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Hello from the Tweag team!

Scale your engineering power

At Tweag we love using open source methods and research ideas to improve software quality and reliability. We are big on composable software: functional, typed, immutable. You might have seen some of our work in your own favourite technical community, or read some of our articles.

We're hiring, globally, so if you want to shape the future of the software industry working with innovative clients and smart, friendly colleagues, read more here!


  1. nickel Public

    Better configuration for less

    Rust 1.3k 53

  2. asterius Public archive

    DEPRECATED in favor of ghc wasm backend, see

    Haskell 2k 59

  3. Haskell rules for Bazel.

    Starlark 244 78

  4. Rules for importing Nixpkgs packages into Bazel.

    Starlark 182 57

  5. ormolu Public

    A formatter for Haskell source code

    Haskell 809 72

  6. HaskellR Public

    The full power of R in Haskell.

    Haskell 562 41