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example app to compare different versions of fullcalendar on Rails 3.2
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== Rails3 fullcalendar example

=== Coffeescript branch
Update: I wanted a simple example of using barrista to compile coffeescript into javascript, so I repurposed my rails3 fullcalendar.  As it turns out, this is a pretty good sample project for that.  Its pretty trivial, but it shows the barrista integration, the compilation of the coffeescript, and enough syntax to demonstrate using jQuery, callbacks, and a few data structures.

Its not perfect though - the coffeescript needs to be more idiomatic.

Also, the javascript is currently untested...  I'm not sure what the testing story should be for coffeescript - Contributions are desired - I'll accept your pullup requests!

I think the best way to test this would be with Jasmine; I'm not sure if barista would recompile the coffeescript with the jasmine:ci rake command, or whether that is a contribution back to barista/jasmine thats waiting to happen.  I'm *also* not sure of the best way to hit the javascript with a jasmine test - should I mock out the .ajax call so it doesn't require the server, and somehow simulate the drag and drop / resize on the fullcalendar events?  If a reader wants to take that on, this app is small enough to make and excellent example of! 

This is an example application showing how to use the JQuery FullCalendar plugin with Rails3, following RESTful rails practices as closely as possible, and forgoing 'cleverness' for clarity.

Fullcalendar is a great ajaxy calendar... there are several examples on that page, and downloadable with the project.  Integration with rails is not overly complicated, but a sample project that can be dissected is really helpful in getting all the moving parts worked out.  This project will eventually include detailed instructions of how it came together, and I might even record a screencast on it.  Until then, notable things:

- This is a Rails 3.0.6 app created using the JQuery template, as so:
rails new calendar -m

- this is built with fullcalendar-1.5, as downloaded with wget:


after having both in the same directory, I unzipped fullcalendar and ran the following commands to move over the javascript, css, and demo assets:

mv fullcalendar-1.5/jquery/jquery-ui-1.8.9.custom.min.js calendar/public/javascripts/
mv fullcalendar-1.5/demos calendar/public/
mv fullcalendar-1.5/fullcalendar/*.css calendar/public/stylesheets/

at this point you can adjust the paths to javascript and css in the demo files, and see them work with the files being served up from rails.  At this point, it doesn't actually *do* anything with rails yet - you have to wire up a bunch of stuff - which is what this project walks you through.

In order to simplify communication between the fullcalendar and the rails application that is actually serving up the events to put on the calendar, I'm using the jquery.REST plugin:

This project does not currently support recurring events - doing so would overcomplicate the simple examples I want to make here.

There will eventually be branches that support recurring events as well as multiple calendars (and displaying multiple calendar events on the same fullcalendar in different colors, now that fullcalendar 2.5 supports that)

This project was inspired by an earlier attempt to do the same thing. demonstrates an older calendar integrations with Rails2; however it doesn't live up to Rails' RESTful ideals, and complicates the example with other uses of ajax and a more complex domain model to support recurring events.  It is still a useful project, and kudos to vinsol for sharing it; it definitely made this Rails3 version easier
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