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Simple Text Template System

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A simple text template system for generating output for a variety of uses including plain-text, HTML, and JavaScript.


The straight-forward usage is substitutions:

template ="This {{noun}} is {{adjective}}")

template.render(:noun => 'shoe', :adjective => 'red')
# => "This shoe is red"

If required, the content can be HTML-escaped automatically:

template =
  "This {{noun}} is {{adjective}}",
  :escape => :html

template.render(:noun => 'goose', :adjective => '<em>blue</em>')
# => "This goose is &lt;em&gt;blue&lt;/em&gt;"

This can also be engaged on a case-by-case basis:

template ="This {{&noun}} is {{adjective}}")

template.render(:noun => '<b>goose</b>', :adjective => '<em>blue</em>')
# => "This &lt;b&gt;goose&lt;/b&gt; is <em>blue</em>"

Also available is URI encoding for links:

template =
  "<a href='/home?user_id={{%user_id}}'>{{&label}}</a>"

template.render(:user_id => 'joe&2', :label => 'Joe&2')
# => "<a href='/home?user_id=joe%262'>Joe&amp;2</a>"

A number of other usage cases are described in test/test_handlebar_template.rb as a reference.


Copyright © 2011 Scott Tadman, The Working Group Inc. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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