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[Alpha] Paste is an internal design system for designing and building consistent experiences at Twilio.
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Paste - Twilio Design System

Component playground: TODO link and host

Getting started

yarn bootstrap
yarn build
yarn start:all

Build things 🎉


Before contributing, please make sure that you read our Contributing Guidelines and agree with our Code of Conduct.

Command List

Command Description
yarn bootstrap Symlinks all the local packages together so you can import package names and work with them locally.
yarn start Builds and starts storybook and the design tokens in dev mode
yarn start:all Builds and starts storybook,the design tokens and the website in dev mode
yarn start:storybook Builds and starts storybook, the dev playground
yarn start:tokens Builds and starts design tokens in dev mode. Loads a browsersync server and live reloads token changed in the token page
yarn clean Cleans the directories of node modules and built files
yarn prettier Checks for un-prettier'd files in the repo. For pre-push hook and CI.
yarn prettier-clean Automatically fixes all prettier issues in the repo.
yarn test Runs all the Jest tests, including snapshot testing.
yarn test:coverage Similar to yarn test, but with coverage reporting as specified in the root package.json
yarn lint Lints the codebase and spits out any errors.
yarn type-check Runs TS type-checker against the codebase and spits out any errors. Useful since we use babel at runtime with storybook.
yarn build:storybook Builds Storybook into static assets and places them in the /docs folder. For Github Pages hosting.
yarn build:tokens Builds the design tokens package under paste-tokens/
yarn build:dev Builds the compiled JS into /dist in dev mode
yarn build Builds the compiled JS into /dist
yarn pre-push A series of commands that are run as a pre-commit hook.



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