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Contributing to @twilio-labs/serverless-api

About the Project

This project is powering twilio-run but can also be used as a standalone module in other integrations.


Make sure you have Node.js 8.10 or newer installed. Due to compatibility with Twilio Functions this project has to support at least Node.js 8.10.


  1. Clone project and install dependencies
git clone
cd serverless-api
npm install


  1. Perform changes
  2. Make sure tests pass by running npm test
  3. Run git commit to kick off validation and enter your commit message. We are using conventional commits for this project. When you run git commit it will trigger commitizen to assist you with your commit message.
  4. Submit a Pull Request

Working on your first Pull Request? You can learn how from this free series How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub

For Maintainers: Releasing

The project uses standard-version to bump and git tag the version as well as update the Here are the steps you need to run to release a new version:

Pre-release version (from next branch):

For example to release a new pre-release version containing beta and releasing it as next:

npm release -- --prerelease beta
git push origin next --follow-tags 
npm publish --tag next

Normal release (from master branch):

For a normal release standard-version will detect the version increment automatically. Run:

npm release
git push origin master --follow-tags
npm publish

To ship a specific version instead (like a forced minor bump) you can run:

npm release -- --release-as minor
git push origin master --follow-tags
npm publish

Code of Conduct

Please be aware that this project has a Code of Conduct. The tldr; is to just be excellent to each other ❤️


All third party contributors acknowledge that any contributions they provide will be made under the same open source license that the open source project is provided under.

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