Drift app to lookup a person and return fields from Salesforce
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Salesforce Lookup for Drift

Salesforce Lookup for Drift

This app looks up the current person we're chatting with in Salesforce and returns a link along with some useful information about them right inside Drift.

Deploying to Heroku

Take a look at these steps from Drift to setup Heroku https://github.com/Driftt/Driffy

Make sure you set these tokens

DRIFT_TOKEN = {Your Drift OAuth Token}. Note you can find it at dev.drift.com. SF_USER = {Your Salesforce User} SF_PASS = {Your Salesforce Pass. Note that you might have to append your SF security token too...}

Configuring Salesforce Access

I use the jsforce library to connect to Salesforce https://jsforce.github.io. In my configuration, I use a Salesforce user/pass to get a token, but your configuration may (and probably will) vary.

Linking to dev.drift.com

Take a look at these steps from Drift to setup your app https://github.com/Driftt/Driffy

Customizing what you return from Salesforce

You can return whatever you'd like from Salesforce into Drift by updating the SOQL query and then adding the results to the body variable. I have comments in the code to show you where.