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Andrew Schwartzmeyer's terminal configurations.

Here lives my dotfiles repo, for all my configuration files. It uses fresh to manage my customizations for Vim (using Vundle to manage the plugins), Zsh (using the oh-my-zsh framework and my own choice of plugins), Powerline for the Zsh agnoster theme and Vim plugin (need to patch your fonts, follow lokaltog's docs), and other miscellaneous items.

After a major refactor and discovery of fresh, now you may just clone this repo and run the install script.

git clone ~/.dotfiles

The install script will:

  • Clone with oh-my-zsh fork
  • Clone my fresh fork
  • Run fresh to compile and symlink my dotfiles
  • Clone the Vundle plugin manager for Vim
  • Install listed plugins from vimrc via Vundle


My configuration depends very heavily upon Ethan Schoonover's Solarized colorscheme. I did not include the terminal configurations for it as they are numerous. Very important point: you need xterm-256colors for your terminal environment (follow the docs). Here are the ones I've successfully used:


NOTE: don't straight up use .gitconfig, make sure you change your name and email.


Due to the differences between OS X and GNU tools, for now just change the freshrc configuration to load the aliases you need.