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@mdo mdo released this 05 Dec 16:57

General patch release with dozens of bug fixes and more documentation improvements.

Key changes

There are a few dozen bug fixes and changes in this release, but we've called out the ones we think matter most:

  • Padding of .navbar-collapse and alignment of .navbar-right:last-child elements has been reworked.
  • Added a max-width: 100%; to .containers.
  • Restored the twelfth column's float: left; at all grid tiers.

See the list below for more information on those changes and more.

Specific bug fixes and changes

  • #9927: Update non-responsive example to prevent .navbar-collapse border from increasing height and increase specificity of nav selectors to keep dropdowns looking the same.
  • #10147: Remove outline from carousel controls on focus.
  • #10353: Tell Bower to ignore development and documentation files.
  • #10483, #10357: Make .container mixin-friendly by moving the width declarations within one class.
  • #10662: Enable individually linked images within thumbnails.
  • #10744: Use border-style: solid; on .carets to undo a previous Firefox fix that appears to no longer work.
  • #10936: Increase height of large inputs to fix Firefox inconsistencies by using ceil() instead of floor().
  • #10941: Fix Glyphicons path for those importing bootstrap.less from another directory.
  • #10979: Don't use .img-thumbnail as a mixin for .thumbnail to avoid duplicate and unnecessary styles.
  • #11217: Fix vertical alignment of labels within buttons, just like badges in buttons.
  • #11268: Account for badges within buttons by matching background to text color and text color to background.
  • #11277: Drop the abbr element from the .initialism selector.
  • #11299: Support .h1 in jumbotrons.
  • #11351: Correct grid class reset on input groups by using attribute selector, not an old class from v3 betas.
  • #11357: Vertically center .btn-sm and .btn-xs variations of .navbar-btns in the navbar.
  • #11376: Don't deselect radio buttons when double clicking.
  • #11387: Improve nesting on table classes to enable easier use of mixins.
  • #11388: Simplify contextual table styles mixin (also drops the border parameter since we longer apply that anyway).
  • #11390: Add max-width: 100%; to containers within jumbotrons to avoid horizontal scrollbar.
  • #11402: Set width: auto; on select.form-control within .form-inline.
  • #11414: Add .small support to blockquote citations.
  • #11425: Use margin instead of padding on .modal-dialog to click-thru to .modal-backdrop.
  • #11432: Corrected color contrast to WCAG 2.0 AA for @state- variables (applies to forms and labels).
  • #11444: Use @navbar-padding-vertical for nav links vertical padding.
  • #11449: Prefer Menlo over Monaco for monospaced fonts.
  • #11468: Prevent default gradient background-image on .navbar-toggle in Firefox for Android.
  • #11476: Remove unnecessary prefixed keyframe declarations for animated progress bars. Given our browser support requirements, we can drop the -moz- prefix as the last several versions don't require it.
  • #11477: Use namespace events for dropdowns and carousel.
  • #11493: Ensure proper width of dropdown buttons within vertical button groups.
  • #11499: Switch from overflow-y: auto; to overflow-y: visible; to prevent vertical scrollbar in some navbar situations.
  • #11502: Add missing data namespace for dropdown plugin.
  • #11513: Float navbar-text elements only when screen width is above @grid-float-breakpoint.
  • #11515: Reorder the headings with body text and text emphasis classes.
  • #11516: Invert dropdown divider border in navbars.
  • #11530: Reworked padding on .navbar-collapse and negative margin for right-aligned navbar content to ensure proper alignment on the right side.
  • #11536: Add support for button dropdowns within justified button groups.
  • #11544: Add color: inherit; to .panel-title to ensure proper text color when customizing @headings-color.
  • #11551: Remove color from outline reset for improved outlines on focus.
  • #11553: Prevent double border on tables in panels without thead content.
  • #11598: Remove line breaks in minified CSS.
  • #11599: Explicitly call out font files in bower.json to avoid npm errors.
  • #11610: Add @grid-float-breakpoint-max to better link navbar behavior across viewports and improve customization when setting @grid-float-breakpoint.
  • #11614: Account for responsive tables within panels.
  • #11617: Include jspm package configuration in package.json.
  • #11623: Reset position to static for grid columns within tables to prevent borders from hiding in IE9, IE10, and Firefox.
  • #11648: Restore twelfth column's float.
  • #11658: Increase min-height of .radio/.checkbox for horizontal forms to ensure alignment of content below.
  • #11693: Adds .table to responsive visibility mixin.
  • #11694: Remove unnecessary prefixes for gradient mixins given our stated browser support.
  • #11712: Better support for .table-responsive within .panel's.
  • 841da88: Remove browser default top margin from dls.

Docs changes

Be sure to run npm install if you're running grunt locally—we've updated our build process and have some new dependencies.

  • #9898: Improve scrollspy and affix plugin documentation.
  • #10716: Update "What's included" docs section with info on full source code download directory structure.
  • #11303: Add link to the docs site in compiled assets, and remove personal usernames.
  • #11330: Add overflow-x: hidden; to body in offcanvas example to prevent horizontal scrolling.
  • #11369: Speed up jQuery and Twitter widgets on docs pages by using Google's CDN for jQuery and the async snippet from the Twitter dev site for the widgets.
  • #11385: Warn about Webkit bug for justified nav example.
  • #11409: Add release checklist to contributing guidelines.
  • #11412: Add word-wrap: break-word; to docs Glyphicons class names to ensure proper wrapping in IE10-11.
  • #11434: Mention form validation class changes in migration docs.
  • #11534: Document that modal show() and hide() return before animation finishes.
  • #11634: Add warning to docs to not combine icon classes with other elements.
  • #11671: Updated third party asset libraries (for Customizer and Holder, our thumbnail utility).
  • #11701: Switch to Sauce Labs for our cross-browser JS unit testing needs.
  • 4cbc8d4: Remove mention of Chrome from Webkit rendering bug for justified nav.