Query tagged test classes and methods for execution and reporting.
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Builds a list of matching test files and a hash which maps test class names to lists of included test methods.

Currently, only Test::Unit is supported, but Rspec support wouldn’t be difficult.

Test files may be tagged, with this convention:

    #Tags: smoke book_customer Find.Customer Story.1234 defect.98

Any line beginning with [optional white space]#Tags: anywhere within the file except within a test method def applies to the whole file. This means that it applies to the
test class, and that only one test class per file is supported.

  • Case insensitive, since all tags are downcased during processing
  • Multiple tag lines are also supported.

Test methods may also be tagged:

class ExampleTest < Test::Unit::TestCase

  def test_something_important #Tags: smoke core.story.1765
    # do important testing stuff

  def test_something_even_more_important  #tags:   broken core.defect.1331
    #Tags: long_tag_describing_precise_functionality
    # do other important testing stuff

Filtering for Execution

One way to filter tests for execution is to extend (ok, monkey patch) Test::Unit as shown in testcase_demo/testcase.rb, run the filter in a rake task, and set TestCase.tests_per_class.

    FILE_PATTERN = "./**/*_test.rb"

    task :customer_smoke do
      require 'rake/runtest'
      tf = TestFilter.new(:file_pattern => FILE_PATTERN, :all => ['smoke', 'find.customer'], :none => ['dev', 'broken', 'deferred'])
      Test::Unit::TestCase.tests_per_class = tf.filtered_tests

Paramaters to TestFilter.new

  • :file_pattern
    • optional glob pattern defaulting to "**/*_test.rb"
  • :any
    • list of tags. Any test that has any of these tags will be included (logical OR).
  • :all
    • list of tags. Any test that has all of these tags will be included (logical AND).
  • :none
    • list of tags. Any test that has any of these tags will be excluded. (overrides both :any and :all)
  • :test_name_white_list
    • list of test names to include.
  • :test_name_white_pattern
    • regex pattern for test names to include.
  • :test_name_black_list
    • list of test names to exclude.
  • :test_name_black_pattern
    • regex pattern for test names to exclude.

tag matching vs. name matching

Within the set of files found by :file_pattern, you can filter on either tags using tag lists :any, :all, or :none, or
on test names using any of the :test_name_ white or black lists or patterns.

For the name lists (:test_name_white_list or :test_name_black_list), a name can be:

  • class name
    • ExampleTest
    • all test methods will be included
  • method name
    • test_something_important
    • assumes the method name is unique across all files, or that you want all instances of a common name
  • class dot method
    • ExampleTest.test_something_important

The name patterns (:test_name_white_pattern or :test_name_black_pattern) will match on either a
class name or a method name, but will not match on Class.test_method.

mixing tag matching and name matching

  1. Tag matching is applied first, before any name matching.
  2. Name matches override including tag matches. (Tests included by :all or :any tags will be removed if they are in
    the black list/pattern or are not in the white list/pattern.)
  3. Excluding tag matches override name matches. (Tests excluded by :none tags will not be included, no matter what, not even if they are in the white list/pattern.)

keep it simple!

With name lists, name patterns, and three kinds of tag lists, it is very easy to create self-cancelling filters that don’t return what you want,
so most of the time mixing tag matching with name matching is best avoided.

See also

See the dummy test files under test/test_data for the tagging possibilities, and test/**_{i,u}test.rb for more examples of TestFilter usage.