Beginner's Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The channel loads, but the video displays an error message

Some extensions, such as HTTPS Everywhere cause problems with the embedded player. Disable any browser extensions and try again

Q: The page loads, but doesn't connect

There is a problem connecting your browser with the server. Some ISPs, firewalls, or antivirus software may block or filter the ports that CyTube uses to communicate. Try enabling 'Alternative socket connection' in the Options menu. If that doesn't work, visit the support channel (linked below)

Q: Will you support <x> media provider?

Probably not. Many media providers (including and mixcloud) do not provide an API for their embedded player, and therefore it is not possible to synchronize. For livestream sites, use the custom embed feature, as most streaming sites supply you with the embed code needed.

Q: Will you add emoticons to chat?

I do not plan to add a separate emoticon feature at this time. It is possible to use chat filters to convert certain text to images. For the regex, put the name of the emoticon, for example :smile:. For the flags, leave it as the default (g). For the replacement, <img src="url_to_image">. as of CyTube 3.0, emoticon support is added.

Q: How do I seek/pause the video?

By default, CyTube controls synchronization on the serverside. In order to seek or pause the video, you must give yourself control of the video. Right click your name on the userlist, and select 'Give Leader' to assign control of the playback to your client.


Basic Channel Operations

Registering a new channel

  1. Make sure you have registered your user account on the "Account" page
  2. From the index page, you will see a "Enter Channel" prompt. Enter a channel name that is not already in use and hit enter.
  3. If the channel you have entered is not already registered, you will see a prompt (blue on the default theme) to register the channel. Click the register button to register the channel under your name.

Adding videos

There are a few different ways to add videos to the playlist.

Playlist Controls

If you have permission to add videos on a channel, you will see a box labeled "Show Playlist Controls". Click this to expand the media controls area. From here, you may paste an accepted media link in the Media URL box. Click "Next" to add the video to the next slot in the playlist, or "End" to add it to the end of the playlist.


On the left side, you will see a box labeled "Show Library". Clicking this expands a search box. Enter your search term in the text box, and click "Library" to search the channel library, or "YouTube" to search YouTube. The channel library is a collection of videos previously added to the playlist.

User Playlists

CyTube also supports playlists saved per-user. Expand the "Show Playlist Manager" box to see a list of playlists you've saved, and the controls to save a new one. On each playlist entry, click "Next" to add your playlist to the next slot in the channel playlist, or "End" to add it to the end.

Managing the playlist

If you have permission to rearrange the playlist, you will notice an up/down arrow cursor over the playlist. You can left click and drag playlist items to rearrange the order in which they play. The changes you make will be transmitted to everyone else in the channel.

Right click a playlist item to expand the controls for that item:

  • Play - Immediately skips to this item and begins playing
  • Queue Next - Moves this playlist item so it is immediately after the current video, but does not skip the current video
  • Make Temporary - Toggles the temporary status of the item. A playlist item which is temporary will automatically be removed from the playlist after playing once
  • Delete - Removes this item from the playlist

There are additional playlist controls in the "Show Playlist Controls" box.

  • Unlock Playlist - Enables/disables Open Playlist mode. Open playlist is basically a convenient way to allow users to add videos without needing to update the channel permissions every time.
  • Get Playlist URLs - In case you ever need a comma-separated list of URLs to playlist items
  • Clear Playlist - Bulk deletes every playlist item
  • Shuffle Playlist - Randomizes the order of items in the playlist

The rank required to carry out various playlist controls can be adjusted using the channel permissions editor (explained below)


Regular Commands

  • /me message - Shows an action-style message ( username does something )
  • /sp message - Hides a message in a hover-to-show spoiler box
  • /afk - Toggles your AFK (away from keyboard) status. AFK users are marked with a clock icon and an italicized name

Moderator Commands

  • /m message - Sends a message with your username colored to match your rank
  • /say message - Sends a message in large red text
  • /mute name - Mutes (name) in the channel. While muted, users cannot chat or use commands, and a mute icon appears next to their name in the userlist
  • /smute name - Mutes (name) to all but that person in the channel. So, to the person muted it appears they are chatting, when really they are muted to everyone else. Use /unmute name to reverse.
  • /unmute name - Unmutes (name) in the channel
  • /kick name - Kicks (name) from the channel
  • /ban name - Bans (name) from entering the channel
  • /ipban name - Bans (name) and (name)'s IP address from the channel
  • /clear - Clears the channel chat buffer
  • /d message - Issues a drink call and increments the channel drink counter
  • /d# message - Where # is a number, issues a drink call and adds # to the drink counter (# can be negative to subtract drinks)

The userlist

Names of logged-in users appear in the userlist to the left of the message area. Names appear in alphabetical order and are colored to reflect rank. The ranks are as follows:

  • Website Administrator - Red (Rank 255 or higher)
  • Channel Administrator - Blue (Orange on dark theme) (Rank 3 or higher)
  • Channel Moderator - Green (Rank 2)
  • Regular User - Black (grey on dark theme) (Rank 1)
  • Guest - Grey (Rank 0)

Anonymous users do not appear in the userlist, and have a rank of -1.

