@mdo mdo released this Nov 24, 2015 · 6916 commits to master since this release


  • #16492: Use @input-border-radius variables on input groups.
  • #16529: Un-style the caret on <select>s in IE10+.
  • #16562, #16563: Create and implement a new @dl-horizontal-breakpoint variable to replace the @grid-float-breakpoint on .dl-horizontal.
  • #16646, #16651: Fix hover border covering active links in pagination.
  • #16684: Fix border-radius not being set on two corners of vertical btn group.
  • #16718: Full 4-digit Unicode escape sequences in CSS for asterisk and plus Glyphicons.
  • #16769: Remove the min-height on modal headers and replace with a clearfix to avoid collapsing when no title exists.
  • #16779: Adjust the padding on jumbotrons within containers.
  • #16785: Round the padding on containers to match the new rounding of negative margins on rows.
  • #16796: Ensure carousel controls are clickable in IE9.
  • #16804: Indicate which buttons in a button group are selected, even when disabled.
  • #16824: Correct a math error in the padding-top of .control-labels in large and small horizontal forms.
  • #16975: Use @carousel-control-font-size for in specific pixel values.
  • #17001: Fix borders on focused inputs in input groups.


  • #16865: Fix triggering of shown.bs.dropdown & hidden.bs.dropdown events so that relatedTarget property gets set properly.
  • #16896: Note jQuery v3 incompatibility.


  • #16630, #16632: Update mention of not-allowed cursor in disabled checkboxes, radios, and fieldsets docs section.
  • #16744: Mention in the README where Bootstrap's changelogs can be found.
  • #16745: Add CHANGELOG.md file that points to GitHub Releases and our blog.
  • #16747: Document that Collapse and Tab methods are asynchronous.
  • #16793: Add example with visible <label> and input group addon.
  • #16888: Add a local jQuery fallback.
  • #16902: Fix grid in modal example by removing .container-fluid.
  • #16965: Call out .icon-next, .icon-prev alternative classes for carousel.
  • #17003: Add .col-offset-0 example addition to docs.
  • #17726: Clarify the purpose of adding .in to the .fade of the initially-open Tab.
  • #17729: Add Subresource Integrity (SRI) hashes to BootstrapCDN links
  • #17742: Add CSS portion of IE10 viewport bug workaround to docs & examples
  • #17809: Note that container: 'body' should be used for tooltips/popovers on tabular elements
  • #17910: Document that .panel-title overrides the font size of <h1><h6> tags
  • #18080: Document conflict between strict Content Security Policy and inline style attributes of .progress bars, and available workarounds


Build tools

  • #16589: Enable source maps for bootstrap.min.css.
  • #17769: Setup Hound for JSHint linting in pull requests


  • #16897: Clarify that Collapse requires Component animations

Browser bugs

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