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My Curriculum Vitae and Portfolio

example image of my CV

This is my CV together with a rather small portfolio of my work. It was made with TeX using TikZ and the new LaTeX3 syntax.

This repo contains all the code I used to build it. To compile it on your computer you may have to set the option load-fonts of citobiw.sty to false if don’t have Skolar Sans, Canape Serif, and Source Code Pro installed.
Note that you must compile the document twice to get the right positions.

The packages are documented directly in the *.sty files. If you have any questions send me an e-mail at or use the issue tracker.

Files and Folders

  • citobiw.sty – this package contains all necessary settings for my own corporate design
  • cv_example_image.jpg – the example image for the
  • cv_tobiw.tex – this is the main project file to generate the document
  • cvtobiw.sty – this is the package I made to build up my CV in nice graphical way with TikZ
  • img/ – in this directory are all necessary images
  • makefile – a makefile to build a ZIP containing the sources and PDFs
  • README.mdthis file


You may use my code as an inspiration for your own CV and if you like drop me a note what you created with it ( Furthermore it would be nice to mention my name in your project.

However my logo, color scheme and combination of typfaces is copyrighted and you may not use it without my permission.