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@@ -32,6 +32,15 @@ to be explicit, you can add this line to your .vimrc:
let g:slime_target = "screen"
+Because Screen doesn't accept input from STDIN, a file is used to pipe data
+between Vim and Screen. By default this file is set to `$HOME/.slime_paste`.
+The name of the file used can be configured through a variable:
+ let g:slime_paste_file = "$HOME/.slime_paste"
+This file is not erased by the plugin and will always contain the last thing
+you sent over. If this is a problem, I recommend you switch to tmux.
When you invoke vim-slime for the first time (see below), you will be prompted for more configuration.
screen session name
2 doc/slime.txt
@@ -104,6 +104,8 @@ g:slime_target Set to either "screen" (default) or "tmux".
g:slime_no_mappings Set to non zero value to disable the default mappings.
+ *g:slime_paste_file*
+g:slime_paste_file Used by GNU Screen to transfer data from vim to Screen. Set to "$HOME/.slime_paste" by default.

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