Frequently Asked Questions

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Help! I can visit the website, but the video and chat won't load!

There is a problem with the websocket connection between your browser and the server. Often this means it has been blocked by a browser extension (NoScript), firewall, antivirus, or (in rare cases) your internet service provider. Try changing the configurations of any firewalls and antivirus, or temporarily disable them to see if the site loads.

The site loads fine, but videos won't synchronize.

This is an issue with the browser rather than CyTube. Try disabling browser extensions to see if any of them are causing the issue. You can also try using YouTube's HTML5 player.

Will you add support for <x> media provider?

Probably not. Many media providers (including and mixcloud) do not provide an API for their embedded player, and therefore it is not possible to synchronize. For livestream sites, use the custom embed feature, as most streaming sites supply you with the embed code needed.

For providers that do provide an API that supports synchronization, I need to have enough people interested in it to justify spending development time implementing it and adding more complexity to the code.

How do I seek/pause the video? It keeps jumping back!

By default, CyTube controls synchronization on the serverside. In order to seek or pause the video, you must give yourself control of the video. Right click your name on the userlist, and select 'Give Leader' to assign control of the playback to your client.

Will you add feature <x>?

It depends. I am open to new ideas from the community, but there are a lot of factors that go into my decision to add or not add a feature, beyond just whether or not it would be cool:

  • Is it useful to everyone, or just a few people?
  • Will it require a lot of work to implement?
  • Will it add significant complexity to the code?
  • Will it place additional strain on the server or on clients' browsers?
  • Does it fit in well with existing features?

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