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mansilla commented Mar 3, 2013

Hi, Im getting the error when trying:

stream = tweepy.Stream(auth,CustomStreamListener(),timeout=60)

I have already checked "auth" with:

api = tweepy.API(auth)

And everything is fine...
My question: There are any changes in tweepy.Stream (in the v2 release) so this error could have been produced?
Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem, each time that i use the streaming API, i get error status_code 401.
The problems begun wto days ago (03-20-2013).
I updated to the last version with pip, but the problem continues.


joshthecoder commented Mar 26, 2013

You may need to switch to oAuth ->
Twitter is discontinuing basic authentication.

ovicin commented Jun 25, 2013

Any updates on this issue? I have the same problem even when using oAuth.

ovicin commented Jun 26, 2013

My problem was related to the system time like in Issue #314

Make sure the system time on your device is correct. I was experiencing this issue and I realized that the system time was off by 10 minutes. After correcting it the issue resolved itself.

@urbanski is right. After I correct my system time, the problem resolved.

Aaron1011 closed this Apr 13, 2014

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