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Latest commit 910400e 3 @mdo mdo bump version
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mixins Update verb tenses to proper tense for feature deprecations
.csscomb.json Update grunt-csscomb.
.csslintrc make CSSLint happier; refs #12094
alerts.less Trim whitespaces
badges.less Fixes #16270.
bootstrap.less bump version
breadcrumbs.less restore inline block on breadcrumbs and ensure proper code formatting…
button-groups.less [v3] Use border-radius mixin in button-groups.less
buttons.less Add @btn-border-radius variables (#16271)
carousel.less Fix IE9 clickthru of carousel controls
close.less add more refs to browser-related bugs in Less comments
code.less Fixes #14168: bold nested kbd elements
component-animations.less rm `visibility` where redundant to `display`
dropdowns.less Fix asymmetry between dropup and dropdown carets.
forms.less fixes #16824: Correct the match on .control-label sizing for input gr…
glyphicons.less Fix show "2b" text instead of proper glyphicon
grid.less refactored and renamed grid mixins
input-groups.less Ensure proper z-indexing in input-groups
jumbotron.less fixes #16779
labels.less Improve badges mixinability
list-group.less Adds button styles to `.list-group-item`
media.less Fix collapsing .img-thumbnail due to display: table-cell clashing wit…
mixins.less Reset text/font properties more thoroughly for tooltips+popovers; fixes
modals.less fixes #16769: use a clearfix on the .modal-header instead of a min-he…
navbar.less rm `visibility` where redundant to `display`
navs.less rm `visibility` where redundant to `display`
normalize.less bring in normalize's v3.0.3 changes
pager.less swap cursor not-allow for default, and use a variable for all disable…
pagination.less Fix hover border covering active in pagination
panels.less fixes #15830: properly reset border-radius on list items in collapsin…
popovers.less Reset text/font properties more thoroughly for tooltips+popovers; fixes
print.less rm defunct workaround for OS X Chrome <select> printing bug
progress-bars.less Removed unnecessary new lines that were inconsistent with current style.
responsive-embed.less Extract responsive embed nested classes
responsive-utilities.less reference other more recent source regarding the IE viewport bug
scaffolding.less necolas/normalize.css#379 was rejected
tables.less Fix table-striped to work with bootstraps tooltips on rows
theme.less bump version
thumbnails.less Fixes #14443: Only transition what needs transitioning for thumbnails…
tooltip.less Reset text/font properties more thoroughly for tooltips+popovers; fixes
type.less Adds @dl-horizontal-breakpoint
utilities.less Removed visibility: hidden !important from .hidden class
variables.less Adds @dl-horizontal-breakpoint
wells.less Add well-border variable
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