria-describedby-tooltip-13480
REVERT: 66bc4d1 Merge pull request #13668 from twbs/bump-sauce
REVERT: c6cb8ab update shrinkwrap
REVERT: 7b2600c bump grunt-saucelabs to ~7.0.0
REVERT: 656597e Merge pull request #13667 from twbs/bump-deps
REVERT: 02ca217 update shrinkwrap
REVERT: 8be8fb6 bump glob to ^4.0.0
REVERT: 676fda9 Merge pull request #13626 from twbs/address-13090
REVERT: d66b65d Merge branch 'master' into icon_paths
REVERT: 10e9fef Merge pull request #13651 from twbs/ios-temporal
REVERT: 338cff1 clarify
REVERT: 4697449 grunt dist for docs
REVERT: 4f60a7f don't change code bg on callouts
REVERT: 64bb8be more callout tweaks
REVERT: abbf6da tighten up callouts and remove backgrounds
REVERT: a375069 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: ef360b6 clarify and danger-ify affix docs usage requirements, per #10235
REVERT: 68de4bf Merge pull request #13463 from twbs/docs-theme-toggler
REVERT: 326f6b2 Merge branch 'master' into docs-theme-toggler
REVERT: fab9ab8 Reset the padding on radio/checkbox labels in form-inline
REVERT: 12b5d46 move it to the sidebar
REVERT: cae7dee Revert 4f9270cc20c29cd3fbb0664379d620d14bb24a91.
REVERT: 1340a49 grunt dist
REVERT: 8a62f9e show proper error message when viewing Customizer in IE8
REVERT: 3261ab7 update explanatory comment about iOS date/time inputs bug
REVERT: 7da34cc Applied translate3d to modal, navbar-fixed and affix to combat browser repaint
REVERT: 707b362 Merge branch 'master' into docs-theme-toggler
REVERT: 91d51d3 Merge branch 'master' into icon_paths
REVERT: 3dd1531 Merge pull request #13624 from robertdodd/master
REVERT: b058c01 Hopefully a fix for #12364
REVERT: e9b99d4 fix typo in assertion description
REVERT: 7d75734 Merge pull request #13615 from twbs/namespacing
REVERT: 8e354c4 Reassigned minification of CSS to cssmin task.
REVERT: 082bc20 Merge pull request #13623 from twbs/skip-ci-steps
REVERT: 4a9ab60 prove that [skip validator] works
REVERT: ca23e39 prove that [skip sauce] works
REVERT: 6638fc1 Gruntfile: skip steps when $TWBS_DO_*=0
REVERT: db26c9f Gruntfile: extract runSubset() func
REVERT: df9f576 Travis: skip RubyGems install+cache when TWBS_DO_VALIDATOR=0
REVERT: 511240b update link to Grunt setup & info
REVERT: 5f59f96 Merge pull request #13600 from twbs/resize-note-correction
REVERT: d5d64c2 Update showSuccess to use new classes
REVERT: 3d1723d add missing event namespacing in modal.js
REVERT: e44f5b1 Merge branch 'impl-13342'; Closes #13342.
REVERT: f47ad79 add `target` option to Affix plugin
REVERT: a70da16 Adds aria described by to tooltip plugin for accessibility
REVERT: a40ff40 Merge pull request #13601 from twbs/tooltip-popover-doc
REVERT: 00fcf07 update default 'template' value in popover docs
REVERT: 3465d98 add 'container' option motivation to tooltip docs
REVERT: 6fdbd8e add 'selector' option motivation to tooltip docs
REVERT: e839a49 add multiple triggers info to popover docs
REVERT: 90cfa1a add 'viewport' option to popover docs; #12328 erratum
REVERT: 99f6f70 docs: sort tooltip & container options for sanity
REVERT: f6bebbd reference other more recent source regarding the IE viewport bug
REVERT: 7287582 more precise docs link
REVERT: 95683dd change note in .resizable() mixin for accuracy
REVERT: 122c05d Add tooltip self-reference to address #12320
REVERT: 5c11632 Merge pull request #13594 from twbs/bump-saucelabs
REVERT: 6fef447 bump grunt-saucelabs to v5.1.3
REVERT: c2e94eb Add Scrollspy maxScroll with offset test.
REVERT: e84b0c0 Adjust for Scrollspy offset when calculating maxScroll.
REVERT: ceda948 Remove unneeded spaces from `pre`.
REVERT: 239d5e0 add link to StackOverflow question regarding Android <select> bug
REVERT: 828a5ba remove update-shrinkwrap from the default Grunt task
REVERT: 19ac6e5 Merge pull request #13579 from twbs/nuike-more-rtl-stuff
REVERT: d0fca8a Remove RTL leftovers.
REVERT: 7a765d1 Update jQuery to v1.11.1.
REVERT: 58f0375 unfuck the gruntifle
REVERT: b5f9e2e Customizer: Alert on successful save to Gist
REVERT: e52920c no more concurrency
REVERT: 8ee6a6b grunt
REVERT: f39b272 grunt
REVERT: fc46209 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: d03fd28 grunt for raw js
REVERT: 95f9184 Merge pull request #13578 from twbs/fat-versions
REVERT: 7e1f299 grunt dist
REVERT: f219fee versions
REVERT: c312d73 Merge pull request #13191 from AshleyDawson/master
REVERT: c42cd81 Merge branch 'master' into icon_paths
REVERT: d4c7248 grunt dist
REVERT: 5938774 Merge pull request #13369 from armikbd/bootstrap-itsme
REVERT: d8baec8 remove the comment
REVERT: 31956be Merge branch 'master' into icon_paths
REVERT: be18f50 nuke the rtl example
REVERT: be00b82 nuke the rtl docs
REVERT: 0d1018c grunt
REVERT: 81a1825 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: f5513fd nuke rtl
REVERT: fd0f563 Merge pull request #13576 from twbs/fat-12211
REVERT: 9900771 fixes #12211: Scrollspy: Navs in different tabs can interfere with each othe
REVERT: ae80cdc Revert "Temporarily revert README deletions from #13470,"
REVERT: 54284a1 Temporarily revert README deletions from #13470, pending the release of v3.2.0's updated hosted docs.
REVERT: 96bdc56 cleanup
REVERT: 696844f Merge pull request #13549 from danielhusar/master
REVERT: 0e91b85 Merge pull request #13541 from gpakosz/patch-2
REVERT: 056a192 Squashed commit of the following:
REVERT: ed98b3d Update html5shiv to 3.7.2.