Hover over a name in the userlist to see an popup with that user's profile photo and text. Right click a name to get a menu for user actions:

  • Ignore - Does not display chat messages from this user
  • Rank Editor - A dropdown to easily change the user's rank (only shown if you have permission to change that person's rank)
  • Kick - Kicks the user from the channel
  • Give Leader - Makes the user the current leader of the room. The leader can control the video playback and also has some moderation powers. I recommend not giving out leader unless you need to seek/pause the video or you want to give someone temporary mod-like powers (having a leader is not necessary for room operation)
  • Remove Leader - Returns leadership to the server. The server has an internal timer for synchronizing the video.
  • Name Ban - Bans the user by name
  • IP Ban - Bans the user by IP address (and name)

Additional features

When typing the name of someone in the channel, press tab to attempt to autocomplete the name. Messages which contain your name will appear highlighted.

User Options

  • General
    • Theme - Switch between different color schemes
    • Layout - Switch between different content layouts
    • User CSS - Apply a custom stylesheet to the page
    • Channel CSS - Optionally ignore custom CSS from channel pages
    • Custom JS - Optionally ignore custom Javascript from channel pages
    • Alternate Socket - Try an alternate (non-websocket) connection that may or may not work. If the site works with this unchecked, don't check it.
    • SSL - If supported by the server, encrypt websocket connections and the account management/login page
  • Playback
    • Synchronize - Whether or not to synchronize the video
    • Synch Accuracy - Maximum difference (in seconds) between server video time and client video time
    • Transparent wmode - Allow HTML elements to be visible over the video player. May cause performance issues on Linux if enabled
    • Hide video - Remove the video player from the page
    • Playlist Buttons - Toggle whether playlist buttons are displayed or hidden by default (you can right click the playlist to show/hide them for individual elements)
    • Playlist Buttons (old) - Per request, show playlist buttons in v1 style
  • Chat

    • Timestamps - Shows a timestamp of the form [HH:MM:SS] before each chat message
    • Userlist sort by rank - Sort higher ranks higher on the userlist (admin > moderator > user > guest)
    • Userlist sort by AFK - Sort AFK users to the bottom of the userlist
    • Chat Notice - Flashes "*Chat*" to the page title on every message rather than only when your name is said
    • Chat Sound - Play a short beep in addition to changing the tab title
    • Send Button - Adds a button below chat to click to send a message (for mobile keyboards where enter on the chatbox doesn't work)
  • Moderator

    • Modflair - Send all messages with the /m prefix for name color (see the /m command reference). Also toggled by the 'M' button in the upper right corner of chat.
    • Join messages - Send a message whenever a user logs in

Channel Settings

  • Channel Options - General settings for the channel. Some can be modified by moderators while others are limited to channel admins
  • Permissions - Control which ranks are allowed to do what. The section titled "Open playlist permissions" specifies permissions used when the playlist is unlocked. Each permission specifies a minimum rank, e.g. if you choose Registered then Moderators and Admins will have permission too
  • MOTD Editor - Edit the MOTD displayed at the top of the page. The MOTD is formatted with HTML, but for convenience newlines are automatically converted to <br> tags
  • Chat Filters - Control the filters applied to chat messages. Each filter consists of a name, regular expression, flags, and a replacement. The "g" flag specifies to replace every time the expression appears rather than just the first time. The "i" flag specifies to ignore capitalization. To apply both, use "ig". The name of the filter must be unique. "Filter Links" specifies whether the filter will modify links in the user's message (some filters may break URLs). Filters are evaluated in the order they appear. Click and drag rows to rearrange the order. Click a regular expression, flag, or replacement to edit the value
  • CSS Editor - Edit CSS to be applied to the page for all visitors. Maximum of 20KB, use the External CSS option to link to a larger file if you need more space
  • JS Editor - Edit Javascript to be applied to the page for all visitors. Maximum of 20KB, use the External JS option to link to a larger file if you need more space
  • Ban List - Lists all bans active in the channel. Click the remove icon to unban a user. For security reasons, IP addresses are obscured
  • Channel Ranks - Lists all registered members who have visited the channel. Click the rank of any user to promote/demote them. Rank 2 is moderator, ranks 3-9 are channel admins, rank 10 is channel owner. You cannot promote anyone to your rank or higher.
  • Recent Connections - Lists recent logins to the channel.
  • Channel Log - Shows recently logged chat and moderator actions for the channel.

Supported Media Providers

  • YouTube - or
  • Google Docs Video -
  • Vimeo -
  • Soundcloud -
  • Dailymotion -
  • TwitchTV -
  • JustinTV -
  • Livestream -
  • UStream -
  • RTMP Livestreams - rtmp://(stream server)
  • JWPlayer - jw:(stream url) - Supports many stream formats, including audio streams
  • Imgur -
  • Custom embed - Paste the <iframe> or <object> code in the Custom Embed box and click next or end.

† Google Docs videos currently have some limitations. Google enforces an expiration time which is about 1 hour from the time you queue the video. This should only be an issue if you queue a video longer than 1 hour, or if you attempt to watch a video more than an hour after queueing it.