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mdo commented Dec 20, 2012

Work-in-progress pull request for bug fixes and enhancements before our 3.0 release. Originally this was slated as 2.2.3, but since we added a feature, it gets the minor release.

Key changes

  • Updated makefile to use local dependencies for easier dev setup.
  • Added carousel indicators! Add the associated HTML and it automagically works.
  • Added new justified navigation example. This was previously an unlinked and unsupported example I snuck in back in October. Officially adding it via the 2.3 release.
  • Added sticky footer with fixed navbar example because folks seem to have trouble adapting the default example.
  • Added container option to tooltips. The default option is still insertAfter, but now you may specify where to insert tooltips (and by extension, popovers) with the optional container parameter.
  • Improved popovers now utilize max-width instead of width, have been widened from 240px to 280px, and will automatically hide the title if one has not been set via CSS :empty selector.
  • Improved tooltip alignment on edges with #6713.
  • Updated input groups to make them behave more like default form controls. Added display: inline-block;, increased margin-bottom, and added vertical-align: middle; to match <input> styles.
  • Improved accessibility for links in all components. After merging #6441, link hover states now apply to the :focus state as well. This goes for basic <a> tags, as well as buttons, navs, dropdowns, and more.
  • Added print utility classes to show and hide content between screen and print via CSS.
  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.9. No changes were needed, but we did upgrade the included jQuery file to the latest release.
  • Moved changelog to be within the repo instead of as a wiki page.
  • Added .horizontal-three-colors() gradient mixin (with example in the CSS tests file).
  • Added .text-left, .text-center, and .text-right utility classes for easy typographic alignment.
  • Added @ms-viewport so IE10 can use responsive CSS when in split-screen mode.
  • Tooltips now work with SVG.
  • Updated to latest HTML5 shiv with a new local copy (within the repo) instead of the outdated Google Code version.
  • Fixed z-index issues with navbar and carousel controls in the carousel example.
  • Added support for th elements within tbody for .table-rounded.
  • Removed target-dir from composer.json.
  • Updated Holder.js from v1.6 to v1.9.
  • Other miscellaneous CSS and docs bugfixes items.


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Yohn commented Dec 20, 2012

please fix tooltip('toggle') as its currently broken and has been for a little while.. I submitted a pull - #6176 but its going towards master, I can send it to 2.3 if need be, or you guys can add it if thats easier..

thanks for the hard work guys! you guys are pounding stuff out tonight

facing popover issues. please check and update. n really appreciate for your handwork guys.. :)


Yohn commented Dec 20, 2012

I like the carousel indicators! one thing I noticed is that when we click on them it doesnt go to that image, it doesnt do anything actually.. also since this is a carousel milestone I'd recommend trying to fix #5747 where it doesnt pause the sliding when you hover over the carousel while its in the middle of sliding..

both of these can be seen in the current 2.3.0-wip docs in firefox

Text input is double height in IE8.
Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 11 36 54 AM


Yohn commented Dec 20, 2012

@leeaston it looks fine for me.. please open a new issue if this is not 2.3.0 related


Sorry about that, I was testing 3.

Could you add #6180 for 2.3?


mdo commented Dec 20, 2012

For the curious out there, here's a screenshot of the new justified navigation example we're officially adding in 2.3. It was previously snuck into the codebase in early October, but I never finished it nor added it to the list until now.


Nice one! Don't forget to eat and sleep...

syssgx commented Dec 21, 2012

@mdo Great example page! We've actually already implemented such a case, as twitter#6346 (comment), in our center. The link is

Thanks for adding new features. :)


fat commented Dec 22, 2012

@Yohn we added new data attributes to support the indicator clicking. it's in there now :)

slbug commented Dec 28, 2012

Resetting transition timer on carousel must be implement if next/prev or carousel-indicators clicked

Atm it can be seen when any control clicked, but next image shown within few ms after start one.

ckizer commented Jan 22, 2013

What about pagination dots on sliders?

anything soon?

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