REVERT: a217ed7 Merge pull request #13558 from twbs/nav-tabs-role-tablist
REVERT: 9013839 Merge pull request #13559 from twbs/carousel-role
REVERT: b7ac0d4 add role="button" to [data-slide="prev"],[data-slide="next"] to improve accessibility
REVERT: 0a808fc add role="tab" to .nav-tabs [data-toggle="tab"]
REVERT: e9374c0 add role="tablist" to .nav-tabs in examples to improve accessibility
REVERT: 48fd9e2 Merge pull request #13543 from twbs/fix-13305
REVERT: e6788ef Customizer: make utilities.less inclusion mandatory
REVERT: cb2ef1e grunt dist
REVERT: 510f4fe Fixes #13478, reverts #10941
REVERT: 78cac11 Fixed affix-bottom positioning
REVERT: 9160790 Merge pull request #13536 from Quy/master
REVERT: 5f6304b Remove outdated rtl nav links
REVERT: 6a803ad Update .travis.yml
REVERT: 00b6f27 Merge pull request #13531 from twbs/grunt-html-docs
REVERT: bdd822a regenerate minified docs JS & CSS
REVERT: 5d8880f move Grunt info from README into HTML docs
REVERT: 7d0f7e8 add button to toggle the optional theme when viewing the docs; fixes #9764
REVERT: f0daa64 move rtl to getting started, per @cvrebert's feedback
REVERT: 7408917 Merge pull request #13499 from twbs/clarify-rtl
REVERT: 16cff71 Merge pull request #13504 from Quy/resputil
REVERT: aa87757 Merge pull request #13528 from twbs/unlock-jscs
REVERT: 150ca95 unlock & bump grunt-jscs-checker to ~0.4.3
REVERT: d36c150 tweak formatting in Carousel docs for clarity; fixes #13522
REVERT: 06fae12 Update JSZip to v2.2.2.
REVERT: 9444df2 Merge pull request #13511 from hnrch02/button-reset-falsey-values-fix
REVERT: a032c39 Merge pull request #13406 from EnsignR/
REVERT: c3f294d Merge pull request #13514 from twbs/jscs
REVERT: 64fdbd7 bump grunt-jscs-checker to v0.4.1; refs #13512
REVERT: 5728b57 update-shrinkwrap
REVERT: b100e15 temporarily lock grunt-jscs-checker to v0.4.0
REVERT: d8ee1ba Allow for resetText of a button to be a falsey value; fixes #13466
REVERT: cd95849 Merge pull request #13506 from twbs/jscs-ratchet
REVERT: 06af640 import rules from Ratchet's JSCS config with which we already comply
REVERT: ed41066 Fix .visible-print deprecation version #.
REVERT: f71f2db emphasize that bootstrap-rtl.css & bootstrap.css should not be used together
REVERT: 04028cf add RTL CSS files to "What's included" section of docs
REVERT: d6104b1 include RTL CSS CDN URL in Download docs
REVERT: ce2cad6 Merge pull request #13493 from twbs/close-btn-access
REVERT: 3bc9597 Merge pull request #13495 from twbs/android-firefox
REVERT: fcbdbee Wall of browser bugs: formatting tweaks
REVERT: c4a3848 mark Android Firefox as officially supported
REVERT: 588889c document #13390
REVERT: 949b81f Improve accessibility of close buttons in modals & alerts
REVERT: bae289d Merge pull request #13433 from watilde/fixed-navbar-radius-of-example-at-docs
REVERT: 348e7a0 bump grunt-css-flip to ~0.2.2
REVERT: f9b88cb Merge pull request #13461 from patrickhlauke/docs-dropdown-sr-only
REVERT: d9edf28 make new Carousel tests compatible with noConflict mode
REVERT: b23ca2d add role="tooltip" to popovers; fixes #13481
REVERT: 463e025 Remove sr-only from components/dropdown entirely
REVERT: 42c8dae Not Less' fault per se
REVERT: 99f22d9 Merge pull request #13434 from twbs/fix-13247
REVERT: f793853 document grid column wrapping behavior; fixes #13247
REVERT: 4c3ef52 Merge branch 'pr/13320'
REVERT: 108b7c3 grunt dist
REVERT: a80eb1e explain
REVERT: 17f77a5 Merge pull request #13328 from thebigredgeek/master
REVERT: b217357 grunt dist
REVERT: 9f80cab Merge pull request #13449 from sejr/master
REVERT: f20f666 Merge pull request #11966 from colllin/noconflict
REVERT: abc7976 Merge pull request #13437 from saas786/master
REVERT: 2c1fe53 Merge pull request #13424 from twbs/docs-libs
REVERT: 73f7acc Update alert.js
REVERT: 7026c96 Remove sr-only from components/dropdowns example
REVERT: bde5f1f Merge pull request #13422 from twbs/ie-emulation-modes-warning
REVERT: a84a369 add ie-emulation-modes-warning.js to docs & examples
REVERT: 686a45a Merge pull request #13435 from twbs/doc-less-import-glyphicons
REVERT: 3564369 Update type.less
REVERT: d66a151 Merge pull request #13439 from nschonni/spacing-fixes
REVERT: 5ea66ba Minor Spacing fixes
REVERT: 30b07b9 Run `grunt`.
REVERT: ab1087f Update holder.js to v2.3.2.
REVERT: f2eff55 Update JSZip to v2.2.1.
REVERT: 43b6d6c fixes
REVERT: 05d4932 Merge pull request #13396 from twbs/carousel-events
REVERT: e114727 Carousel.slide: rename e => slideEvent
REVERT: 4bd29bf change 'slid' comments per @fat's feedback
REVERT: 31f01c1 Document that @import-ing Bootstrap can break the icon font path
REVERT: d42b1a2 fix #13427
REVERT: 485b7d0 Fixed navbar radius of example at docs
REVERT: cbb6453 Merge pull request #13414 from twbs/readme-tweak
REVERT: e0d1e40 Merge pull request #13423 from twbs/fix-13362
REVERT: eab6d3e add IE warning scripts to linter config
REVERT: 937ef48 remove semicolons :'-(
REVERT: d4728b8 add script to warn folks trying to test old IE using IE's unreliable emulation modes
REVERT: 6617d8b Document .direction & .relatedTarget properties of Carousel events. Fixes #13395
REVERT: 4d0a8e3 Add direction & relatedTarget properties to event Fixes #13393
REVERT: 022dc30 Merge pull request #13176 from twbs/fat-13157
REVERT: fe11ac7 Merge pull request #13390 from twbs/ie10-viewport-bug
REVERT: 0e48cb2 Merge pull request #13374 from Jakobovski/fix-issue-#13355
REVERT: 9c25f5c document that show-ing a tooltip/popover on a hidden element doesn't work; fixes #13362
REVERT: aca859a Merge pull request #13397 from twbs/fix-13394
REVERT: 21feb7c README: Authors => Creators
REVERT: b882a63 the master branch is the relevant one for current build status
REVERT: fcdaed4 Merge pull request #13408 from Quy/master
REVERT: f6f74b5 Add missing word.
REVERT: 637808f fires *after* DOM detach()
REVERT: a9f2b6c #11464 - Fix JS noConflict mode - Refactor all plugins to use an internal reference to the jQuery plugin, because in noConflict mode you can never expect to be defined on the jQuery object
REVERT: b9ae07d fixes #13157 - Collapse plugin - issues with transition end event bubbling
REVERT: 6161c98 document that non-:visible scrollspy targets are ignored; fixes #13394
REVERT: f66a747 add unit tests for Carousel slid events
REVERT: 9c4afc5 spelling fixes in Carousel unit tests
REVERT: 52b6a32 Use the new respond.js URL.
REVERT: a549e8c Update html5shiv to v3.7.1.
