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CS2J is the most advanced C# to Java conversion tool available today.
- CS2J produces good looking, maintainable Java software from your C#
  source code.
- It uses a powerful, extensible template system to translate .NET
  Framework and 3rd party library calls.
- It is a command-line tool which can be easily incorporated into your
  existing development workflow.
- And it is completely Open Source!

CS2J was initially developed by Rustici Software to translate their
SCORM Engine web application (, it was later 
developed and marketed by Twiglet Software as a general purpose
C# to Java application translator.  We are now pleased to be able
to make the source code freely available.

The CS2J source distribution has two components:

- CSharpTranslator:
     This builds the cs2j.exe executable.  This executable runs
     directly under Windows and under Mono on other platforms

     This work is licensed under the MIT / X Window System License

     With this license the produced Java code is completely unencumbered 
     and you can do what you want with it.

- CS2JLibrary: 

     This contains the XML translation files that direct cs2j to
     translate .Net framework calls into appropriate Java code, and
     the CS2JLibrary Java support library that should be deployed with
     translated applications.

     This work is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0



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