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This plugin allows to push data from Mautic to Podio. This could be a e.g. campaign result or a form submission.
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Podio CRM Bundle

This is a Mautic Plugin that allows you to use Podio as CRM Integration


  • Push contact to Podio (create new or update when already exist)
  • Push related company to Podio (create new or update when already exist)
  • Create a simple Lead, that consist of contact and company
  • Add a comment to the Lead App specified in the "push to integration" Mautic action


If you have chosen composer to manage you Mautic installation, you can easily install this package via composer

composer require twentyzen/podio-crm-bundle

You can also install it manually, by downloading the latest release



After installation

  • Go to Plugins -> Podio
  • Provide you "Client ID" and "Client Secret" in the "Enabled/Auth" tab
  • Be sure to check "Triggered action push contacts to integration" in the "Features" tab
  • Be sure to check both checkboxes in the "Features" tab
  • Go back to the "Enabled/Auth" tab and click the "Authorize App" button
  • If you get a blocking pop-up notification, just allow pop-ups and try again
  • Podio will ask you to allow mautic all permissions. I know this seems strange, but this is how it is working at the moment. Just allow.

After successful authorisation, you need to tell Mautic, which Apps should be use.

  • In the "Enable/Auth" tab, select you desired organisation and apps you are using for your CRM
  • Use the "Contact Mapping" and "Company Mapping" tabs to map Mautic fields with your Podio Fields (not all Podio fields are allowed)
  • If you have a "Leads App" that references the "Contacts App" and the "Companies App", you can map the reference in the "Features" tab

Save & Close

Known Limitations

  • Not all Podio Field types are supported. See the list of supported fields below:
    • duration
    • app
    • number
    • text
    • email
    • phone
    • embed
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