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Revert "update readme to include new keybindings"

This reverts commit d3eb1fe.


Update documentation to reflect emacs mappings.
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@@ -64,6 +64,11 @@ tmux target pane
Key Bindings
- {Visual}<leader>s to send visually selected text.
- <leader>s{motion} to send motion text.
- <leader>ss to send the current line.
+By default, the current paragraph will be sent. This is equivalent to typing *vip*. If you (visually) select text, that will be sent over:
+ C-c, C-c --- the same as slime
+There will be a few questions, as to where you want to send your text, and the answers will be remembered. If you need to reconfigure:
+ C-c, v --- mnemonic: "variables"
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