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cat_hs - A rules_haskell Example Project

This project re-implements a subset of the cat command-line tool in Haskell. It serves as an example of a project built using the Bazel build system, using rules_haskell to define the Haskell build, including rules that wrap Cabal to build third-party dependencies downloadable from Hackage, and using rules_nixpkgs and Nix to manage system dependencies.


You need to install the Nix package manager. All further dependencies will be managed using Nix.


To build the package execute the following command in the examples/ directory:

$ nix-shell --pure --run "bazel build //cat_hs/..."

To run the tests execute the following command.

$ nix-shell --pure --run "bazel test //cat_hs/..."

To run the executable enter the following commands.

$ nix-shell --pure --run "bazel run //cat_hs/exec/cat_hs -- -h"
$ nix-shell --pure --run "bazel run //cat_hs/exec/cat_hs -- $PWD/"
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