REVERT: d971ddb add missing operators to some JSCS rules that we already comply with
REVERT: eaddbd9 grunt dist
REVERT: 448086f add IE10 viewport bug workaround to examples
REVERT: e0c3ae6 Merge pull request #13151 from twbs/customizer-uglifyjs2
REVERT: a69bc3b move call for removeBackdrop() to backdrop()
REVERT: 58ab1c6 Merge pull request #13385 from vnagara/patch-1
REVERT: c2a86c5 Update composer.json
REVERT: b02d3c7 Merge pull request #13306 from twbs/fat-11099
REVERT: 4f427cb Merge pull request #13354 from twbs/fat-13296
REVERT: 170ba56 quote attribute value in ^= selector in button.js
REVERT: efcd960 Merge pull request #13381 from twbs/vendor-jquery-min
REVERT: a54e6d4 rename jquery.js -> jquery.min.js since it's minified
REVERT: 0aaf2cd quote attribute values in selectors in JS unit tests for consistency
REVERT: a621427 quote attribute value in selector in JS docs example
REVERT: 96e2f93 quote attribute value in selector in offcanvas.js
REVERT: ad1e1eb Merge pull request #13373 from twbs/fix-13360
REVERT: e9f0bed quote data-* attribute value in docs JS per best-practices
REVERT: 042f9e6 FIX: #13355. Added .navbar-nav to migration change list.
REVERT: 573ad10 fix #13337 by mentioning removal of .progress-* contextual classes
REVERT: 98acc69 fix #13360 by making deprecation notices visible in customizer
REVERT: 99b5405 Merge pull request #13358 from Jakobovski/docs-improvements-#13332
REVERT: c8a8e76 fixes #13365: remove dupe css in grid example
REVERT: 06fb940 grunt dist
REVERT: 132732e Dropdown menu in justified button-group
REVERT: ca45998 Fixed typo and added leading space
REVERT: 1d77660 Added specificity note to docs per issue #13332
REVERT: f2af953 fixes #13296 Dropdown disappears with right-click on Firefox
REVERT: d08f7dd Merge pull request #13330 from Kronuz/patch-1
REVERT: cd4696f fixes #11099 - $.collapse() overrides the original dimension of the coll...
REVERT: 1254c32 Merge pull request #13353 from twbs/fix-13340
REVERT: aec366c fix #13340 by documenting @icon-font-path & @icon-font-name more
REVERT: f18bff0 Add nested kbd element styles for actual keys or inputs
REVERT: 2127eb5 rm not particularly useful @zindex var comments
REVERT: 82b066f Wait for the expected target during a collapse
REVERT: 458cb69 Add documentation for using optional icons with sr-only labels
REVERT: 55336e6 added bower reference to main less file
REVERT: 06f6c9f Fix indent
REVERT: 3777ef0 Fix form-control-feedback position when label has sr-only class
REVERT: ee7498a grunt dist
REVERT: 1267a9a Run `grunt`.
REVERT: 2c16b31 Add the license header in the non minified build too.
REVERT: 7950c0f Add the jquery check in customizer's output.
REVERT: 3f90763 Customizer: switch to UglifyJS2 (v2.4.13).
REVERT: ee2df11 Merge pull request #13091 from twbs/unused-js
REVERT: 2f0f8ec Run `grunt dist`.
REVERT: 45b476b JS: remove unused variables.
REVERT: de86b36 grunt dist
REVERT: d7a3771 When opening the dropdown, focus() the dropdown-toggle BEFORE triggering ''
REVERT: 558e112 Merge pull request #13203 from twbs/equal-height-experiment
REVERT: 5d78200 the space between spaces
REVERT: 3424195 add screenshot
REVERT: 11a835f Merge branch 'master' into equal-height-experiment
REVERT: 9863344 switch to SVG badges.
REVERT: f159ce8 Fixes #13208: Drop <b> for <span> in code snippets and examples
REVERT: bfb9941 grunt dist
REVERT: 1554b7c Merge pull request #13242 from killthekitten/fix-carousel-controls
REVERT: 818a50e Merge pull request #13284 from chasingtheflow/master
REVERT: 58e6af3 #12790: Add link to unofficial Italian translation
REVERT: fce0254 Fixed typo in Responsive Tables CSS docs
REVERT: d56026d fix grammar in "Underlined text" example
REVERT: fa9e541 Re-implement Universal Analytics
REVERT: 5ef634d replace $.bind() with $.on() in unit tests; per #13272
REVERT: f6d1a73 Merge pull request #13272 from hnrch02/banish-bind
REVERT: b94306d Replace $.fn.bind with $.fn.on in alert docs
REVERT: 8ca1828 customizer: squelch error when can't save Gist
REVERT: 0b6f190 better way of tracking what caches need to be uploaded; fixes #13270
REVERT: 4c049e3 Merge pull request #13260 from twbs/doc-12651
REVERT: 9056fe0 Merge pull request #13269 from twbs/fix-13136
REVERT: 718a6c5 move some caching info+logic out of .travis.yml; fixes #13136
REVERT: e7d9ca7 Merge pull request #13222 from twbs/fix-13126
REVERT: 1c19284 doc how to change the collapsed mobile navbar breakpoint; fixes #13126
REVERT: 1759569 Travis: introduce $GEMDIR env var
REVERT: 2878d6e grammar
REVERT: 9c7e86b add timing logic+output to
REVERT: 4c2626f Run `grunt`.
REVERT: 2b30b48 Fix the new JSHint warnings.
REVERT: 76e717b Update dependencies.
REVERT: a444863 Merge pull request #13217 from thedavidscherer/fix-13216
REVERT: 2d1d575 document that you have to add .active yourself on prechecked btn-ized checkboxes+radios; fixes #12651
REVERT: 640923e help avoid misuse of Carousel's .active when copy-pasting from examples; fix #13252
REVERT: f9e98a1 re-deprecate @screen-xs-min per #12913
REVERT: 8c95ff7 Run `grunt`.
REVERT: 367da42 Update "grunt-contrib-concat" dependency.
REVERT: 47a3c6d Merge pull request #13241 from twbs/address-13240
REVERT: 11ffc73 explicitly doc that icon classes should only be used on empty elements; closes #13240
REVERT: 680be24 Merge pull request #13249 from twbs/slid-is-not-a-typo
REVERT: 26f6807 Add comments in carousel.js to clarify that "slid" is not a typo
REVERT: 158b491 Merge pull request #13239 from twbs/doc-load-in-example
REVERT: dffbf8f Fix carousel control margin asymmetry
REVERT: e59da02 add document ready jQuery wrapper in Android Browser workaround
REVERT: a419e41 Sauce tests: update iOS to v7.1
REVERT: db6572e bump patch versions of 3 grunt tasks
REVERT: 35d34cc bump grunt-saucelabs to v5.1.1
REVERT: 0907244 Modal body shift fix for IE10/11
REVERT: 28e6c34 Merge pull request #13190 from twbs/fix-13175
REVERT: 7dec5c7 fixes #13216
REVERT: d178a95 Merge pull request #13047 from twbs/fix-customizer
REVERT: b5ae8f9 grunt update-shrinkwrap build-customizer dist
REVERT: 07314b5 enhance customizer to handle transitive Less @import-s
REVERT: 1853e31 rename generateCustomCSS to generateCustomLess for accuracy
REVERT: 24c5a45 use glob instead of fs.readdirSync since /less now has subdirs
REVERT: 44d32ed Merge pull request #13205 from twbs/fix-9951
REVERT: e8551d4 grunt dist
REVERT: 5458134 Add Gist & Customizer URLs to customized files & config.json
REVERT: 440cede Fix HTML errors
REVERT: 90902db Fix tooltip viewport example
REVERT: 8d3e987 Merge pull request #13194 from twbs/normalize.css-3.0.1
REVERT: b2a67ff Revert upgrade to Universal Analytics
REVERT: b573969 Add equal-height grid columns as an experimental example.
