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this pull request includes some changes to tween. I've simplified some expressions, added requestAnimationFrame and some minor changes.


sole commented Dec 20, 2011

Hello, Robert!

Thanks for the patch. I'm having a bit of a hectic schedule lately and haven't had time to test/integrate this yet... I'll look at that as soon as I can, ok? :-)

Good work, by the way!

@mrdoob mrdoob closed this in e79347e Apr 3, 2012
mrdoob commented Apr 3, 2012

Thanks! :)

infusion commented Apr 3, 2012

Thanks for implementing the formula simplification. What about the other changes? Three.js got RequestAnimationFrame long before and also the local variable fixes should be fixed as well.

mrdoob commented Apr 3, 2012

I'm considering removing the autoStart feature...
And the local variable fixes have been fixed by another pull request I think.

sole commented Apr 3, 2012

I must apologise for not having merged this before. It was totally on my TODO list but... well, sorry!

Regarding removing autostart I agree it makes thing slightly complicated but I'd like to reference the issue where that functionality was introduced: #18

so we can consider both points of view :-)

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