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This means that the initial transition-in fade will be used, as if starting the story in a non-test play.

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A visual tool for creating interactive stories for the Web, based on the Twee story engine. Twine is written primarily in Python and Javascript, with UI widgets provided by wxPython. Twine was written by Chris Klimas. More information is available at

Twine 1 development is presently resigned to bugfixes and maintenance - although contributions for new features may still be considered for acceptance.

A web-application "sequel" to Twine 1, called Twine 2, is in active development. Its repositories are here and here.


The easiest way to install Twine is to download the installable versions for Windows or Mac OS X:

Set up a development environment

You can set up a development environment if you want to contribute to the project or if you want to run Twine on another platform (such as Linux).

You may want to run your development environment in a virtualenv:

virtualenv tweecode
cd tweecode/
source bin/activate

Get the code:

git clone

Install required modules (note, wxPython will need to be installed separately from the pip requirements):

cd twine/
pip install -r requirements.txt

You also need to install py2exe (on Windows) or py2app (on OS X) to compile standalone binaries.

Other than that, you should now have a working Twine setup. To start Twine:


Contributing to Twine development

If you have bug fixes for Twine, the easiest way to contribute them back is as follows:

  • fork this repository (see link at top of the project page on github)
  • make your fixes and push them to your own fork on github
  • make a pull request (see link at top of the github project page)

To report bugs, issues or feature requests, use the github issues system.