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Colorscheme Switcher

Change the color scheme from a list of color scheme names.

This is simply a clone of a script found on vim.wikia to make it easy to Vundle. Version 2010-09-12 from vim.wikia.


  • F8 - Next scheme
  • Shift-F8 - Previous scheme
  • Alt-F8 - Random scheme


Set the list of color schemes used by the above (default is 'all').

  • :SetColors all - All $VIMRUNTIME/colors/*.vim
  • :SetColors my - Names built into script
  • :SetColors blue slate ron - These schemes
  • :SetColors - Display current scheme names
  • :SetColors now - Set the current color scheme based on time of day

You can use the following autocommand to automatically set up your normal colorshemes.

autocmd VimEnter * :silent! SetColors bclear solarized jellybeans
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