REVERT: a696d47 Change GA events to Universal Analytics
REVERT: 98bddd8 Add TOC entry for "Third-party libraries" callout section to JS docs
REVERT: dea1945 Gruntfile.js: Remove default `report` option.
REVERT: e9982ca Merge pull request #13195 from budnik/patch-1
REVERT: 015569a fix doc typo
REVERT: 10586bf Run `grunt`.
REVERT: 0c775f8 Update normalize.css to v3.0.1
REVERT: c97e6d5 Docs: switch to the Universal Analytics code.
REVERT: 138af82 Fixed nested tab elements li activation
REVERT: 361f452 doc that popover content() is given the element as an arg; fix #13175
REVERT: c692c29 Merge pull request #13184 from twbs/fix-13088
REVERT: 7c50859 Document `template` option of tooltip & popover; fixes #13088
REVERT: 1d61879 Document #13186
REVERT: ba1790b Merge pull request #13178 from twbs/jekyll-1.5.0
REVERT: 00943d0 Update Jekyll to 1.5.0.
REVERT: ff0a33a cleanup svg
REVERT: e5c2531 fixes #13026: Document more Bootstrap components in the Theme and RTL examples
REVERT: 488c6b4 grunt
REVERT: acf5707 Fixes #13066: Add z-index to the form control feedback icons so input groups don't render on top of them
REVERT: b4f4c7b Fixes #13037: add text-align: left; to prevent alignment change in dropdowns
REVERT: 6951b48 grunt
REVERT: 09a7770 Merge pull request #13013 from ogonkov/patch-1
REVERT: 06451a5 expand issue # ref to full URL
REVERT: b3421cf Merge pull request #13165 from stefanneculai/master
REVERT: bc250fb grunt
REVERT: 30b14cd Merge pull request #13173 from twbs/fat-9461
REVERT: ce01344 grunt
REVERT: 39fec66 Merge branch 'master' into fat-9461
REVERT: 6f6bce5 Fixes #13141: Add a max-width: 100%; to label elements so IE8 wraps text
REVERT: 4a2d337 fixes #9461 - Make carousel ignore non-items in carousel-inner
REVERT: 5c2a9fc Fixes #13158: add link to nonresponsive docs in the example
REVERT: c6648d5 grunt
REVERT: 8198bba Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 2108419 Fixes #13079: Scope .open class in button variant mixin to immediate children
REVERT: eb102c2 Merge pull request #13167 from ZDroid/underscore
REVERT: 0dfd737 Merge pull request #13168 from ZDroid/homep
REVERT: 298427c Add `homepage` Bower property
REVERT: 8ae4818 Fix #13138: use underscore prefix to ignore directories
REVERT: 674b41d Add test for popover.
REVERT: 41628c9 Fix popover when using append.
REVERT: d74aee4 tests/index.html: re-indent.
REVERT: cfb7093 tests/index.html: add missing `meta charset`.
REVERT: 58ea8a5 Update QUnit to v1.14.0.
REVERT: 4f9270c Switch to `icon` instead of `shortcut icon` to fix the HTML validation tests.
REVERT: 2b27006 Merge pull request #12328 from benogle/bo-tooltip-adjust
REVERT: 30cc625 Update time-grunt to v0.3.1.
REVERT: 4fb1fdb Update JSZip to v2.2.0.
REVERT: 8534e12 Add tooltip `viewport` option, respect bounds of the viewport
REVERT: d96beff Merge pull request #13137 from ZDroid/bad-st
REVERT: 874bb1b Remove redundant `<code>` styling
REVERT: 4ac757d Merge pull request #13135 from ZDroid/color-typo
REVERT: cd13e22 #ffff -> #fff
REVERT: a7bc66f Merge pull request #13101 from twbs/ie8-responsive-file-warning
REVERT: 0dc88ed grunt dist
REVERT: 1be0b57 Fix vertical alignment of temporal inputs on iOS
REVERT: f2952ae Update grunt-contrib-less to v0.11.0.
REVERT: dc2b24e Merge pull request #13095 from twbs/translation_data
REVERT: 9e3ab9a Merge pull request #13106 from tenmilestereo/patch-1
REVERT: 4e2b92f [trivial] Updated dates
REVERT: 1b15cef Generate Translations list from YAML
REVERT: 1e41df6 Move ie8-responsive-file-warning.js one dir up.
REVERT: d52ad3e Separate JS includes for alerts and popovers
REVERT: 4a4dff0 Merge branch 'ZDroid-grunt-glyphicons'
REVERT: 86dfcd1 Add build-glyphicons-data log
REVERT: dcffbba pass grunt into generateRawFilesJs instead of require()ing it
REVERT: 1c6d303 Merge pull request #13064 from ZDroid/description
REVERT: 4df96c7 fix description of <mark>
REVERT: eea9eab fix <mark> raw source to match live example
REVERT: 4d859d1 copyedit responsive-embed.html
REVERT: cb3f392 Mozilla is trying to fix the <input> line-height bug; Yay!
REVERT: e87c272 more precise description of browser bug
REVERT: ac1aba4 Merge pull request #12773 from twbs/customizer-compat
REVERT: 910ff24 regenerate customize.min.js
REVERT: 1ff6d33 use @ssorallen's blob support test in customizer; fixes #12617
REVERT: b3f30bb grunt
REVERT: 43cf003 Update gruntfile to point to new customizer nav, run grunt
REVERT: c93c371 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 96525fd move sauce_browsers.yml into /grunt/; fixes #13065
REVERT: 7cf7e42 Merge branch 'hnrch02-modal-toggle'
REVERT: 4e4e456 Fix #12845 - Modal#hide should only be called with an event argument
REVERT: fa4379d Merge pull request #12862 from sultano/patch-1
REVERT: ead17b7 Fix #12375: stop using document.body.scrollTop as it's deprecated in the strict mode
REVERT: 0f366e0 correct event naming of `scroll` and `load' event
REVERT: b004c9a Rename and organize nav partials for cleaner file structure
REVERT: b7ab799 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 2a43e7e Break up docs into includes
REVERT: c6ab3fc Merge pull request #13086 from twbs/fat-fix-12983
REVERT: dd7cab8 build
REVERT: 615dcb5 fixes #9855
REVERT: bdb70fa Fixes #13055: Mention outdenting more
REVERT: 96344ac Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: d475da5 Update dependencies.
