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Better i18n extension (based on Symfony)? #51

jhogervorst opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I created the Twi18n extension that uses Symfony's Translation component with PHP's get text as data source. See the documentation for more information on the functionality.

Is this something you guys would like to see in this extension repository? If yes, I'd be happy to make a fork and add the required files.


@jhogervorst the Symfony TwigBridge contains the extension based on the Symfony component and is available standalone. The goal of the extension in this repo is to have a system based on gettext for people who don't want to use the Translation component.


and if your concern is that Symfony requires PHP 5.3, I don't think it is a valid concern as PHP 5.2 is not supported anymore by the PHP team since a while.


@stof The Translation extension in the Symfony TwigBridge still requires Symfony's Translation component, which depends on other parts on Symfony as well. My goals was to create an extension based on gettext, but with advanced options like custom domains. So I do think my solution is different from just using the TwigBridge extension.

But if you think my extension doesn't fit this repo, that's OK. I just wanted to hear whether others would think it would be a good addition ;-)


I would be happy to see text domains in the i18n extension. Currently it is not available.


Custom text domains would be useful.

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