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Tweede golf


  1. rp1 Public

    Easily generate a REST-like CRUD API using Rocket and Diesel

    Rust 10 1

  2. tguard Public

    A web-based sending and decrypting service for IRMAseal-encrypted messages

    Rust 5 1

  3. Provides an abstraction layer for interacting with a storage; the storage can be local or in the cloud.

    TypeScript 38 7

  4. statime Public

    PoC implementation of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) in Rust

    Rust 14 1

  5. irmars Public

    Rust library for interfacing with irma servers.

    Rust 2

  6. stackdump Public

    A set of rust crates for making stack dumps and getting stack traces out of them

    Rust 33