REVERT: 28c230f Merge pull request #13081 from ZDroid/blank
REVERT: 17812b4 Add missing blank line
REVERT: d787cff relative not absolute
REVERT: 6d882a6 Fix JSHint errors
REVERT: 74eb488 Add Bower package description
REVERT: b50d4a1 Merge pull request #13060 from twbs/role-tooltip
REVERT: 905c781 Merge pull request #11937 from IHomer/master
REVERT: 8c9739d Merge pull request #11453 from moodyroto/patch-1
REVERT: 8a6cdff add role="tooltip" to tooltips by default to improve accessibility
REVERT: 7b41aab Merge pull request #13048 from twbs/grunt-css-flip-0.2.0
REVERT: 1751922 upgrade to grunt-css-flip v0.2.0
REVERT: 327980d remove unnecessary direct devDependency on css-flip
REVERT: acd8ba5 Merge pull request #13039 from twbs/dropdown-pull-right-deprec
REVERT: 065fe98 use stricter error checking in
REVERT: d4a4bbb Update dependencies.
REVERT: 4c76c79 comply with .dropdown-menu.pull-right deprecation in docs
REVERT: b136d42 Merge pull request #13024 from twbs/role-alert
REVERT: 28d2de3 Gruntfile.js: fix path after d08bbdc6ec50baca9e34d2aa6e8bcfc8d6135217.
REVERT: 08f470e rework docs copy: inputs-without-labels are likely the more common case
REVERT: 4277ba6 add role="alert" to Alert examples, to improve accessibility
REVERT: 1902f0a Merge pull request #13012 from twbs/banner
REVERT: b39a8c7 Simplify tasks a little bit.
REVERT: f750f7e Run usebanner before cssmin.
REVERT: 57f0932 Merge pull request #13018 from ORiON-/master
REVERT: 3ea69a1 Fixed typo at docs/examples/rtl/index.php
REVERT: 7ea9538 Support for hovering on cell's with state
REVERT: 6f13a14 moar grunt
REVERT: 5f2845f remove comment
REVERT: 74c391b Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: a83ca38 Fixes #13003: Move padding on radio and checkbox options from the surrounding div to the label to remove the no-click deadzone caused by negative margin
REVERT: 82e2f87 Merge pull request #12998 from twbs/modular-the-mixins
REVERT: ac8db90 Merge pull request #13001 from ZDroid/title
REVERT: 552f170 even more grunt
REVERT: 3fb5d0b Merge branch 'master' into modular-the-mixins
REVERT: 91d0a6d Bump Jekyll version used in Travis to v1.4.2.
REVERT: 6234ba5 Merge pull request #13002 from ZDroid/hash
REVERT: 1a41735 Add missing customizer comment
REVERT: d985e5b Correct the page name
REVERT: 0b7b374 words
REVERT: a36643d Merge branch 'master' into modular-the-mixins
REVERT: 6dd51fa fix #12771
REVERT: 3a2d6e4 Formatting, comment consolidation, and line endings
REVERT: 564b79c grunt
REVERT: 1848b0f Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: c4bc0d2 Merge pull request #12999 from ZDroid/outline-zero
REVERT: d50a89b Use `outline: 0` consistently
REVERT: 38d0908 Add recompiled assets after nuking toc in mixins.less.
REVERT: b0bc9ef Add consistent newline at end of files in less/mixins
REVERT: 2f380a9 Merge branch 'master' into modular-the-mixins
REVERT: 3640d71 proper var
REVERT: 348b7de Break mixins.less up into smaller modules.
REVERT: e727973 Merge pull request #12204 from twbs/fix-8869
REVERT: 309ef72 Replace some images on the Carousel example with some base64 encoded 1x1 gifs
REVERT: a7b0fa7 ugh grunt
REVERT: 2138604 moar grunt
REVERT: 72837b1 mo copy
REVERT: 7bef778
REVERT: 30deb56 grunt
REVERT: 76883ff Copy change
REVERT: ccb17f1 Merge branch 'master' into fix-8869
REVERT: b1f71e5 fix grammar in comment in forms.less
REVERT: a15c244 Fixes #12759
REVERT: b4d66b7 Fixes #12738
REVERT: 1a5fb4e Fixes #12843: Scope label styles for horizontal forms to a media query so their narrow viewport display looks just like a normal form
REVERT: 2f95590 Fixes #12669: Properly reset line-height on date inputs for all sizes; Fix IE8+'s misaslignment of text within date inputs
REVERT: 37b342b Merge pull request #12993 from twbs/mixin-table-of-contents
REVERT: b69e4d6 Reorganize mixins and G R U N T
REVERT: 0b415c6 Merge branch 'master' into mixin-table-of-contents
REVERT: 71e9902 Adjusts some section titles to be more explicit.
REVERT: 4bf0645 Merge pull request #12977 from ZDroid/var
REVERT: 40ce6ca Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 4883605 Fix bad grunt merge and then G R U N T
REVERT: 5f0c0c9 Merge pull request #12975 from ZDroid/parens
REVERT: fc74ee5 Changes compiled assets after changing mixins.less
REVERT: aedee95 Adds basic table of contents for mixins.less. You know for the kids.
REVERT: b263a01 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 2f7b04a Reorder the Gruntfile a bit
REVERT: 68b3e3f Merge pull request #12986 from twbs/unneeded-quotes
REVERT: aacafb2 Fixes #12892: Link to one of the SO articles on Bootstrap modals and YouTube
REVERT: 15d4494 Moves IE8 justified button border mention to docs section, not the browser bugs page /cc @cvrebert
REVERT: 4d870af Fixes #12487: Document required use of position relative for scrollspy
REVERT: ce634a0 Document shitty situation of multiple .navbar-right classes in #12951
REVERT: f3dcd4d Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 9920251 Document #12476 bug in the wall of bugs
REVERT: bc7e6a3 Merge pull request #12989 from twbs/bower_ignore
REVERT: 27da972 grunt
REVERT: 29f2357 Merge pull request #12679 from twbs/sr-only-focusable
REVERT: d8bc65b Merge branch 'master' into sr-only-focusable
REVERT: 1caeca3 Don't ignore every dot file in Bower
REVERT: 9d027d2 Remove unneeded quotes.
REVERT: 5e6d16e grunt
REVERT: 54b35d0 document position relative firefox bug; cleanup some stuff in the browser bugs page
REVERT: ef5d8e9 Merge branch 'master' into sr-only-focusable
REVERT: e4d13e2 Merge pull request #12983 from twbs/fat-9836
REVERT: b8ab0c6 grunt
REVERT: 4d96e69 fixes #9836
REVERT: 90eb524 Merge pull request #12982 from twbs/fat-9342
REVERT: 74aab91 grunt
REVERT: e9cced7 fix #9342
REVERT: 4b6e1b6 grunt dist
REVERT: 7c38810 Fix comment
REVERT: bcfb27b grunt
REVERT: 7c9a58f Merge pull request #12976 from ZDroid/comment
REVERT: 03701b8 Fixes #12966: Ensure icon font vars are loaded into Customizer
REVERT: 67c747a grunt
REVERT: c7984d4 Merge pull request #12980 from ZDroid/config-yml-quotes
REVERT: dd9946e Remove redundant _config.yml quotes
REVERT: e4c9492 Rename generateRawFilesJs to generateRawFiles
REVERT: 4b53ea3 Update .hide-text() comment
REVERT: cbec164 Remove redundant parens
REVERT: 41b2868 Merge pull request #12972 from twbs/cleaner-shrinkwrap
REVERT: c8379ff S H R I N K W R A P
REVERT: 51b825d fix #12959
REVERT: 30bbab0 Merge pull request #12962 from BBosman/transitions-count
REVERT: 538b3ca Merge pull request #12969 from ZDroid/badge-mixin
REVERT: d223623 Merge pull request #12970 from ZDroid/package.json-pa
REVERT: 8a1856d Merge pull request #12971 from ZDroid/config-yml
REVERT: 3bdaa83 Remove ./ from _config.yml paths
REVERT: f9a56c2 Remove ./ from package.json paths
REVERT: 0d0cbb8 rm #1969 from browser bugs list per outcome of investigation
REVERT: 0f3b176 Improve badges mixinability
REVERT: 91e57e2 Move license to the top of the file.
