@mdo mdo released this Nov 12, 2014 · 1545 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Follow up patch release for bug fixes and documentation improvements.



  • #14234: Drop the IE specific hacks for temporal inputs and replace with a Safari media query hack to avoid the IE problems altogether.

Button groups

  • #15086: Don't remove focus outline from buttons in button groups.


  • #14915: Properly color badges in .active item of <ul>-based list groups.
  • #15052: Fix active styles when in non-anchor .list-group-item.


  • #14979: Override .jumbotron padding within .container-fluid to match .container.


  • #14965: Reset border-radius on top corners on dropdown menus in fixed bottom navbars.

Popovers and tooltips

  • #14936, #15019: Fix some bugs in and deprecate diagonal placement classes for tooltips.
  • #15046: Add full font overrides for popovers and tooltips.


  • #14381: Correctly override active dropdown items in collapsed navbars in the theme.
  • #15018: Correctly override active dropdown items in collapsed navbars.


  • #14925: Make button plugin's focus shim recognize focusin event in addition to focus event.
  • #14931: Add workaround for seemingly spurious tooltip viewport unit test failures on iOS 8.
  • #14927: Fix modal backdrop overlaying the modal's scrollbar.
  • #14933: Center modal at all times.
  • #14993: Have Carousel ignore keyboard events emited by <input>s or <textarea>s.
  • #15088: Dropdown: Ignore keydown events coming from inputs and textareas.


Browser bugs


  • #14951: Assorted accessibility (and some consistency) fixes.
  • #15009, #15085: Glyphicon accessibility improvements.
  • #15087: Wash-up of some stray dropdown examples' ARIA roles.

Contributing guidelines

  • #14949: Explain issue bots & PR bots in CONTRIBUTING.md.
  • #14959: Mention common contributor mistakes in CONTRIBUTING.md.

Components, examples, etc

  • #14917: Use HTML5 <footer> tag in examples.
  • #14945: Replace deprecated uses of .pull-left & .pull-right in .media docs.
  • #14986: Mention Safari font size issues with fixed-width .containers in Printing docs.
  • #14989: Add event.relatedTarget + data-* example of how to vary modal content based on which button activated the modal.
  • #15015: Add initialization examples to tooltip and popover "Opt-in functionality" callouts.
  • #15077: Document required .active class on one carousel slide.


  • #14954: Fix config.json file upload widget event listener.
  • #14980: Integrate Autoprefixer into the Customizer.
  • #15031: Remove file type check from config import.

Build tools / Packaging

  • #15072: HTML validation: X-UA-Compatible now validates, so remove it from the list of ignored errors.
  • Update devDependencies