Track whitewashing on Wikipedia.
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Track whitewashing on Wikipedia.

A project by TWG, in collaboration with the Center for Investigative Reporting and Metro News, and made possible by Google Canada.


WikiWash requires NodeJS which can be installed either by downloading the installer or by using a package manager.

$ git clone
$ cd wikiwash

$ npm install
$ bower install
$ npm start

the application should now be available at http://localhost:3000.

WikiWash has been developed on Mac OS X and deployed on Linux, but in theory, should work on any operating system. If you've tried running WikiWash on your own machine, feel free to edit this README to update the above instructions.

Issues & Contributions

Found a problem with WikiWash? Submit an issue to let us know.

Feel free to add as much detail a you can, including:

  • The observed behaviour
  • The expected behaviour
  • Environment details (device, operating system, browser, resolution, etc.)
  • Artifacts (screenshots, screencasts, error messages)

You can also use Labels to categorize your issues.

Label Example Meaning
Issue Type t-bug The type of issue is being reported.
Priority p-critical The issue's importance in relation to other issues. Higher priority is given to stability, or glaring user experience issues.
Area a-article page The area of the app that is affected by this issue.
Browser/Device b-firefox, b-mobile The browser or device affected uniquely affected.
Additional Info i-difficult to reproduce Other details to help with reproducing/resolving.
Developer Effort e-challenging Effort to resolve this isusue. To be used by developers only.
Issue State s-needs work The current workflow state of the issue.
Resolution r-duplicate If not fixed, why the issue was closed.

See something that you'd like to change? We're all ears! Please, feel free to fork WikiWash on Github and submit a pull request to merge changes back into the application.


This project uses

  • Angular as a browser application framework
  • Bower for front-end dependency management
  • Express as an http server framework
  • Gulp for our web application assembly
  • Jade as our HTML template engine
  • Mocha for testing
  • NodeJS as a development environment
  • npm for dependency management and build system
  • PM2 for deployment automation and process monitoring
  • Till as a local file/S3 cache server