REVERT: b9a0d1e Merge pull request #12505 from ZDroid/js-cs-hint
REVERT: 4356e6c Merge pull request #12961 from BBosman/csscomb
REVERT: d08bbdc Reorganize docs assets
REVERT: de27e72 Do csscomb earlier in build phase
REVERT: 6f9e3f0 Fix typo.
REVERT: acdc053 Add transition-timing-function mixin to docs
REVERT: 864a18f Merge pull request #12688 from twbs/document_popover_focus
REVERT: 0b8d27a fix derped html
REVERT: 0143e38 Merge branch 'master' into document_popover_focus
REVERT: 1f14842 Merge pull request #12891 from ZDroid/bower-json-paths
REVERT: 0b06d59 Merge pull request #12957 from BBosman/rename-mixin
REVERT: e25dacb Merge branch 'master' into typography-example-updates
REVERT: ac4dd30 G R U N T G R U N T
REVERT: d1d5d90 Fixes #12748
REVERT: d44e98b G R U N T
REVERT: 55b639e Rename properties
REVERT: fe0d595 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 5bd2799 G R U N T
REVERT: 24ec60e Merge pull request #12931 from twbs/line-endings
REVERT: c03b8f1 Merge branch 'master' into pr/12670
REVERT: 6452b40 grunt for days
REVERT: 6a3faa6 Normalize line endings
REVERT: ad61c27 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: c0749df Use LF for SVG files too.
REVERT: 164b41b Fixes #12937: Darken active button states just a smidge more
REVERT: cb7eb67 Add autoprefixer
REVERT: 901f358 Merge pull request #12739 from DaSchTour/twbs
REVERT: e180258 Comment for #12794
REVERT: f5f4a2d Merge pull request #12794 from epidemian/required-radio-button-groups
REVERT: 84a7431 add responsive embed to customizer
REVERT: 61c9e9d Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 705ff7f Moving the embed to it's own CSS file, moving the docs to the Components page with an example, fixing a Glyhpicons list problem in the docs
REVERT: 73ad81d Add time-grunt plugin.
REVERT: 589f872 Remove duplicate dependency.
REVERT: 29d2de8 Specify engines in package.json.
REVERT: 12c619f Merge branch 'master' into boulox-responsive-embed
REVERT: 7e299c6 Fixes #12683: Remove the overflow: hidden; from the .panel-group > .panel because it apparently serves no purpose and cuts off nested dropdown menus.
REVERT: df3eb66 Merge branch 'master' into popovers-use-radii-var
REVERT: 0c9308a Rewrite the disabled list group items to simplify styles
REVERT: c8614c0 Merge branch 'master' into pr/12490
REVERT: fab10b6 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 9dc7961 Fixes #12722: Fixes up responsive tables in print
REVERT: 645eebb Merge pull request #12894 from lipis/patch-2
REVERT: 4868096 Fixes #12934
REVERT: 17e4109 Fixes #12824: Remove white-space: nowrap from code elements
REVERT: 8526adf grunt
REVERT: c16b43d Merge pull request #12924 from ahmadnassri/transition-timing-function-mixin
REVERT: 44a6202 Merge pull request #12943 from twbs/browser-bugs
REVERT: 421e7af add link from Getting Started page to Wall of Browser Bugs page
REVERT: 39f8bba add docs page listing relevant outstanding browser bugs
REVERT: 839f8fa Merge pull request #12948 from twbs/js-quote-attr-vals
REVERT: 4db5164 Merge pull request #12950 from twbs/jscs-null-trick
REVERT: 310465b re-enable requireCamelCaseOrUpperCaseIdentifiers in JSCS & use `null` to override it for Gruntfile
REVERT: dec1c21 Merge pull request #12949 from twbs/use-our-grunt-plugin
REVERT: c044702 Disable requireCamelCaseOrUpperCaseIdentifiers JSCS option completely, for now
REVERT: 56a5d93 switch to grunt-css-flip for RTL CSS generation
REVERT: 297303a use quotes around all element attr vals in JS; fixes #12946
REVERT: af5a219 fix #12936
REVERT: c695d43 Merge pull request #12926 from ZDroid/update-deps
REVERT: c1d3337 Run `grunt update-shrinkwrap`
REVERT: 58201d7 grunt-contrib-jade@0.11.0
REVERT: de8b784 .transition-timing-function Mixin added .transition-timing-function(@timing-function) mixin, defaults to @timing-function.
REVERT: d7dc8a7 Merge pull request #12853 from twbs/jscs
REVERT: 10eb167 Fixes #12901: Refactors list group active state for use on non-anchors
REVERT: fdbeeff nav
REVERT: 7ffb905 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 24de9b0 Fixes #12848: Account for and document progress bars at 0-3%
REVERT: 9dae536 use full version number in deprecation note
REVERT: 13ed379 clarify deprecation /cc @cvrebert
REVERT: e418377 Fixes #12697: Document readonly inputs
REVERT: a0ac99e docs for #12873
REVERT: a4df363 grunt after merging #12917
REVERT: 88f01c4 Merge pull request #12917 from 5im0n/master
REVERT: 026e2f8 Grunt after merging #12863
REVERT: 56c6525 Merge pull request #12863 from Sojaner/master
REVERT: 8f2a787 grunt
REVERT: 7733f24 Fixes #12868: Enables icon feedback on validation states for large/small inputs.
REVERT: 1c66f30 Fixes #12913: Remove scoped media queries from custom xs grid mixins
REVERT: f45df64 Fixes #12914: Darken immediate children hr elements in jumbotrons
REVERT: 6457950 Fixes #12916: Don't let .lead resize on viewport change
REVERT: 5193f9f add svg logos to brand guidelines
REVERT: caf3320 Merge pull request #12897 from avindra/patch-1
REVERT: 0e6db62 Merge pull request #12840 from twbs/rtl_via_css_flip
REVERT: 02ca9de Update csscomb properties. 'colon-spac'e and 'stick-brace' don't take boolean values.
