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twerth committed Aug 17, 2012
1 parent 3f29d2d commit fcaaed22fea2b7339b0f9733634cb91c4cc61356
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-" F6_Comment.vim
-" Author: David Maclay
-" Version: 1.1
-" License: GPLv2
-" Description:
-" I don't know for sure that something like this does not already exist in Vim,
-" but if it does, I can't find it.
-" I recal Cream having this kind of functionallity mapped to <F6>,
-" so to maintain consistency I've kept the convention.
-" This uses the current value of &cms / &commentstring to comment and uncomment code.
-" It works for ranges selected in Visual mode, or for the current line in all modes.
-" NB. Comment strings may not include '@' or '+'
-" (I don't know of any languages that use these characters).
-" Help:
-" Use <F6> to comment, and <S-F6> to uncomment.
-function Comment() range
- execute ':silent '.a:firstline.','.a:lastline.'s@\(^[\t, ]*\)\(\)\(..*\)@\1'.substitute(&cms,'%s.*$','','').'\3@'
- execute ':silent '.a:firstline.','.a:lastline.'s@\(..*\)\($\)@\1'. substitute(&cms,'^.*%s','','').'@'
-map <silent> <F6> :call Comment()<CR>
-imap <silent> <F6> <ESC><F6>i
-function UnComment() range
- exe ':silent '.a:firstline.','.a:lastline.'s@\(^[\t, ]*\)\('.substitute(substitute(&cms,'%s.*$','',''),'\*','\\*','g').'\)@\1@'
- exe ':silent '.a:firstline.','.a:lastline.'s@'. substitute(substitute(&cms,'^.*%s','',''),'\*','\\*','g').'$@@'
-map <silent> <S-F6> :call UnComment()<CR>
-imap <silent> <S-F6> <ESC><S-F6>i
-" P.S.
-" This command cleans up a code file.
-" It swaps 4 spaces for all tabs, and removes any trailing spaces.
-" Just use :Clean
-function Clean()
- %s/\t/ /g
- %s/ *$//g
-com -nargs=* Clean :call Clean()<args>|noh
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