🐍 Text objects, folding, and more for Python and other indented languages.
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Text objects, folding, and more for Python and other indented languages. CoffeeScript support is already baked in, but mainly as an incomplete proof of concept.


Use your favorite plugin plugin of choice to install tweekmonster/braceless.vim, then add a line like this to your vimrc file:

autocmd FileType python BracelessEnable +indent

The command arguments are:

Option Description
+indent Enable indent handling
+fold Enable folding
+fold-slow Enable indentexpr folding, which is depreciated and slow
+highlight Enable indent guide
+highlight-cc Enable indent guide, but use colorcolumn
+highlight-cc2 Enable indent guide and use colorcolumn

The default motion of interest is P. It can be used for things like vaP, ciP, >iP, etc. :h braceless Covers the details of this plugin.

Text objects

Braceless doesn't give you similarly indented blocks as text objects. You get actual code blocks using iP and aP.


Object motions

Moving to recognized blocks is done with [[ and ]]. In Python, [m and ]m moves to def and class blocks, while [M and ]M moves to the end of those blocks.



Get useful code folding by adding +fold. Unfortunately, this can be a little slow on large scripts. Folding is now much faster! Read the boring exciting details in :h braceless-folds!


Indent guide

See what indent level you're operating on with +highlight. You can also enable colorcolumn so the guide can span the height of the window. If you would like this kind of indent highlighting in other files that don't need Braceless, take a look at local-indent.vim


Somewhat intelligent auto-indent

Ever wished for autoindent that didn't make you fix the indent? Wish no more, pal. Just add +indent. It's not perfect, but it's definitely better. There is even PEP 8 indentation built in, and if you use delimitMate with the expand_cr option enabled, Braceless will disable it temporarily when you're messing with block arguments.


(The backspace key was never used in the image above)


Built-in support for EasyMotion.


Not just Python!

Braceless can simply recognize indentation.


The above GIF was using:

autocmd FileType haml,yaml,coffee BracelessEnable +indent +fold +highlight

You can extend Braceless to give full support to other indented languages. See :h braceless-custom