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Rorschach (@twbs-rorschach) is a Bootstrap pull request sanity checker bot.

Rorschach watches for new or modified pull requests, runs sanity checks on them, and if a sanity check fails, it leaves an informative comment on the pull request explaining the mistake and how to fix it, and then closes the pull request.

Rorschach requires Java 8 or higher.


You're a member of a popular open source project that involves front-end Web technologies. Cool.

But due to the project's popularity, you will get some pull requests proposed by folks who don't read the contributing guidelines, folks who don't understand asset pipelines, or just plain newbies (hey, everybody's gotta start somewhere).

By automating the process of sanity-checking proposed pull requests:

  • Feedback can be given to the pull requester extremely quickly, decreasing the turnaround time on fixing the pull request and decreasing friction for the requester.
  • The requester can be referred to canonical write-ups explaining the common mistakes in detail, so that they have full context for understanding the reported mistakes.
  • Issue triagers will have less work to deal with, and human error in failing to zealously check every single pull request for every common mistake is eliminated.

Checks performed

GitHub webhook configuration

  • Payload URL: http://your-domain.example/rorschach
  • Content type: application/json
  • Secret: Same as your web-hook-secret-key config value
  • Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?: "Pull Request"


Rorschach is released under the MIT License.


We all stand on the shoulders of giants and get by with a little help from our friends. Rorschach is written in Scala and built on top of:

See also

  • LMVTFY, Rorschach's sister bot who does HTML validation
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