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[DEPRECATED] Inky email template engine support for Twig
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Twig Inky Extension

WARNINIG: This package is deprecate; migrate to twig/inky-extra instead.

This package provides support for the inky email templating engine in Twig via a filter (inky) for Twig and a Symfony bundle.

If you are not using Symfony, register the extension on Twig's Environment manually:

use Twig\Inky\InkyExtension;
use Twig\Environment;

$twig = new Environment(...);
$twig->addExtension(new InkyExtension());

Use the inky filter to process an inky email template:

{% filter inky %}
        <columns large="6"></columns>
        <columns large="6"></columns>
{% endfilter %}

You can also use the filter on an included file:

{{ include('some_template.inky.twig')|inky }}
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