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TwelveSec is an information security firm, specialising in assurance, security management, and InfoSec training services

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  1. gasmask Public

    Information gathering tool - OSINT

    Python 783 138

  2. passcat Public

    Passwords Recovery Tool

    C 182 62

  3. rootend Public

    A *nix Enumerator & Auto Privilege Escalation tool.

    Python 127 16

  4. This burpsuite extender provides a solution on testing Enterprise applications that involve security Authorization tokens into every HTTP requests.Furthermore, this solution provides a better appro…

    42 14

  5. Tunneling and Port Forwarding Cheat Sheet

    41 8

  6. Windows application aiming to preserve cryptographic information used by ransomware operations. If you suspect a ransomware is running on your pc, then hit the Panic button! Panic Button will dump …

    C++ 21 5


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