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Update readme: add feature list and update todo list.

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@@ -4,6 +4,17 @@ A simple Rails blog engine powered by markdown.
Postmarkdown is compatible with Rails 3 only and the gem is (soon to be) hosted on [](
+## Features
+* Markdown files for blog posts
+* No database
+* RSS Feed
+* Customizable Routes
+* Built-in minimal theme (optional)
+* HTML5
+* Rails engine (so you can override models, views, controllers, etc)
+* Easily customized
## Installation
Simply add Postmarkdown to your Gemfile and bundle it up:
@@ -121,10 +132,8 @@ What about mapping Postmarkdown to root? We got you covered:
-* Redcarpet (and syntax highlighting)
-* Better comments in generated routes
-* Code comments (RDoc quality)
-* Pagination? Use a gem or basic custom solution? Support will\_paginate if possible, otherwise custom solution using the config module.
+* Syntax highlighting for code blocks
+* Generated routes should show example usage
* Support more file formats, eg. textile
## License

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