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( maybe Coda-Slider 3.0 )

jQuery-Content-Slider based on Coda-Slider.

magic-slider is based on:

Coda-Slider 2.0 .. by Niall Doherty, .. (the original)
Coda-Slider 2.1 .. by Joel Gillman, .. (original plus carousel)
Coda-Slider 2.1 .. by ??? on faceit, .. (vertical-idea .. doesn't work!)
moutardeSlider .. by Francois Stephany, .. (nicer code, .. but some bugs)

Thanks A lot!

magic-slider improvements

  • vertical-sliding .. slide up and down including the autoHeight feauture
  • carousell / invinite sliding .. no scroll back, just invinite sliding
  • no panel-title needed .. if no panel-title is provided, panel-count is used for tabs ( only for headline or Text-Links)
  • headline changer .. need an outside Title for youre Slider, here you are! .. ( uses panelTitle ! )
  • external Trigger highlighting .. If you want the current externalTrigger is marked as current
  • slider in slider .. Now its possible to place a slider inside another slider! .. Also rel-linking is reworked
  • no more sliderCount .. The slider now use its own ID, instead of its count ... ( Slider needs an ID ! )
  • better rel-linking .. because of the new slider-identifying you can just use the slider-ID as rel, no more counting

for more info, look: the github page