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Hardtime helps you break that annoying habit vimmers have of scrolling up and down the page using jjjjj and kkkkk but without comprimising the rest of our vim experience.

It works using a timeout on the keys you want to stop repeating, i.e. h, j, k, l, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. This timeout is set to 1 second. After 1 second you can use a movement key again.

Stop repeating jjjjj... Stop repeating kkkk...

Kick the habit now!

Inspired by vim-hardmode, but where hardmode fell short was that sometimes h,j,k,l are needed! Hardtime lets you use these keys but only once every second. You can still create macros in hardtime where you need to move down lines, and you can still move that one character over to make that edit.


Once installed you can all the command :HardTimeOn to active hardtime, conversely you can use :HardTimeOff to swtich it off. You can also use :HardTimeToggle toggle it on an off.

If you want hardtime to run in every buffer you can set let g:hardtime_default_on = 1 in your .vimrc.

You can also set the list of keys you want to use with hardtime with the g:list_of_normal_keys and g:list_of_visual_keys variables. These are both initially set to h, j, k, l, -, +,<UP>, <DOWN>, <LEFT>, <RIGHT>.

You can also tweak the timeout using g:HardTime_loaded, however is not much granularity using the current method of timing.

Also you can suppress notification about HardTime enabled with let g:hardtime_showmsg = 0.


I recommend installing using Vundle:

Add Bundle 'takac/vim-hardtime' to your ~/.vimrc and then:

  • either within Vim: :BundleInstall
  • or in your shell: vim +BundleInstall +qall