REVERT: d6e07f0 Merge branch 'master' into rtl_via_css_flip
REVERT: 1399497 grunt
REVERT: 0c269c9 Merge pull request #12745 from ronnyhaase/panel-vars
REVERT: 477dc99 fix nav
REVERT: 559b90f Rename RTL files and add some basic docs
REVERT: 587814f Simplify gruntfile more to remove theme RTL
REVERT: 7e764a2 grunt
REVERT: 4dd7b4b Don't RTL the theme file--no need
REVERT: af39290 Merge branch 'rtl_via_css_flip' of into rtl_via_css_flip
REVERT: 2ece8dd Merge branch 'master' into rtl_via_css_flip
REVERT: e381635 Fixes #12593: Add support for table bodies and table rows to the collapse plugin
REVERT: cb3cc42 Merge pull request #12904 from twbs/keywords
REVERT: 32f7901 Merge pull request #12905 from twbs/buttons-migration
REVERT: bd37ea3 add data-toggle button.js change to migration docs
REVERT: 6f1cc69 add more keywords to package.json & composer.json
REVERT: cddf14b add 'keywords' field to bower.json
REVERT: 1c3a3b7 Match docs description
REVERT: 745111b Match docs for description
REVERT: 80ce694 Fix for stray 1px line under top navigation
REVERT: e872955 Removed margin-bottom from last p of .blog-footer
REVERT: cd134f1 Merge pull request #12864 from twbs/csslint-fix
REVERT: cd65e51 Update dependencies.
REVERT: 106af45 Merge pull request #12875 from twbs/less.js
REVERT: 269dae0 Remove ./ from bower.json paths
REVERT: d0bf4f4 Merge pull request #12890 from ZDroid/bower-json-keywords
REVERT: db4b755 Add bower.json keywords
REVERT: e7aa911 Merge pull request #12889 from ZDroid/composer-json-keywor
REVERT: 6f09a88 Remove "bootstrap" keyword
REVERT: e5affbf Run `grunt`.
REVERT: 256baf8 Update grunt-contib-less.
REVERT: dfb4917 Update less.js to v1.7.0.
REVERT: b3e3025 Merge pull request #12880 from hnrch02/patch-1
REVERT: 7d1fd44 Fix small typo in JavaScript docs
REVERT: 22d004e Re-indent grunt/.jshintrc.
REVERT: 055730d Gruntfile.js: use the same targets as JSHint for JSCS to avoid duplication.
REVERT: c586a56 Move `immed` to JSCS.
REVERT: 2545073 Move `trailing` check to JSCS.
REVERT: be8f125 Move `camelcase` check to JSCS.
REVERT: 2619325 JSCS: Use more style checks.
REVERT: d65f749 Move the quotes check to JSCS.
REVERT: 537e100 Switch to using JSCS for the indentation check.
REVERT: 299f985 Gruntfile.js: Remove extra comma.
REVERT: 6bd54ef 100% less tumah
REVERT: ce4175b Merge pull request #12855 from lipis/patch-1
REVERT: 7aa813d Merge pull request #12866 from twbs/sitemap
REVERT: 2e02ed4 Fixes #12851: it's not a tumah
REVERT: 17722e5 Add sitemap.xml and robots.txt files.
REVERT: a7339a0 Move csslint overrides in Gruntfile.js.
REVERT: ef49635 Fix csslint errors.
REVERT: 05ccc18 Break csslint targets.
REVERT: 77cd015 Fix for issue #12854 where push and pull resets
REVERT: 4d527f9 Merge pull request #12861 from twbs/docs-csscomb
REVERT: 2ef9f9b Run csscomb before cssmin.
REVERT: f7c360d Fixed flickering and simplified calculations
REVERT: 8ff7e64 Add docs.css in the CSSComb task.
REVERT: 1e06cdf Run `grunt update-shrinkwrap`.
REVERT: 63031a3 Bump grunt-jscs-checker.
REVERT: db9fca2 Update load-grunt-tasks.
REVERT: bc8c33c Merge pull request #12829 from ZDroid/no-bs-keyword
REVERT: b878491 Added the very useful .animation-fill-mode() mixin
REVERT: db69420 Remove bootstrap keyword
REVERT: 7b386a5 update boto &
REVERT: f27b864 grunt build-customizer-html
REVERT: c48042f Run grunt dist.
REVERT: d1c971a update shrinkwrap
REVERT: e40c1e5 add Grunt task for css-flip-ing & add RTL to Gruntfile configs
REVERT: f1736e2 update GitHub issue link in comment
REVERT: b22f064 Use CSS Flip to generate RTL variation
REVERT: 429fc93 grunt dist
REVERT: 7bfd2cc Merge pull request #12837 from twbs/grid-docs
REVERT: a6fb770 move grid classes cascade explanation into main grid docs section
REVERT: 754791e fix #12836
REVERT: 113fc1d Merge pull request #12834 from twbs/sauce-chrome-name
REVERT: 8556fa4 switch browserName from "googlechrome" to "chrome" per @Jonahss in #12647
REVERT: af83e56 Update grunt-contrib-connect.
REVERT: 66a229b Fixes #12822: Scope panel collapse styles to immediate panel bodies only
REVERT: a083f0d Fixes #12808: Correct grid column values listed in Grid Options
REVERT: 5791a48 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 7b60470 Fixes #12801: Add padding to the bottom of .form-control-static to match height of standard form controls
REVERT: 68f812e Merge pull request #12818 from hebbet/patch-1
REVERT: 983265b Remove second tbody from Supported browsers
REVERT: 7e551ec Update modals to use more consistent padding—modal body and footer now match modal header
REVERT: 4ccf088 Merge branch 'master' into pr/12813
REVERT: b99be29 Fixes #12756: Ensure horizontal dls are cleared by moving the clearfix out of the media query
REVERT: 4909484 Correctly set .btn-link colors in a .navbar and .navbar-inverse #12694
REVERT: 7a80b80 updated qunit test reporting so sauce labs can report failing tests
REVERT: bdd7651 replace .visible-{size} with .visible-{size}-{display} ; fixes #8869
REVERT: 4b622c6 grunt
REVERT: b01f995 Merge pull request #12459 from rubenstolk/hotfix/mixins/scale
REVERT: c7b07a5 Merge pull request #12742 from ZDroid/table-responsive-mixin
REVERT: f3e172a Merge pull request #12803 from PHLAK/master
REVERT: e7a337a Merge pull request #12809 from Borkason/patch-1
REVERT: 70b875c Merge pull request #12761 from hnrch02/no-event-aliases
REVERT: 449dd83 Fixes #12735: Fix sidebar hover state in Dashboard example
REVERT: f542fcc Fixes #12810: Document .container-fluid in the CSS overview docs
REVERT: 5517f99 Fixes #12744: Document ability to remove animation on modals
REVERT: 72565b6 Clarify the use of .has-feedback
REVERT: 4dde96b Removed unnecessary top margin from .modal-footer
REVERT: 0c98895 Merge pull request #12792 from twbs/translation-docs
REVERT: ca15add Fix UAs required message position on grouped radio buttons
REVERT: 8af1673 change translation docs in light of #11342 & its many dupes
REVERT: 25d047d Merge pull request #12058 from ZDroid/uti
REVERT: dd9e9ce Merge pull request #12772 from ZDroid/tests-index
REVERT: a4dac46 Improve `js/tests/index.html` - Improve comments. - Remove `transition.js` script load as `transition.js` unit test doesn't exist.
