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Tap for Zendesk


  1. Create and activate a virtualenv
  2. pip install -e '.[dev]'


Using OAuth

OAuth is the default authentication method for tap-zendesk. To use OAuth, you will need to fetch an access_token from a configured Zendesk integration. See for more details on how to integrate your application with Zendesk.


  "access_token": "AVERYLONGOAUTHTOKEN",
  "subdomain": "acme",
  "start_date": "2000-01-01T00:00:00Z"

Using API Tokens

For a simplified, but less granular setup, you can use the API Token authentication which can be generated from the Zendesk Admin page. See for more details about generating an API Token. You'll then be able to use the admins's email and the generated api_token to authenticate.


  "email": "",
  "subdomain": "acme",
  "start_date": "2000-01-01T00:00:00Z"

An optional end_date field can be added to the config.json This functionality has been added to ease the backfill procedure for a limited time duration for Zendesk

If passed, data would be loaded for date >= start_date and date < end_date

Sideloading for tickets

Sideloading is a functionality provided by Zendesk to fetch related records in a single request more detail -

There are two ways in which the records are returned:

  1. Within the same object as a column
  2. As a separate object

Here we have provided support for sideloading only the 1st type i.e. the attributes returned in the same object as additional columns

Sideload supported for tickets:

  1. comment_count
  2. dates
  3. metric_sets
  4. slas

To sideload an object a list can be passed in the metadata under sideload-objects for tickets object in the catalog.json file


{"metadata": [
          "breadcrumb": [],
          "metadata": {
            "table-key-properties": [
            "forced-replication-method": "INCREMENTAL",
            "valid-replication-keys": [
            "sideload-objects": ["comment_count","dates","metric_events","slas"]

note: above extract is a part of the complete metadata for tickets

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