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@mdo mdo released this Dec 14, 2019 · 17 commits to master since this release

Summary: 18 updated icons, over 100 new icons!


  • Fix: Bootstrap icon stroke now 1px instead of 1.5px
  • Fix: tv-fill icon no longer has graphical glitch (fixes #67)
  • Fix: circle-slash icon strokes now connect
  • Fix: trash icons now use a single shape
  • Fix: trash-fill icon no longer has a gap between lid and bin (fixes #68)
  • Fix: layout-split no longer has space between vertical divide


  • Updated: blockquote icons now feature more legible quotation marks
  • Updated: command icon now 1px smaller, no longer sitting on half pixel
  • Updated: gear icons now have rounded corners
  • Updated: eye is now outline by default (use new eye-fill variant if needed)
  • Updated: redrew sound waves on volume icons
  • Rename: changed microphone to mic
  • Rename: existing expand/contract icons are now angle-expand and angle-contract
  • Updated: corrected (reversed) the direction of backspace icon


  • New: battery-charging
  • New: award
  • New: upload and download (fixes #77)
  • New: bucket and bucket-fill
  • New: backspace, caps lock, eject, and shift
  • New: columns and layouts
  • New: window
  • New: shields (regular, keyhole, half filled)
  • New: fried egg
  • New: moon
  • New: hammer, screwdriver, wrench, and tools
  • New: cloud upload and download
  • New: pen and pencil
  • New: table
  • New: game controller
  • New: building
  • New: envelope open
  • New: eye
  • New: wallet
  • New: hash
  • New: geo pin and folded map
  • New: cone and striped cone
  • New: book and half filled book
  • New: trophy
  • New: sun
  • New: microphone
  • New: brush
  • New: toggles
  • New: stopwatch
  • New: speaker
  • New: outlet
  • New: image-alt
  • New: diamond
  • New: images
  • New: inboxes and inboxes fill
  • New: envelope-fill and envelope-open-fill
  • New: display-fill
  • New: alarm and alarm-fill
  • New: stopwatch-fill
  • New: eye-slash and eye-slash-fill
  • New: eye-fill (eye is outline now)
  • New: short arrows (four directions)
  • New: bar arrows (four directions)
  • New: horizontal expand/collapse
  • New: plug
  • New: document-spreadsheet
  • New: backspace-reverse, backspace-fill, and backspace-fill-reverse
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@mdo mdo released this Nov 26, 2019 · 102 commits to master since this release

Initial release!

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