REVERT: 27de737 Merge pull request #12760 from ZDroid/grunt-jshintrc
REVERT: db32afe Update grunt-contrib-cssmin.
REVERT: a06e15d Remove semicolons from JS tests
REVERT: 00b3b8b Merge pull request #12749 from twbs/pointer-events-note
REVERT: ca02f49 Safari rounding problem still present as of v7.0.1 for OS X
REVERT: 8eeab63 Merge pull request #12720 from twbs/reident-test-files
REVERT: 8a78bc0 Remove event aliases from JavaScript
REVERT: dd60fcb Improve grunt/.jshintrc
REVERT: 5566c93 Merge pull request #12513 from ZDroid/jshint
REVERT: 69cb7be Remove `curly: false` from `.jshintrc`
REVERT: dabb504 Document caveats of `pointer-events: none` usage in btn.disabled
REVERT: dfa5edc Make .table-responsive usable as mixin
REVERT: eef9399 Defined and use variables for .panel-heading & .panel-footer padding
REVERT: 2fba53e add posibillity to hover links and not background in list-groups
REVERT: 65ffe69 Fix customizer.js indentation warnings.
REVERT: 895b000 Re-indent test files.
REVERT: accc95c regenerate npm-shrinkwrap.canonical.json
REVERT: cdb381b bump grunt-exec to v0.4.5 & add missing tilde to version spec
REVERT: 7100e3a Add build-raw-files log; fixes #12603
REVERT: 1b4a3db Merge pull request #12719 from twbs/update-less
REVERT: 9300284 Merge pull request #12718 from twbs/dependencies
REVERT: 2d18944 Update dependencies.
REVERT: ff2c506 Update less.js to v1.6.3.
REVERT: a365d86 grunt
REVERT: 385fb68 grunt
REVERT: 461404f update homepage showcase with three new posts
REVERT: 88fdd45 v3.1.1 bump
REVERT: d8cfcad Merge pull request #12710 from ZDroid/customize-multistr
REVERT: e879127 Merge pull request #12711 from ZDroid/scrollspy-typo
REVERT: f3735d5 Fix scrollspy typo in docs.css
REVERT: fe2222e Fix multistr errors in customizer.js
REVERT: 32a8716 Merge pull request #12709 from twbs/bs-to-example-prefix
REVERT: 55e6d4b Remove trailing space.
REVERT: f6d029f Use .bs-example-* instead of .bs-* in examples in docs
REVERT: dff122f avoid using .bs-* in example, & improve style
REVERT: 40142bd fix #12708 by updating class names in the docs JS
REVERT: 5796b56 Switch to the minified JSZip.
REVERT: eb20d6f Fixes #11659, #12698, and #12349: Always apply position and z-index form controls in input groups for proper borders
REVERT: 24bf439 Merge pull request #12696 from twbs/rm-browserstack
REVERT: 1e1f510 rm BrowserStack testing from build
REVERT: e49c775 Merge pull request #12695 from martikaljuve/offcanvas-transition
REVERT: 8551f42 Merge branch 'master' into pr/12412
REVERT: 6d232c2 Add initial right and left properties to offcanvas example for transitions.
REVERT: 2cef0af Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 020ea27 Merge pull request #12689 from ZDroid/fonts-x
REVERT: fe811b8 Remove execute permission on font files
REVERT: 6f0059c add version to getting started page
REVERT: 642fd51 Merge branch 'master' into document_popover_focus
REVERT: 38ebf57 grunt
REVERT: 784a95d Documents #10140
REVERT: 728067b Update Glyphicons
REVERT: b4ba964 Merge pull request #12673 from tlindig/tl_popover_arrow_size
REVERT: 3350c73
REVERT: 9427310 Fixes #12674
REVERT: 4973bfd Fixes #12685: Display current version under download button on homepage
REVERT: 67c4deb Merge pull request #12665 from twbs/docs_teams
REVERT: 4027594 Merge pull request #12680 from twbs/googlechrome
REVERT: 2bc29b4 chrome => googlechrome in Sauce; fixes #12647
REVERT: ba4206b Use different coding style for Gruntfile
REVERT: 9afead3 fix indentation in Gruntfile
REVERT: dc5917b update docs to include+use .sr-only-focusable
REVERT: c4e242b add .sr-only-focusable; fixes #12259
REVERT: 77eaa80 tweak phrasing for hopefully greater clarity
REVERT: dc79fec add copyright header to shrinkwrap.js; fixes #12643
REVERT: 221ac86 use @popover-arrow-width for offset the popover to account for the popover arrow
REVERT: a843bfd Make both .scale(X) and .scale(X, Y) both work
REVERT: 535cd57 Merge pull request #12671 from Quy/master
REVERT: 477cf13 Update docs prefixing
REVERT: d5f0ccb Merge pull request #12668 from Quy/master
REVERT: 8dab75d Reorder links
REVERT: 0d49920 Fixes #12610: Better and more consistent prefixing of docs CSS with .bs-docs-
REVERT: 9530850 i'm an idiot
REVERT: bcf5d88 Update teams to remove two Sass folks and add new Core member
REVERT: 769339e grunt dist
REVERT: 41841c9 Merge branch 'master' of
REVERT: 44bb7b2 Fixes #12625: Only remove first list group item's top and last list group item's bottom borders when the list group is first or last
REVERT: 13b4e7a Mention limitation of form validation feedback icons with input groups
REVERT: 2365717 Merge pull request #12433 from tagliala/list-inline-first-element-fix
REVERT: 65b1070 brace position
REVERT: e919971 Merge branch 'master' into fix-12154
REVERT: b36d19c grunt
REVERT: 7f88009 grunt
REVERT: 3fc7a4c grunt with new mixins
REVERT: 26e2d7c grunt
REVERT: b6444c6 Merge pull request #12552 from stoudenmire/carousel-icon-classname-fix
REVERT: e3cfd58 Merge branch 'master' into pr/12462
REVERT: 842af44 Merge branch 'pr/12579'
REVERT: 866c52b grunt
REVERT: 5d8491a Merge pull request #12655 from twbs/holder.js
REVERT: 06e6aff Merge pull request #12645 from ZDroid/docs-js-semicolons
REVERT: b683433 grunt
REVERT: c8315ed Merge branch 'master' into pr/12639
REVERT: 91b76e5 Merge pull request #12659 from ZDroid/blockquote-font-size
REVERT: 7ef1beb Merge pull request #12632 from ZDroid/exclude-jade
REVERT: 938779c Move jade files to docs/jade/
REVERT: 4c16360 Fix #12656: add @blockquote-font-size
REVERT: c3cb63b Update holder.js to v2.3.1.
REVERT: 8f7170a disable BrowserStack tests due to flakiness
REVERT: c3f8456 Merge pull request #12633 from twbs/panels_and_tables
REVERT: 06f1293 Merge branch 'master' into panels_and_tables
REVERT: a2f0815 Nuke shit I added in 4d7b2ddba92e47f923d22d9d7b23cb7b0a3e0bc2 that shouldn't come until v4
REVERT: b61d12f Fix wrong id
jakesylvestre referenced this pull request in MrMEEE/bumblebee-Old-and-abbandoned Oct 18, 2018
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