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This project launches Spark applications on YARN, the resource manager for the Hadoop MapReduce 2.0 project. You specify a JAR for the application, the locations where Mesos and Spark are installed on the cluster, and the number of slave resources to acquire, and spark-yarn will launch a cluster with the required resources and run your job.


To build spark-yarn, you will need Maven 3 or higher. Then run:

mvn package

In addition, you must build Mesos and Spark on your cluster nodes. Please refer to and for details.


The main script to run the project is bin/client. Execute this without arguments to see a list of the available options. At the very least, you will need to pass the following options:

  • -slaves: number of slave nodes to acquire
  • -mesos_home: location where Mesos is installed on cluster nodes
  • -spark_home: location where Spark is installed on cluster nodes
  • -jar: JAR containing your code
  • -class: main class to execute from your JAR.

In addition, you should set the HADOOP_CONF_DIR environment variable to refer to your Hadoop/YARN installation's config directory.

Viewing Output From Your Job

spark-yarn places log files in the standard YARN log directory for applications. There will be multiple files with the standard output and error streams of various processes. While the application is running, you can view these logs by clicking the "container logs" links on the YARN web UI. After the application ends, the links no longer work, and you should look for the logs directly in your file system. By default they get placed in /tmp/logs.